A Dash of Rum and Mum’s Tits

Earlier that evening she told me to pretend I wasn’t her son. OK, I thought, this I can do. I also wondered if asking to feel her tits would be a step too far. I decided that it would probably provoke a negative reaction.

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Bad-Girl Daughter Gets Mom Laid

…so I have a problem-child… My name is Nancy and my daughter is Heather…

She still lives with me at 18 years old while going to Community College nearby. Her father and I have been divorced for a few years now so it’s just the two of us. Heather is NOT one to follow rules so we often had fights about curfew, grades, partying…and having boys over when I’m not home.

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The Neighborhood MILF

In 2006 when I was about 16, a new family moved into the neighborhood. It was the typical family, a dad a mom and a couple kids. My neighborhood seemed to be growing and growing with little kids. Every family that would move in would have little kids, no teenagers, boys or girls. So unfortunately I had never really had the girl next door I always wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of fucks from girls at my school, but it would be nothing compared to fucking the girl next door.

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MILF Parking Lot Sex

We work a lot, have two kids, wife is very pregnant with our third and so we don’t get out much. Sex is more like a chore for her but when she’s in the right situation and the right mentality, she can turn it on big time. We finally had someone staying with us who could watch our kids for a night while we went on a date, which we never get to do.

So we went out, had a nice dinner, and then we were driving around and mulling what to do next. I told her I wanted to fuck her in our minivan, but assumed we’d fuck somewhere closer to home in a pull-off or some place very discrete. As we were driving she said, “Just pull into a parking lot and fuck me.”

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My First Mature Woman, And I Want More!

We were at my friend’s country house celebrating his birthday. His parents didn’t bother us and we felt free to do whatever we wanted. On the third day his mother came to visit us. When she made sure everything was all right she decided to return to the city. I asked her to give me a lift as I had some plans there for the evening. She agreed easily and soon we were driving home in her Lexus.

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Another Visit with a Redheaded MILF!

I was back in my hometown for the holidays, so naturally I had to see my favourite MILF.

I’m 34. She’s 44. But the body on her!

She’s got naturally red hair, from her Irish blood. With perfect white skin, she’s got the perky tits of a 19-year-old. I don’t know how. But she does.

Don’t believe me? Have a look

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