My Insane First Orgasm After My Divorce

So I’m 34, I was married 10 years and I’ve been divorced for 2. This story won’t be as graphic as some others and I’m hoping the other ladies here especially appreciate what I was feeling at the time!! Basically the last few years of my marriage just weren’t very intimate for many reasons but I just wasnt sexually satisfied and after awhile it was obvious that sex (and other things) would never improve and I was unhappy. We split for a lot of reasons but I’m not here to babble about just that!!

This story takes place a few months after my divorce. I work in advertising and got close to two beautiful younger girls in their mid 20s and we all became close work friends. They were single and would come to work and we would chat about our weekends and I felt so boring compared to them who were going out, doing different sexual things, hooking up with sexy men, etc. Hearing the details was somewhat depressing but sexy and I found myself kind of living vicariously through them. So when my marriage was ending they started asking me to come out with their group of friends.

I’m a MILF. I’m not an arrogant person and I’m not a playboy playmate or a size 0 but I’m confident with myself. I’m 5″6′, blonde, with DDs and a slimmer body type with a few tattoos. I was a wild child through my teens and most of college. I had a lot of sex and tried a lot of kinky things. If you’re wondering the kinkiest things I’ve done, it would be a threesome with 2 guys in college. Then I settled down and started a family. I had health issues and lost my sex drive for awhile but once I was done having children my libido was insane.

Getting sidetracked – back on topic lol. So my younger work friends always invited me out but I usually had the kids and couldn’t plus I thought I’d feel out of place at a club with these younger girls. It had been 10 years since that lifestyle!!!!! I had gone on a few dates and fully intended on having sex but for different reasons I really didn’t click with anyone. So one night I got a babysitter and told my coworkers I’d go out with them on a Saturday night.

I spent FOREVER getting ready that night. I shaved myself totally smooth, did my nails, did my hair, and after debating on outfits and wondering if I looked too slutty I just said “fuck it” and bought something that fit me right and my tits looked great in.

So I drive over to my friends apartment (Jess) and her and my other work friend (Lexi) were still getting ready. I drank with them and they playfully teased me about finding some dick later at the club. They were casually changing in and out of outfits in front of me and I’d be lying if I didn’t think the combo of their lack of shyness and sexy bodies didn’t turn me on a little bit. I really wasn’t used to hearing such graphic stories like that or seeing naked 20 something’s prancing around and it reminded me a lot of my sorority days (this story doesn’t end with lesbian stuff haha sorry!). By the time we left, the combo of alcohol, hanging out with them, and my outfit had me feeling really sexy. We walked about a mile to this fancy lounge that also had a dance floor.

I definitely wasnt the hottest girl there but I got more attention from men than I ever had. We were posted up in the lounge area drinking and laughing and feeling tipsy and I’d notice all sorts of guys checking us out. College boys, older men, businessmen, bad boys, etc. I felt like such a badass and was loving every minute of the stares up and down my body. Us three were dancing together and acting silly and then webt to get drinks.

Lexi went to the bar and came back with 3 total studs. She knew the one guy from college and with him was his roommate and brother who was named Jimmy and was 26. It was obvious right away that he was into me. He was tall with a lean physique, slightly darker complexion, brown eyes and great dark hair. He filled out his shirt just perfectly and I remember seeing his big hands and forearns and immediately wanting to see what was under those pants!!!

We all drank and flirted getting to know each other. I told him about my past but didn’t wanna ramble about it. He was 6 years younger but in some ways seemed so much younger and other ways seemed much older, but he was definitely hott. We were all kinda having our side conversations and he would occasionally touch my hair or arm or something and it felt great just having a mans hands on me! As we all made our way to the dance floor he gently cupped my ass cheek which felt amazing and made me shiver. So we dance and I’m tipsy and feeling sexy, grinding up against him with his hands all over me from squeezing my tits to playing with my ass. I started to feel his bulge pressed against my ass cheeks which made my head spin and occasionally I’d graze my hand over it. He was breathing on my neck while dancing and I just leaned back and we started making out sloppily. I felt slutty in a sexy way!! (Girls understand!!) I was beyond horny!! He reached up my dress between my legs and as soon as I felt him touch my panties I stopped him because I literally thought I might cum on the dance floor. We made out for awhile then eventually me and the girls went to the bathroom together and had a little conference where we decided they were coming back to Jess’s place with us.

So we leave all hott and sweaty and I’m just ready to burst with being horny. We are all laughing on the walk back and having a great time and every few minutes his hand sneakily grabs my butt cheek which makes me melt. We get back, drink some more and hang out then Lexi and her guy say they are going to bed and Jess and her guy take the guest room. So here I am with this fucking hotttt young stud and both bedrooms are taken. We sat in this little den area off from the living room slowly drinking and flirting. He starts asking about my past more and I don’t want to freak him out but I tell him about getting divorced and being newly single, that I have kids, that I really enjoyed my rare night out, etc. I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up and I’m thinking like “Amanda you’re so dumb!!! You totally just freaked him out!!” Then I started thinking about how and where we might have sex, etc. I opened the door and he’s standing there without his shirt – just a muscle shirt he wore as an undershirt. it caught me off guard but he looked gooooood. Pretty sure I licked my lips haha!!

So I sat next to him in the sofa and his arms looked so chiseled and tough that I had to feel them. We made out and touched each other and we could faintly hear Lexi having sex in the guest room next to us which made us both laugh… “Sounds like she’s having a good time” he said which I replied “mmmm I’m jealous.” He just grinned and was like “stand up for me”. I stood up and he said “let’s get you a little more comfy” and started peeling off my dress. I felt so sexy with his hands all over me, eventually unhooking my bra and cupping my tits, running his fingers over my rock hard nipples while he squeezed and massaged them roughly. All I could do was sigh and moan. He turned me around to face him and I felt his dick through his pants while I sighed with my head back as he sucked on my tits while still squeezing them. Then with two fingers he pushed me back on the couch and got down on his knees.

I hadn’t been eaten out in like 3 years. I didn’t even know what to say, sitting there topless in a thong with a hott younger guy on his knees, sucking my tits then moving up my collarbone and neck kissing me with his hand pressed against the crotch of my panties… I could have died right there, it just felt amazing. He kissed down my stomach and parted my thighs. “Put your hands behind your head.” So I grabbed onto the top of the couch and just looked down at him kissing my clit through my thong. I was squirming and sighing SO loudly. Then he pushed me knees up to my face and slid off my panties and started kissing my bare pussy nice and slow. My eyes rolled back and I had to stop myself from cumming while he rolled his tongue slowly up and down my clit then side to side. Then I saw him suck his fingers and I took a deep breath before he slid two fingers inside of me while moving up to suck on my tits…

“Eat me…. Oh god… Just fucking eat me!!!” I said through sighs and moans. He had a sexy smirk and went back down between my legs and started sucking my clit while two fingers rubbed against my G spot. I tried to be quiet… “This… Feels…. So.. Fucking… Gooooood.” My breathing was really heavy with a handful of his hair. “I wanna cum so bad!!”. He looked up at me and slowed down… “Not yet…” He leaned up and chuckled while giving me a deep and sloppy kiss.

I bit my lip and giggled while suppressing myself from cumming. All of a sudden I felt the flat part of his tongue slowly run over my butthole. Oh. My. Sweet. God. My butthole hadn’t been touched in like 10 years!!! He reached up and twisted my nipple with his face buried in my ass, lapping up and down my ass crack a few times. I had no words for that feeling!!

I writhed and jumped and squirmed and my moans were incredibly loud but I just couldn’t control myself anymore. “Don’t cum yet, I’m not done with you” he whispered. It seriously took every bit of strength in my body not to just explode but it was soooo sexy having him do all of this to me that I didn’t want the feeling to end. He gave my butthole a big kiss then leaned up for a quick smooch. I kissed him hard without thinking about it. Tasting my own ass like that!?! Again, 10 years since I did anything remotely that kinky!! It was a quick kiss then he was between my legs again, 2 fingers deep while fastly flicking his tongue against my clit. My eyes got wide and I grabbed his hair and made eye contact. In a stern way I said “let me fucking cum!!” And there was a pause before I felt his finger press against my butthole. “Do it, dirty girl.” As soon as he said it, he sucked hard on my clit with a finger in my pussy and one pressed against my butthole. I started cumming like something you’d see in a porno but this orgasm was REAL. Right when I started cumming he slid his finger deep in my ass and it heightened my orgasm to a level that was just insane. I was thrashing around and let out super loud moans and squeals while biting down on my lip. It was SOOO intense. He kinda semi roughly fingered my butthole during my orgasm while sucking my clit harder and i just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. It felt like I’d never stop.

Some ladies will know what I mean but after you have an orgasm like that your brain is fuzzy for awhile like there’s cobwebs in there lol. My vision was actually kinda blurry and I could feel my pulse in my pussy. My body felt a good kind of achy and it took me a few minutes to really recover. I was sorta crying, not like bawling but just how over whelming it was made me cry a little bit as my breathing started going back to normal. When I regained composure I sat up and just furiously made out with him for like 10 minutes. I didn’t even care that his face was soaked in my juices.

While we made out I heard chuckling followed by cheering in the other rooms. We just laughed about it while I laid there butt naked thanking him profusely and gushing over how absolutely phenomenal he made me feel. Eventually I borrowed some sweats and a tank top and we slept on the couch together… Definitely had a lot to talk about with the girls the next day!!

PS – yes that’s all that happened that night!! But I DID get together with him a bunch more times and he DID get pleased as well =)

PSS – I’m up for chatting in my spare time with men or women as long as you’re 18!. I’m not sending nude pics but will send “regular” ones IF we become chat buddies. I have kids for gods sake so don’t ask to see my tits right now!! Anyways I hope you enjoyed cause I sure did!!

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  1. Hahaha great story. Hit me up if you want to chat, I won’t ask for nudes as long as you your texts are enough 😛

  2. I have wanted to fuck a mature milf mom my entire life!!!!!!!

    i have tried to talk/convince my own mother to do anything sexual with me but i am 30 now i stared trying since 13 years old. she came home extremely drunk one night from a work party my dad worked nights she ended up passing out in just her bra and panties that got trapped between her ass cheeks like a thong and mouth wide open i was 16 with a hard 6″ cock stoking my self silly when i realized y was i jacking off i couldn’t remove her panties so i lubed my cock with her body lotion and slid my cock humping her ass cheeks stopped before i was going to cum the took her perfect c cup breast out of her bra suckled and licked her nipple a little took some pics with my cell for future use put i was so rock hard i had to take at lease one picture well the tip of my dick was in her open mouth she was out cold hard but when i got it half way in she yawned mouth opened wider then she closed her mouth around it i couldn’t hold my cum any more so made the choice to not pull my cock out in fear of waking her and exploding all over her face as i pull my dick free so i just let go and started cumming harder then ever before my mom started swallowing in her sleep like a champ took a quick pic my softening cock as i let it naturally make its way from between her lips but do remember my father saying she did swallow to a buddy of his so i guess i am one up on my dad
    mom woke up the next day said she felt better then ever no hangover she thinks its cause she went to sleep right away when she got home!!LMAO
    should i have told her its not really the case more like half a gallon of cum from her own young hung 16 year old son that wants to do it every morning and night but she never gave up an opportunity for any kind of repeat action email me back and tell me what you would do if you had this happen to you??

  3. Enjoyed your story. 65 here and no sex life. Tired of madam thumb and four sisters. Won’t ask for nudes, will let that up to you if you wanted to make a surprise some time. E-mail if you want. My e-mail address should let you know what and how I love to please my partner.

  4. great story i love oral both giving and receiving my first MILF was my 42 year old Spanish teacher I was 15 I use to fuck her on her pool table at her house on the weekends when her hubby played golf would love to be a chat buddy

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