Blonde Wife’s Big Booty


Now that’s a big juicy MILF ass! This sexy blonde wife knows her hubby loves her big booty, and she shows it off any time she gets the chance! I can see why he’d love it, and if I were him I’d be grabbing at it all day! Lots more cushin for the pushin!

Source: See My Wife

One thought to “Blonde Wife’s Big Booty”

  1. Hello
    I am sure you probably get tons of emails making comments on how well you look; so, with that being said, I wish not to be redundant. Instead, I will encourage you on your journey to continue doing what you are doing to look the way you do. The interesting this is, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with the figure you have, which is probably why you are so proud of it – as well you should. Many years ago, many would shy away from the internet in fear, shame, or needless to say, embarrassment. The internet has now assisted with building confidence along with catering to the hidden pleasures we normally keep in the closet. With this being said, I will take another look at you, ok, more than one more look, and simply feel happy that I’ve come across your photo.
    I thank you for making my night a nice one – a real nice one.

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