Bad-Girl Daughter Gets Mom Laid

…so I have a problem-child… My name is Nancy and my daughter is Heather…

She still lives with me at 18 years old while going to Community College nearby. Her father and I have been divorced for a few years now so it’s just the two of us. Heather is NOT one to follow rules so we often had fights about curfew, grades, partying…and having boys over when I’m not home.

I started this Thursday morning out as any other. I woke up, got ready for the day and had my coffee while reading the paper. As I was finishing up and getting ready to head out the door to run a few errands, Heather ran out the door in a blur most likely late for class again.

I locked up the house, got into my car and headed to a few stores getting groceries, fabric, other craft material and anything else I needed for the weekend. I don’t think I was even gone for 3 hours.

When I pulled into the driveway I noticed Heather’s vehicle was once again parked in her spot in the driveway so I figured she must have had a short school day.

I grabbed all of my bags and headed for the door as usual and when I went to turn the knob I realized the house door was still locked. That was unusual as we normally kept the door unlocked if someone was inside. We live in a very small and quiet, safe neighborhood. I fumble a few things around to get my keys out and unlock the door.

The front door opens right into the living room of our house and as soon as I opened the door I could hear a woman moaning loudly and then I saw her….and him.

The loveseat faces the door and right in front of my eyes my very naked daughter is bouncing on top of a very naked young man that is laying down on the loveseat. They made no notice of me as they kept going at it, Heather moaning loudly.

“Heather! What are you doing?” I yell!

“Mom, no… this is too fucking good, I’m not stopping!” she snaps back, her breathing labored.

At this point anger fills my head and I don’t know exactly what to do. I start taking deep breaths as they keep going only a few yards from where I’m standing.

I slowly step into the house and close and QUICKLY lock the door behind me. All I could hear was my daughter moaning and screaming and the slap sound of their skin meeting.

I again slowly turn around and see my daughter has her eyes closed and her back arched, clearly enjoying herself but that young guy she’s with… he locked his gaze right on me for an intense few moments keeping his hands on my daughters hips. I just froze…my bags still in my hands, purse hanging off an arm.

I think I felt my pussy twitch…

Heather starts to warn him that she’s close. I just watch, I’m sure my jaw was on the floor…but I couldn’t move or stop watching.

“Me too…” said the out-of-breath young man.

That’s when they both started letting out various grunts and other sexual noises as Heather collapses onto his chest and subsides from her orgasm.

Once she has enough strength she pushes herself up off of the guy’s chest and stands up, walking toward the stairs to the second level. “Yeah…I’m going to just go take a shower…you can see yourself out or whatever Greg….” and off went Heather up the stairs ignoring me completely.

Greg was sitting up on the couch when I glanced back over and he wasn’t moving to put on any clothes… and then I noticed his cock…. Not only was it HUGE, but it was still completely hard!

“Do you like what you see?” Greg asked, obviously noticing what I was glaring at.

“Uhh….” my head started swimming. What was I doing? I felt my nipples tingle and my pussy juices were starting to flow. Why was I having this sort of reaction to a guy that I just watched my daughter have sex with? I should be furious!

Greg slowly walked over to me and took the bags in my arms and set them on the floor. He took my hand and led me to a recliner chair and slowly sat me down. I felt like I had no control of my own head or body. I was really confused… but also excited. It had been quite some time since I had even seen a naked man face to face!

It didn’t really matter because Greg completely took over. He positioned me so that my ass was close to the edge of the chair and he had me lean back. He knelt between my knees and as I was wearing a long flowing skirt, he gently moved his hand to my dripping wet cunt and gasped….

“Ms. Andrews… you aren’t wearing any panties!?!”

I blushed…and then my brain turned back on for a moment..”Wait, are you Heather’s boyfriend? What’s going on?”

“Oh no way… we just fuck sometimes. I work down the street at the cafe and today she mentioned that it’s been awhile since you’ve had any cock, ” replied Greg… “I think you’re really hot so I offered to help and she was fine with it!”

While having this brief conversation Greg is slowly rubbing his hand over my very wet and shaved mound. I let out a little moan and apparently he thinks this is an invite.

Greg pulls his hand out from under my skirt and uses both hands to pull the skirt up to my waist. Getting up onto his feet he grabs his cock and with knees bent he lines it up to my hole and looks right into my eyes. He ever so slowly enters me, watching my face for reaction. WOW, he’s HUGE but he’s entering so slowly that I can barely feel the sting of him stretching my insides. My mouth was open as I gasped a few times and my eyes rolled back into my head, back arching.

Once he gets all the way inside of me which feels like it took forever, he waits for another cue. His cock stayed completely still deep inside of me and it felt incredible. My eyes flew open to see his eyes staring right at mine. I couldn’t help it, I slowly started moving my hips.

“Do you like this big hard cock inside of you Ms. Andrews?

I let out a little moan while he slowly rocked his hips up and down between my legs. He repositions himself by pushing on the backs of my thighs so my legs are laying over my chest, the hem of my skirt almost landing over my face. Greg is now leaning his body onto my legs pinning them to me. He not only found a position to stuff more of his cock inside of me, but he also started to rock faster.

I started to make similar noises as I heard my daughter making earlier. “Harder…” I heard myself say, begging for more.

It didn’t take Greg any time to fulfill my request as the pumps were more forceful and faster. I couldn’t believe how good this felt! This young man was almost half my age, at least!

My head spins as I take in the feelings of his cock and his hands strongly grabbing me and his body pinning me to the seat of this recliner, taking it all in at once. I again opened my eyes and I lookied down to see that Greg had made a little distance between us so he could watch himself enter and exit me…that sight was amazing.

All of a sudden I started to feel the familiar build up of my orgasm. “Oh my god!” I moan.

Greg’s head quickly looked up into my face and he must have realized I was going to cum soon too. He reached a hand down to my pussy and found my clit and started feverishly rubbing it.

I thought I was going to explode! “OH MY GOD!” I screamed as Greg pumped in and out, not missing a beat and smiled…

“This is what your daughter loves, too… thought it might work on you…” Greg says as he pumps me harder and faster, his breath quickening.

“Ok, this is it…I’m gonna cum,” I stumble through as my moans get louder. I arch my back as best that I could and then stiffen, closing my eyes and giving into the amazing feelings taking over my body…

Greg starts grunting and pushing into me hard as his cock starts to spew inside of me. I’ve always loved that feeling….the cum from a cock shooting into the very back of my tunnel.

After a few seconds of that he fell on top of me and caught his breath. “Oh, sorry… that was just… really hot.”

He stood himself up and sat back down on the couch, laying back to relax. I uncrumpled myself, put both feet on the floor and smoothed out my skirt. I could tell my cheeks were completely flushed as I sat up on the recliner in a more proper sitting fashion. Both of us still sounded out of breath. I avoided eye contact and sat still on the chair.

Heather came back downstairs maybe two minutes later completely dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, walking by us without saying a word. She grabbed her keys, wallet and cell phone off an end table and looked over at Greg.

“Are you serious? You know we have plans in a few minutes! Get dressed so we can hurry up and go!” stomped Heather in a very controlling way.

“Ok, ok…” said Greg as he hurriedly hopped up, found his clothes, quickly threw them on while Heather walked out the door.

Greg fumbled with the zipper of his jeans as he quickly walked to the door dressed but disheveled and turned back around to face me with one hand on the door handle.

“I’ll be over often, don’t worry.” He smiled and ran out the door, swinging it closed behind him.

Did my daughter set this all up? It didn’t really matter… I started to fantasize about the next meeting with Greg and what might happen…

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