Big Boobs And Full Bush

Naked amateur MILF with big boobs and a full big bush!

This pretty lady looks like your typical mom, until she’s flashing you her big tits or bush! It’s always important to sneak in a little naughty adult fun every day, and this frisky MILF always seems to be having fun!

3 thoughts to “Big Boobs And Full Bush”

  1. Just plain beautiful. She looks identical to my mother in law , had to do a double take. Increadable body. Absolutely love her bush. My wife shaves hers and is flat chested. Her mom is a little bustier then this woman , and I always adored her tits. But the first time she took her granny panties off and I seen her huge muff.. just like this ladies , I feel in love. She said she was worried about what I was going to think , and I assured her I loved it more then she can imagine. We laid down in bed and I couldn’t wait to feel that muff for the first time. After a little four play I reached down and ran my fingers through it and went crazy. She again questioned me if it was ok and I said I have never been so turned on in my life. It was wild enough being in bed with my mother in law for starters , but I loved it , loved everything about her.. I got on top and and made love to her like I don’t even know how to explain. Two years later and she still turns me on more in bed then my wife. I never get tired of playing with her bush and rubbing her pussy. When I go down on her I rub her juices all over her bush and it smells awesome as work her into a frenzy. I know my wife would kill me if she knew I was doing her mother , but the fact is I would prefer sleeping with her mom.

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