Black See Through Dress


Now this is a good look! This cute MILF is wearing a black dress that is so thin you can pretty much see right through it. I can see she’s not wearing a bra or panties either! Not sure what the occasion is that she’s all dressed up, but damn she looks sexy as hell!

3 thoughts to “Black See Through Dress”

  1. Just beautiful.
    If she were mine I would have no problem taking her out dressed so eligently. Those long beautiful legs need to be sean. So sexy in tights , even a short skirt may take away their perfect shape.

  2. I showed this photo to my sexy wife and she fell in love with the look. We decided she would wear a facimile of it when serving our friends at a dinner party at our house in a few weeks. She did, we were both horny as hell, and our guests were in heaven. Yes of course she was complimented, touched, fingered, and knew she was a hit.

    We are thinking about doing something similar when we go to our favorite Key West club next month. She might start out wearing a 1/4 cup French bra (nipples exposed) and a thong to start the night to test the waters/scene at first. Do you think this is a good idea,..or just go all the way? We welcome your advice.
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