Blonde Wife’s Huge Natural Knockers

Blonde wife with huge natural boobs!

Get a load of the rack on this cute wife! This hot blonde mommy has some pretty damn amazing big tits, and they’re all natural too! I just love a busty MILF, and this hot wife is definitely busty! She kinda looks like Helen Hunt too!

38 thoughts to “Blonde Wife’s Huge Natural Knockers”

  1. Wow , my kind of tits. The huge areolas and tiny nipples are awesome. Such a turn on for me , My Mother in law looks identical , gets my so hard every time I see them.

  2. Had to show my MIL this pic , she agreed how similar they are and loved my first comment. She needs to be reaffirmed how truly turned she gets me. Even though she knows I have sex with her twice as much as I do with my wife , she worries I will get board with her. My wife is flat chested , I love big tits like this lady , and assured my MIL we will be having sex for years to come.

  3. Again showed my MIL my last comment and she of course liked it but wanted me to also post that she is not a husband stealing slut. She is a widow of 4 years and has lived with my wife n I for 3 years. My wife encouraged us to have sex 2 years ago ,:mostly to cheer her mother up. We did it a few more times over the next year , with my wife’s blessing of course. Over the last year we have been doing more and more. I still have sex with my wife , but went from 3 or 4 times a week to now 1 maybe 2. And going from once a month to once a week with my MIL has now been 3 or so times a week. My wife is all good with it , she understands my love of big breasts. In addition I have to wear protection with my wife , which she knows I dislike , and her mother is old enough were she won’t get pregnant, so I get the real feel as well as being able to release in her. So as much as I love my wife , and she knows that , when I’m honey I would rather be with her mother.

  4. Due to this women I had the most incredible experience. This morning I got up and had morning wood and went to the computer room wearing only my underpants and was looking at this pic rubbing myself. My mother in law walks in and teased me saying I’m obsessed with this lady. I laughed and said I may be and instead of leaving myself alone , continued rubbing myself. My MIL didn’t leave but stood there watching me for a few moments and said , you going to get off on her. I said , that was my plan. She didn’t budge and I got more turned on knowing she was watching me and decided to act out a long time fantasy I had. I continued looking at this pic and freed my coc and and openly began master baiting. Nothing was said and she stood right there and I willingly pleasured myself as I normally do. It was awesome , I love her so much , and as close as we are all ready , this would bring us even closer. She just quietly stood there and I rubbed my coc harder and faster , holding nothing back and began coming , and coming , giving her a clear view of it all. She was in awe , smiling at me and I said , I wanted to do this for years. She said , you should have done it years ago , I loved it. I said , I never did this openly before , but for some reason I all ways wanted you to see me do this. She walked over and kissed me and said thank you , I love that you shared with me and walked out.
    Awesome morning !!!

  5. Again thanks to who ever this lady is !
    This morning tops the list for me , never thought I could get this turned on again.
    Till now what turns me on the most is having my wife watch me and her mom making love. She knows I love her mom , but I like it when she can see how much I love coming inside her…or should I say how quickly I get to that point. I can last with my wife , but once my MIL gets her cloths off and I see her huge tits I go crazy.
    But now that I did my thing in front of my MIL , I can’t wait to do it again. My thought is tonight to have her get topless , and she can watch me beat off over her. She know I did it in the past , but right in front of her would make her day I bet

    1. 6 weeks later I still love this pic. Life is still awesome with my wife and MIL. Had a little issue a month ago when I was playing with myself in front of my MIL and my wife walked in. She couldn’t believe I was degrading myself like that. I said I had no issue doing this in front of her mom. She asked if this was the first time and I said no. She couldn’t believe it and said that’s something that should be done in private , guys don’t do that openly. I said , I know you are not a fan of it , but at times I enjoy it. She said , it’s just not normal. I said , I don’t do it alot , and it’s usually by myself , but I don’t hide from your mom either. She said apparently not. I said , we sleep together gods sake , she can watch me get off if she likes , half the time I’m master baiting over her any way. She said , your crazy. I said , for all the years in the past that I got off over her , it’s nice to be close enough now that I can actually tell her I’m getting of on her ..and share my excitement with her. She said , why don’t you just sleep with her. Then her mom said , sometimes we will after he’s done , well wait an hour and then head to the room , it’s amazing how much longer he goes. My wife said , I bet , he doesn’t come in the first two minutes. She said , exactly , granted he still comes , but I get to enjoy it much longer
      My wife said , good for you , you deserve it. So bottom line is my wife kinda understands and I can continue to master bait in front of my MIL.

  6. Every time I come across this picture I thank the stars for my MIL. I so love big tits and will never get tired of my MIL’s. I’m blessed every time we sleep together. I love how turned on I get playing and kissing them , and will never have an issue coming in her because of it.

  7. Had a great morning.
    Had this beautiful woman up on the computer and my dear MIL gave me a hand job. She is one in a million , and only makes me happier as time goes on. I couldn’t imagine loving her so much as I do and not being able to express it to her. Flowers and candy is nice , but pleasing each other in the bedroom is what keeps us so close.

  8. Guess the wife doesn’t want her friends knowing about me and her mom’s relationship. Last night my wife had her girlfriend over and the 4 of us were watching a baseball game in the living room. My wife and her friend sat on the love seat and I sat at the end of the couch and her mom was was stretched out with her head on a pillow on my lap , which is not uncommon. Right before the game was about to end my MIL got up and said she was going to go change , that it was all most her bed time. We all sat there and a few minutes later her mom returned , clearly bra less and laid down as she was earlier. The game ended and my wife and her girlfriend went to the kitchen for drinks and to play cards. When they sat , my wife’s back was to us and her friend faced us. 10 minutes later I moved my hand onto my MIL’s stomach and a few minutes later l decided to get bold and moved my hand and placed it atop my MIL’s breast. My wife’s friend Deb seen it plan as day and just did a double take and didn’t say a word. I thought this was kind of exciting and wanted her to see more and began slowly moving my hand all over my MIL’s huge breast. Not squeezing it or groping it , but letting Deb know that I was clearly fondling her and it was fine. My wife didn’t turn around and I continued rubbing her breast as Deb struggled to not look. My MIL said I was being bad but it felt good. I began to tease her nipple which was hard as can be and Deb watched in awe. Then I leaned over and gave her a kiss and and another and we shared a few passionate slow kiss’s. Deb had to be stunned , and then I took my hand away and unbuttoned 2 button’s on her pj top and with Deb starring right at us , slid my hand under her top and fondled her bear breast. What a awesome feeling it was having Deb see us this way. I played for 10 minutes or so and pulled my hand out and buttoned her top up and left well enough alone. Needless to say Deb brought it up to my wife and we were told to keep our relationship private , that she doesn’t want everyone knowing see has no issue with it.
    We agreed.

  9. My wife had to go out of town all this week on business. I of course invited my MIL to sleep with me in my bed for the week and she agreed. It’s like playing house and it’s just so nice having her there next to me. She is enjoying it as well , she misses sleeping with someone. Sex of course has been great , did it Monday night , Tuesday morning , Tuesday night and again this morning. Love kissing her good night , so much love goes into it , as if we are married. It’s nice cuddling up an spooning with her , brings are relationship to a new level ,

  10. While talking on the phone with my wife yesterday she asked if her mom was sleeping in our bed while she was away and I said she was. She said she figured she would , and assumed we would be doing each night. I said we were and learned her mom is also a morning person. She said I had to be liking that. I said for as many times as I had sex with her mom , it’s a whole different feeling waking up with her. She asked if I liked it. I said I liked it a lot , morning sex is great. She chuckled and said to enjoy while I can.
    Thing is my MIL and I are loving being together like this. This morning I woke her up by kissing her neck and shoulders and check. When she opened her eyes I kissed her on the lips and said good morning . She said good morning and said she wished she could wake up every morning like this. I said me to and kissed her again and we continued for like ten minutes , just kissing.i then rubbed her face and neck and chest and then her breasts. I leaned down and kissed each nipple softly. She said I would love to be woke up every morning like this , and reached down and held my hard on. I continued massaging her huge breasts and said each day together is better and better. She said she loves this and wished we could do it forever. I said as much as I love my wife , she just can’t come close to giving me the feelings I have for you when we’re together. She kissed me and said make love to me. We didn’t just have sex , it was making love to each other like never befor.

  11. My wife called yesterday and said she would not be back for another week. This was the greatest news , my MIL and I were thrilled. I am like a new man after this week. From haveing sex here and there with my MIL to twice a day has changed me. I can’t wait to be with her. I have realized how great it is to have her and her big breasts daily. The more were together the moe I don’t want to settle for having sex with my flat chested wife. I want to be turned on like I am with my MIL. I want to go to bed with her and wake up with her all the time. Another week is going to be awesome. We’re in heaven , we’re made for each other I think

  12. Both MIL and I continue to live the dream. Sleeping with her vs my wife is such a huge difference. We talked about it this morning. So many reasons why I don’t want my wife back in my bed. Other then I love her , that’s why I married her , her mom makes me happier in so many ways. My wife sleeps in a nightgown, MIL naked. Wife doesn’t care to spoon , I love pressing my coc again my MIL’S back , putting my arm over her and holing a huge breast. Giving my wife a good night kiss is a little peak vs long passionate kisses of love I share with her mom….and same in the morning. My wife gets out of bed right away , my MIL wants to be there with me. Love seeing ,touching and kissing her breasts in the morning. And a main thing is , and I told my MIL many times , I love when she plays with my coc / hard on. Wife seldom does , and it’s something special for me. Just some of the things I don’t want to give up ,

  13. The past 6 weeks have been fairly quiet , making the best of the situation. Still love and sleep with my wife , and love being with her mom.
    Got a great news from wife yesterday, she has to travel to China for work , for 2 weeks starting Monday.
    Trying not to act overly excited about it , but me and her mom are extremely thrilled. As much as we love each other , it’s different sleeping in separate beds. Both can’t wait to fall asleep in each others arms as well as waking together again. We’re both know we’re made for each other, and sleeping in the same bed gives us the opportunity to grow our love more and more.

  14. I’m so excited. ..leaving work in an hour and headed home to to my MIL love . These 2 weeks together is going to be like our honeymoon. So stoked, not just for the sex , but to love her for the fabulous lady she is. Age difference or not , she is the woman I want to be with.

  15. So I heard from my wife today and all is good. She asked if her mom wanted to sleep with me in our bed again and I said she did. My wife said she assumed so and told me I don’t have to be that nice to her all the time , and if I don’t want her there just tell her , she has her own bed. I got bold and said , I’m not going to tell her that,I want her in bed with me. She said , for the sex I get it , but you can do that in her room if the mood strikes. I said , maybe so , but it’s not just sex, I want her there with me. She said , I don’t ger it , just have sex with her and be done as normal. I said it’s not just the sex , it’s just so nice having her there with me. She said ,really , what do you do cuddle up to her. I said,as a matter of fact yes,we cuddle, we spoon , we kiss, and both enjoy it very much. She said , you kiss her. I said , is that ok. She said , I don’t know , never really thought about it
    I said , between the three of us we all know how everyone feels about what goes on , so it’s nice to be able to kiss you mom tell her I love her at the end of the night. She said,you tell her that. I said, she says it to me also , and kiss for a bit and snuggle up and go to sleep. She said , kissing or just a good night peck. I said , its not a peak ,its more of a passionate kiss , last for a while at times. She said , that bothers me more then you guys having sex. I said sorry , I need her to know I love her , not just for sex. She said , I’m not happy about this and said she had to hang up.
    Ok almost time to leave work and be with my love…right or wrong.

  16. Ok
    So finally after all this time it happened. My wife agreed to sleep in the second bedroom and her mom with me. It’s awesome , love my wife yes , but her mom and I are made for each other. Weird as it may sound , it makes her happy watching me make love to her mom.

  17. 7 months later and our arrangement is working out fine. Found out the other day they both despise Paris Hilton.I was watching a Paris porn segment and my MIL was freaking out that I was so turned in by her. After dinner the subject came up between the three of us and my wife and MIL both agreed I was nuts for fantasizing over Paris. I explained that it’s different whit her , not a Fuck her thing , more two other things , one being a hand job , but wouldn’t be a posed to seeing my coc in her mouth , just want her to rub my hard coc , and two , taste her. Every time I watch the segment and see the dude between her legs I go crazy. Both were still not getting it , referring to her as a tramp , and in awe. I said , it would just be awesome to actually know what she taste like , it’s like my thing. They could care less. I told my MIL it was the same with her , for years I fantasized about her , not just over her huge breasts , but also what she tasted like. And after all those years , the anticipation was incredible when the time came , and my god was it worth the wait. I told my wife it was the same with her but I didn’t have to wait years. She.understood what I meant. I continued, telling my MIL I had wondered if she would taste like my wife ,but didn’t , and to my amazement was the best tasting women I have ever been with. My wife was quiet and my MIL smiled. I said to my MIL, don’t freak out over Paris , I’m sure that will never happen , and reality is no one will come close to the pleasure I get when I’m down on you.

    1. I wish I could show them to you , both beautiful in their own way. MOST guys would choose to do my wife first , but for me there is no greater pleasure then making love to my MIL.

  18. Last night my wife was out with her girlfriend and I had a buddy over to watch a game.
    My MIL watched for a while and got board and said she was going to turn in. She went to change and came back out in a tee shirt and went to the kitchen and I got up and left the living room and went to see her. She was getting a bottle of water to take back to the room. My buddy was able to see us from where he sat , and I decided to let the cat out of the bag sort of say. I told my MIL I was glad she came out , that I wanted to give her a good night kiss and she came close and we kissed , and kissed again , and shared another longer more passionate kiss. My buddy had to be freaking, and it gave me a huge rush having him taking this in. So we continued kissing as we love to do , and I reached behind her and put my hand under her tee shirt and went to rub her butt and found her to not be wearing panties. She didn’t budge and I slowly and softly caressed her bear butt cheeck and continued sharing passionate loving kisses. I was getting pretty passionate in there and my buddy was watching it all. As I rubbed her ass and lower back , I was able to pull her tee shirt up higher and higher , allowing my buddy to see her entire bear ass. We had to stop before we couldn’t stop and she took her water and went to bed. My buddy looked at me and said what the hell was that. I said , what. He said , that in the kitchen with your MIL. I said , just saying good night. He said, like that , that’s a little more then saying good night. I said , nothing really out of the ordinary. He said , are you kidding me , that happens often. I said , she’s lived here for a long time now , we get along great and care for each other. He said , like that though. I said , she is a special warm-hearted loving caring person , and deserves to be treated that way. He said , dude , but really, that was over the top , and rubbing her ass. I said , she loves my attention, and loves that I care for her as much as I do. She has no one else , no one that cares for her the way I do. He said , that just blows my mind , I would have never thought. I said , me neither, she is just an incredible loving person, and it’s nice to be able to express that to her. He said but really, the kissing like that. I said , she enjoys that the most , says nothing expresses love like a kiss. And right or wrong , sometimes they get a little passionate and lengthy , but she enjoys it and I also have come to enjoy it more and more. He said , she’s 20 plus years older then you. I said , I know , doesn’t really matter , she’s my MIL and if kissing makes her happy , I’m all over it.

  19. After my buddy seeing me n my MIL , she wants one of her friends to see our relationship.
    I’m all for it , and it excites her to have her friend see how close we are. Details being worked out , but the more people that know about us , the better I feel. My wife doesn’t like it all that much , but there are a few people I want to share with at this point

  20. Last night my MIL and I shared a little of our special relationship with a friend of hers…Deb…another lady in her 60s. My wife was out shopping and I was going to meet her for dinner. About 4 I jumped in the shower and as I was about to finish my MIL came in to pee. I turned the water off and got out and started drying off and chatted for a few moments. She finished and left and I did my thing and got ready and headed to the kitchen were the ladies were talking. Deb gave me an odd look and said your not a shy one are you. I chuckled and said , as long as she has been here , we’re kinda over that , we’re over the modisty thing. She was a little in awe. I leaned down and kissed my MIL on the cheek and said , it’s not like I haven’t seen this beautiful lady a few times with nothing on. Deb looked at my MIL and said wow , really. My MIL said , ya , it happens. I said , not like it happens all the time or anything, but being in the same house it’s going to happen and at this point if it does , it does , no big deal anymore , like it was the first time or two. Deb said , I guess if you’re both ok with it , it’s just a little weird. My MIL said to Deb ,the first time she was enberese because she is not groomed the way ladies are today. I chuckled and said , only to find out how attractive I think it is. Debs eyes got real big, and my MIL said , after I found that out it eased my mind about it. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips and said , your a beautiful lady , close on or close off. She said thank you. Deb said to me , that was a nice thing yo say. I said , we’ll she is and I like expressing that to her , and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with telling her that , and being a guy , mil or not , it is a treat for me seeing her naked , she may not think so , but she is still sexy , and I leaned down and kissed her on the lips again and said , very sexy. She said thank you , your to nice. I said good bye and headed out.
    When we had a chance to talk later in the eve , she was thrilled the way things went , a specially kissing her several times. She said Deb thought she was lucky we could be so close. I said , awesome. She said , I even told her the story about catching you in the kitchen naked with morning wood , and not leaving but stood there and finished your coffee allowing me to look at your hard on. She said Deb really liked that story. I said all good stuff

  21. To continue from earlier , my MIL asked if it was ok that she told that story and I said that was fine , and asked what Deb said. My MIL said when she was telling Deb the story , she didn’t leave any details out . I was very curious and and said I want to heat what you told her , but let’s get ready for bed and then tell me. So we both headed to the bedroom and undressed and got in bed. She said it was so exciting talking about it , and Deb was at the edge of her seat in awe. I asked how descriptive were you , she said , very , I couldn’t stop myself , like she was getting jelous and I loved it. I said , tell me more , what exactly did you say. She said , nothing but the truth , and I’m hoping you will understand. I said, I’m sure I will. She said , Deb couldn’t believe you stood the with a hard on and didn’t run out or try and do something. And i told her you were calm as can be , and I couldn’t stop myself from looking , that I had seen you a few times , but never like this. Deb was wanting to hear more so I told her that you asked if I wanted a cup of coffee and I said sure , and you brought me an empty cup and set it by me as I sat at the table. I told her I couldn’t belive you came so close , but was turned the proper was , not directly facing me. Deb said , but still right there. She said , I know , I haven’t seen a hard on in years , and my SIL has one and I can’t keep myself from looking. She said , Deb was all intrested, wanting to know more. So my MIL told her , then he gets the coffee pot and comes over to pour it , and stands at my side , this time facing in at me and leans in to start pouring , and his big beautiful coc was right in front of me. She said Deb was stunned , in awe and asked how big. My MIL told deb , after seeing him several times by accident in the past , I couldn’t believe how big it was , and with it up , I got to see his balls to. Deb wanted more , asking like how big. My MIL told me , so I described you to her , I told her how big I thought it was and how thick it looked and how perfectly shaped your head was , and by far the most beautiful coc I seen , and it was everything I could do not to touch it. I said wow , you told her the whole story , and kissed her. She reached down and stated rubbing my coc and said , I wish I could tell her I get to enjoy you every day like this. I said , me to , maybe one day.

  22. Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mothers out there. Started my mother in laws morning out in a good way. Full body massage followed up by slow passionate love making. So so in love!!!

  23. There are times I feel I am the luckiest guy in the world. My wife is just so incredibly understanding, love her so much. Thought after 2 and a half years she may have changed her mind , but she is still very content with our life style. She knows I love her , and knows I love her mom also , and is happy for all of us. I will never get tired of making love to her mom and she knows it , and understands it…I am so lucky..actually all 3 of us are pretty lucky.

  24. Happy new year to all. Wishing this next year is as good as the last. Wish my wife prosperity at work ,her main passion , and my MIL all the happiness in the world. She is my passion , my love , my everything. We had beautiful passionate sex this morning and vowed to continue sharing our love for the next year. So I’m a happy man.

  25. On a short vaca with just my MIL.
    Love the looks we get , make it very clear to all we are together. She loves it and do also.

  26. MIL made friends with some ladies her age and we dropped little hints of what is really going on. This morning I told them how special it is to wake up with her in my arms , that after all the years of knowing her , sharing a bed has brought us closer together then ever. They are just in awe , jelous I think. My MIL loves it.

  27. Last night ,leaving at noon tomorrow.
    Had dinner with her two lady friends and afterwards my MIL told them we were headed to the room early because she wanted to enjoy being with me as long as possible. She is loving sharing with these ladies and I love her being so happy.

  28. It’s been a month sence we have been back and my MIL keeps pushing the idea of letting her good friend Deb know we have sex. Not all the truth , but that as much as we care for each other and openly express that in front of Deb and all , she wants Deb to know it’s a sexual relationship also. I know she loved telling the ladies on vaca, maybe making them jelous, and I think she wants Deb to feel the same.I have no problem with it at all, it’s up to my wife at this point…well see

  29. My wife agreed to let her mom tell Deb , but only Deb and she can’t tell anyone else. She can’t wait, and my wife is out of town next week and my MIL all ready invited Deb over on Monday. My wife thinks it will just come up in conversation, but my MIL has a different way to let the cat out of the bag. I’m totally in on the plan, very creative and erotic, and my MIL couldn’t be happierl, expecially me agreeing to the part where Deb will have the opportunity to see me naked. She feels Deb will be that much more jealous if she sees how beautiful my coc is. Bring on Monday, it should be fun….for all.

  30. One more day…and my MIL wants me to do it up , like extremely attention to her , as well as Deb. She want s me to like flaunt myself , teasing Deb. She tells me Deb is kinda obsessed with me and would love any attention I would give her. Can’t wait

  31. Wife is off to the airport and my MIL just modeled her new swim suit she is going to wear tomorrow. She is going all out to show Deb how special our relationship is. It’s a white2 piece , and the top shows a ton of her huge cleavage as well as being thin enough that you can make out her areolas and nipple and the bottoms you can make out her bush. When it’s wet it will be awesome, should see everything clearly and that’s what she wants. She also wants me to wear my tight yellow suit , pretty much shows all of my coc , head is very visable. I said no problem. Deb is going to be in awe with us , can’t wait

  32. Put on my suit and we took a little swim and got out and she was like naked. Her suit was so so see thru , I loved it and got a hard on that stuck out big time. I said I hope this doesn’t happen tomorrow and she said she hopes it does. She wants Deb to see me get hard over her and not try and hide it. She wants me to let Deb see me hard….getting better and better

  33. Oh my , 3 days later and Beverly just left. I though I waa1 in a million befo re , thinking I was wrong. My MIL…Liz , had her dreams come true. ..and more.I want to move to a retirement home, older ladies are incredibly horney. Moday night was incredible, kinda set the the tone for the next few days. Liz and I aomplished what we set out to do. Bev knows our relationship is more then she thought, it’s sexual. Liz was on cloud 9 sharing this with Bev. I could go into details, but again feel I am 1 in a million. This morning I woke up with my usual hard on , and of course Liz rubbed it for me , and after 15 minutes she suggested I should go into Bevs room and wake her up the same way we wake up that she would not be opostivve to it. I was wanting to but yet hessatent. After Deb being at the house for a few days, I couldn’t resist. Liz was a different person, , she is my love and yet she was wanting me to be with best friend,. She told me Bev would love to have a young man like myself intrested in her. I kissed liz and double checked on what she said. She said , I’m selfish a little, I want Beverly to experience what I have all time. I was a little in awe, and a few moments agreed. Liz could not be me happier , and I was in awe. So I walked into the guest bedroom and quickly layed in bed with Bev. With Liz telling me Bev would appreciate and love a young man’s attention, I began kissing her neck and which woke her up , and before she could say a word, I started kissing her. She didn’t object, and I got so turned on with her , yes she is old , but I was so turned on by her. After 5 minutes or so , I openly said I want to make love to you. She said , maybe a bad idea., Bev may not approve. I said your wrong, she wants us to do this, and I want to more then she thinks. Bev said , this is crazy, but I don’t want your attention to stop. I couldn’t stop , regardless her age , I made love to her..and it was special. Some may not understand it , young girls are fun , but the older they are , the more meaningful it is

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