An Audience at the Nude Beach

This incident happend during last summer. As per usual during summer I love visiting nude beaches as I love the thrill of being seen and see other naked people.

In my story once I’ve reached the beach it was almost abandoned as it was early September, so I got naked and set my stuff up. As I was tanning I noticed a woman in her late 40s approaching and even though there was plenty of space she left her stuff about 10 meters from mine which I found odd, but didn’t think much of it as we were in the nudist sector of the beach. She started loosing off her dress staying just in her bikini for a few minutes and took a look towards my side until she got naked herslf.

Once she got naked I could see her nice hairy pussy and somewhat saggy tits, which was something that started turning me on, so I tried not look that much towards her side as I was sure as hell that I would get hard and most probably would get me in trouble. As we were sat there she pretended to read a book and from time to time she was glancing towards me and was opening her legs to get a full suntan. The sight of her spread legs made me so hard that I didn’t really care if she saw me in that state, so I took up the courage and took a short walk towards her side. When I past her side she was still reading her book spread as she was, and when she noticed me she seemed pretty shocked to see my with a hard on but she kept on reading her book. When I was passing in front of her, her pussy was kept nicely natural, and the way she was sat her pussyhole was gaping a bit and was leaking her pussy juices. With that sight I wanted badly to jerk off in front of her but instead I decided to go for a swim to cool off a bit. I took my mask and pretended to search for sea-shells at the bottom of the sea but instead I was playing for a bit with my hard dick.

Then my ”beach neighbor” decided to do the same, she took her mask and took a swim close by. With that I left my body drift towards her and from time to time I was letting my cock-head out of the water giving her glimpses of my hard cock. She on the other hand she kept diving exposing her great looking ass which made the situation unberable for me, so it was time for me to take things in my own hands. I firmly grabed the shaft of my cock pulling the skin of my cock-head revealing it in all it’s glory and started stroking. As I was looking not to be seen by my lady friend I realized that I drifted too close to her so it was pretty obvious to her what I was doing under water. She didn’t say a thing and kept swiming around me. Me on the other hand I was lost in my world and kept stroking without care until I had a satisfying orgasm.

Once I calmed down it took me some time to realize what I had just done but deep inside I was really glad I had been seen from such a beatiful woman. I decided to get outside and headed towards my stuff, and so did the same my unknown neighbor. This time I placed my chair facing her side revealing my now soft cock. To my surprise she did the same, she laid down after she dried off, she wore her sun glasses and pretended not to look. As we were facing each other naked, by cock started getting hard as I recalled the previous incident and when I was again fully hard she shamelessly was looking my hard dick. I took my suntan lotion and started applying cream on my upper body, and as was doing so my lady friend spread her legs as she had done before like inviting me to fuck her. I took that as an invitation and begone stroking my hard cock again using sunscreen for lubrication. As I was stroking my lady friend started touching her pussy lips pretending to clean herself from sand but from time to time she was clearly rubbing her clit. That made me even hornier and started stroking harder and faster, when she saw me like this, she placed a finger in her hairy cunt and now without a shame she started fingering her pussy. She was truly an amazing sight, her body was still glistering from before and her nipples when hard and horny, the only thing that could be heard at that moment were her panting moans and her wet juicy pussy as she was fingering. As it was too much for me to bare I let my self cum without care shooting four thick rops of cum, the sight of my hot cum made my lady friend to arch her back and finger her clit furiously to orgasm.

When we both calmed down I went to thank her for the show and as she told me shev really needed it too with all that ”heat”. She thank me and told her that we should be doing this again.

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