Wife’s friend becomes wife #2

For some time now, my wife’s friend has been living with us practically ever since I first fucked her one morning. On that morning my wife caught us, and came over to her friend and whispered in her ears “Your pussy is his now” Since then, her friend has practically been living with us and we’ve been fucking regularly on a daily basis. How does it work? I am a really sexually active person, I use to have sex with my wife 3 to 4 times a day sometimes. I am especially horny in the morning and she hates having sex in the morning, especially since we fuck at night most of the time. So I use to masturbate vigorously in the morning, until one day her friend slept over and woke up at the same time…

One morning, I wake up with my wife on one side and her friend on the other. Usually I am naked, but this time I got pants on and my typical raging boner. I contemplate waking up her friend (let’s call her ana), but I decide to get up to make coffee. As I am getting things ready in the kitchen, ana has gotten up and comes over to give me a good morning kiss. She smiles and says “It’s almost like I am married to you, giving you good morning kisses..” She proceeds to make the coffee. As she is standing at the stove, in just her pjs which are these little silk shorts and top, I admire her big ass and hips, thick thighs, and beautiful body structure from working out. Although she works out like crazy, her body is extremely soft, and I know how soft her pussy is from her sitting on my face numerous times now. My cock is vibrating in hardness, so i go up against her and hug her from behind. I whisper in her ear “You say its almost like your married to me, but to whom your pussy belongs to ?” I am hugging her from behind and kissing her neck and my cock is pressing hard right above her butt. She breaths hard, her nipples starts to get hard, and she whispers moaning “Every time I see you, my pussy tightens and gets wet…”

She looks back and up at me and I smile kissing her. Then I kneeled behind her pulling down her shorts to reveal her fat plump moist pussy and I dig my face into it. Her legs starts shaking almost immediately. She holds on to the counter as my tongue licks her lips lovingly. Her pussy is so soft and hot that it gushes her juices all over my face. Her clit is so hard and poking out, I suck on it and she shakes even more. She twerks her big ass in my face rubbing her pussy all over my face. She moans hard as I penetrate her with my tongue, I am holding her pussy open with my fingers as eat her morning juices right from inside of her. It doesn’t take long for her to start squirting right into my mouth. I latch on to her pussy and just let her gush inside my mouth. Some of her juices escape and goes to the floor, she is holding on to the counter with everything she got. As I am latched on to her, I push my tongue in her hot soft pussy feeling the walls hold my tongue and squeeze it.

I had pulled my cock out and it was pointing upwards extremely hard. Every vein was pulsing, my balls were pulsing and full. She saw my cock from between her legs and her pussy tightened up. Mind you, I have a pretty thick cock, it’s not long but the girth is pretty intense. My wife’s pussy has never been the same, and her friends pussy is pretty much shaped for my cock now. She saw it and she simply licked her lips and held her breath. Her pussy was so fluffed and wet, it was dripping. My cock felt so hot, the glands of my head were swollen ready to go in her. She wagged her ass up and down like she was in heat, I slapped her pussy with my cock and rubbing her pussy with my cock’s head letting her lips get caught on it like she was sucking my cock with her pussy. She started to twerk lightly her hips letting her pussy slowly bringing my cock in her. She whips her hair on her back, I grab hold of it and start to pull on her making her come towards me. She moves slowly letting my cock go in her and start to stretch her pussy out, she is moaning hard. I pull her head up towards me and walk into her pushing my cock deep in her to the base where she goes onto the tip of her toes and she looks at me with a face of “Fuck me…” I give her a kiss and her pussy just tightens onto my cock. I let her fall onto the counter once more and I start to pound her hard from behind as I hold her hair. Every time my cock comes out her pussy comes with it, her big ass and thighs jiggling every time I pound her from behind. Her little titties moving up and down in her silk blouse, her hard nipples rubbing against her top. I hold onto her hips and fuck her brains out from behind. She is tightening up so much that she falls onto her knees with the crazyest orgasm. She is on the floor and looks up, I put my cock covered in her juices on her face and she starts to suck immediately. I hold on to her head and I fuck her mouth for a little bit, letting her breath from time to time. She licks the shaft, sucks my swollen balls. As she has them in her mouth, she looks up at me, I am looking at her while a caress her hair telling her beautiful she looks. She smiles wile twirling one ball in her mouth and massaging my shaft with her hands.

She pulls away for some air, I bring her up by the hand and pick her up by the legs so she is facing me. She has her hands around my neck and head, she is breathing hard. I lower her to my cock and start to enter her from standing. I watch her as she begins to gasp for air, she holds each side of my face and whispers to me “Wreck me, please.” She starts to kiss me and I push my cock into her pussy slowly until she hits the base… She breath in deep and lays her head on my shoulders carecing my neck and hair as I fuck her slowly standing up. She kisses the side of my face and starts to lick my ear as I walk us to the living room. I put her laying on the couch open her legs even more and now she gets to watch I drill her down with my cock. She takes off her top and I get to see her little titties with the nipples asking to be bitten. I clamp down as I start to pound her. She moans loud and starts to scream little by little. She is cumming again, shaking her legs but I don’t stop because I am getting closer to exploding my first load in her. She watches as my thick cock splits her open, she gets to see her body jiggling with each pound, and she gets to watch her pussy stretched and gripping onto my cock. She is mouth open, drooling a little. I kiss her and stick my tongue in her mouth, she wraps her arms around me and I put my forehead against hers and tell her “You’re ours, your pussy is mine, you don’t have to worry about anything else ever again.” She almost starts to cry and I fuck her even harder. My balls are slapping against her, I kiss her again. I tell her “Im going to cum in you, fill you up with my cream.” She replies “Please, Im yours, im hers, please fill me up” She is watching my cock and says “Oh god, its like a hot rod just fucking me, your cock is hot and thick. WRECK ME!” and with that I pound her one last time and unload the biggest load of creamy hot cum inside of her. She is yelling “OH GOD, its going so deep, its so deep, too much too much too much…. I kiss her one more time and she wraps her legs and arms around me as I finish dumping whats left inside of her.

When I am done, I pull my cock out and she is so relaxed that she can hardly move. I help her up and she was still wobbly so I decided to carry her back to bed. I put her next to my wife who woke up and saw her friend all sweaty and her plump pussy oozing cum. She smiles and hugs her friend into her giant titties. Ana hugs back and starts to cry a little. My wife pets her head kisses her on the forehead and asks her what’s wrong, ana replied “I am so happy… I feel safe for the first time.”

That almost broke my heart, I have to say. My wife almost started to cry and she replied “You are safe, you are safe. Don’t worry about that.”

I came over and kissed her on the head, and I kissed my wife on her lips. I saw those two hugging each other naked, it was a beautiful sight. My cock had gotten hard again and my wife’s ass was all exposed a little. Just as with Anna, my wife is constantly wet and her pussy is pretty use to my cock by now, so I laid behind her and slid my cock into her pussy from behind and gently fucked her from behind. Ana said she was going to give us space, my wife held her and said “You’re not going anywhere. You can stay right here he’s taking care of us. Right baby?” I replied “I’ll do my best” My wife smiled at me and said “Good! Now you get to fill both of us up!” She then moved over to pull me out, laid me down, and sat on my cock to ride it. Ana was laying there watching all shy, I pulled her closer to me to lay her on my shoulder, my wife came down and kissed her on the lips and petted her head as she did. I was holding my wife’s big soft ass with one hand as I hugged ana with the other. I fucked my wife from underneath hard as the two of them loved each other. We each got to suck on one titty from my wife, which is enough because her boobs are as big as my head. I couldn’t hold it and pretty soon I started to cum hard in my wife. Ana got to watch in amazement as I held my wife’s hips and she arched her back, her enormous tits poking forward, her red curly hair covering her back… My wife looks down to me and smiles “Babe, you filled her up and you still had this much left in you?” I smiled “I have enough for the both of you.” She replied “You have more than enough. If you keep filling us up, pretty soon you’ll have two pregnant wives on your hands.” Ana went red like a tomato. My wife laughed and said “Oh come on, just a joke. But stick with us long enough, you know that is exactly what is going to happen.” Then got off of me and sat next to Ana taking her hands and putting it on her pussy. She asked “Do you feel that?” Ana replied yes, my wife smiled at her and said “I want you to stay with us, I have a big crush on you and I don’t want you hurt by any other man” She looks at me and my cock and says “Besides, my husband here has more than enough cock for the both of us and hes been fucking you like crazy hasn’t he?” She says yes all embarrassed. My wife says “See? So it’s settle, you are staying with us. Do you want that?” Ana replied smiling and crying a little “YES!” then she jumps on my wife kissing her, and then she kisses me.

Funny thing about Ana, you see her and you see confidence, strength, an all around bad ass person. In reality, she was hurting so bad that she overcompensated on her badassness. In reality, she was a fragile being looking for comfort and safety. She found it in our home, which is now her home as well. The way it works for us now is such; Ana and I fuck in the early hours of the morning. My wife gets super horny midday, so we fuck like crazy. Then at night, I fuck either or we have threesomes. And sometimes, they have sex with each other and I give them their space. I can tell they have a very strong connection and I it adorable to watch they love each other. They both have fierce looks, but when they get comfortable they have these adorable expression on their faces. It’s really cute.

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