Husband Dominated Me With Random Tinder Girl

A couple months ago my husband mentioned that he had a surprise for me that night. After dinner and putting the kids down for the night he led me to the bedroom where he stripped me naked, blindfolded me, and had me lay down on my back with my hands above my head. To my surprise I felt the cool sensation of metal on my skin as he snapped handcuffs first on my right, and then onto my left wrist. I gave my hands a tug and realized he had secured them to the bed frame.

Jack mentioned that there was a surprise for me at the door, and he was going to get it. Shortly after, I hear two sets of footsteps walking up the stairs to our bedroom. I felt two sets of hands caressing my body, the first starting at my neck, circling my large pink areolae before pinching my nipples. The second set of hands went straight to my pussy. I felt a finger slowly move up and down my slit before it spread my labia and entered me. At the same time I felt a mouth kissing, licking and sucking my inner thighs and labia before their tongue began to circle my clit. A second finger entered me as their tongue picked up the pace and brought me to a shuddering orgasm.

Up until this point not a word had been exchanged so imagine my surprise when a dripping wet pussy lowered itself on my face. Up until now I had assumed Jack had invited a guy over. She pressed her pussy deeply onto my face and I sucked on and flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue causing her to moan softly. I felt Jack spread my legs with his hands and enter my pussy with his cock. He fucked me slowly at first until he built up to a good pace. Both my husband and our mystery guest were using me solely for their pleasure and the thought of that turned me on so much. The pussy on my face began to grind back and forth more and more quickly until she let out a scream and came on my tongue.

She leaned down and began kissing down my body, starting at my ear lobes and working her way down to my neck and breasts before finally arriving at my swollen pussy. I heard Jack groan, “Fuck, Jen your pussy is so tight.” as he entered her from behind. Jack was pounding away at Jen’s pussy and spanking her, each spank increasingly louder. At the same time, Jen was circling my clit with her tongue as she finger fucked me. I came quickly from the stimulation and shortly after that Jen let out a guttural scream as she came and collapsed on top of me.

Jen gently kissed me, our tongues intertwined in each other’s mouths. At the same time, Jack plunged his cock inside of me, thrust a few times and I felt him pull out. Jen moaned as he did the same to her, taking advantage of the opportunity to switch between our stacked pussies. He continued switching back and forth between us until he was inside Jen and grunted that he was about to cum. Jen stopped kissing me and moaned to my husband to cum deep inside her. Jack groaned as he orgasmed and unloaded his cum deep inside Jen.

Jen rolled off of me and to my surprise, once again straddled my face as she demanded that I clean my husband’s cum out of her. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy and scooped Jack’s cum out of her. Some of it made it into my mouth but the majority of his cum and her juices dropped down my face and chin, making me feel like such a cumslut.

Jen hopped off my face, got dressed and Jack let her out. He came back upstairs pulled the blindfold off and kissed me deeply. To this day I don’t know what Jen looks like.

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