I Fucked my Husband’s Friend in our Hot Tub

So we were all drinking at the house my husband , his best friend Scott and myself when we decided to bring the drinks down to the hottub . I wore only my bottoms as I always do when I go in the hottub at home and that’s just normal even around my husband’s friends .

We were in for maybe 20 min and my husband was getting a little to hot and drunk and said he was going up stairs to lay down for a bit . So to be honest I have always had the hots for Scott and now I’m alone with him drunk for the first time. I went and sat next to him and we had a couple more drinks before I felt his hand on my thigh and that was all it took .

I reached over and started rubbing his already hard dick through his swim trunks while he started kissing and sucking on my nipples. Then out of no where he lifted me out of the hottub by my waist and put me on the edge in the corner of the tub . He pulled my bottoms to the side and started eating me out and was he ever good with his tounge. About 5min of this and I started shaking and came so hard , then he stood up and slid he’s rock hard dick in me. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me and stretched my pussy out so good .

I don’t even know how long had passed before he started unloading his cum deep inside me but it was an amazing feeling . We both kind of slid back into the tub and relaxed for a few min before going inside to find my husband.

Scott didn’t know at the time that he would end up fucking me very regularly and with my husband’s blessing 💋

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