Got Paid for Sex in Vegas While My Husband Was Passed out

So I was in Vegas with my husband and on our 3rd night he had way to much sun and vodka and passed out hard early. I was planning to just stay in the room and relax but I changed my mind and put on my black dress and left the room to go walk the casino and play a few games.

I was down on the floor for an hour or so bouncing around tables when this guy walked up to me at the bar and asked “how much for an hour?”. I was shocked he thought I was a working girl, NY dress was tiny and I had heels on but never thought I looked like that. I was about to just laugh and tell him I’m not a hooker when he grabbed my thigh and slid his hand up a little.

This got me instantly wet thinking that this guy wants to pay me to fuck and was actually a pretty good looking guy. So I just looked at him and went high and said 500$. He didn’t even bat an eye and said deal let’s go up to my room.

And that’s exactly what I did,  I went up the elevator and followed him into his room where he handed me 500$ and then just demanded I start sucking his cock.  He pulled it out and I got on my knees and just went off sucking his dick as sloppy as I could while I felt my pussy just leaking , I couldn’t believe I was doing this!

A few min of sucking his dick and he picked me up and spun me around quick, pulled up my dress and just slid his big dick in my soaking wet pussy like it was nothing. He pulled my hair back and fucked me hard until he exploded.  We both collapsed on the bed for a while and then I got up and said thanks and left back to my room where my husband had been sleeping.

I opened the door to our room and he was still totally passed out, I was going to just sit on his face and have him eat my used pussy but he was totally out. So I just went to sleep and told him what happened as he fucked my still cum filled pussy in the morning.

Gotta love Vegas ❤️

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