Like Mom, Like Daughter

Back in the 90’s, during college, I got into playing Indoor soccer. I had played outdoor soccer all my life and found that I enjoyed the fast pace of Indoor soccer much better. I also found that it was a great way to meet people and make new friends. So, not long after graduating college, I went down to the Indoor arena near me and submitted my name, age and position for teams looking for players. I played goal keeper, so I got a call within 24 hours. It was a coed team looking to replace their keeper who broke his arm.

Lucky for me, it was mid season and I didn’t have to pay anything to play. It was a lot of fun. And, since it was a Saturday night league, the team went out drinking after almost every game. So, after our first game, they invited me to join them at the bar next door. I got to know everyone pretty well that first night. We had two sets of married couples on the team. All the guys were married except me. And, that left two single ladies. Jenny, a single mom of one, that I hit it off with right away. She was 34, dirty blonde hair, about 5 ft 4 inches with fantastic 34 C tits and a very toned mid section and ass. Jenny had an 18 year old daughter, Katy. So, if you do the math, that means Jenny had Katy when she was just 16. Over the next few games, I heard all about how her and her daughter would yell at each other about everything. Katy liked to push her buttons on propose like most teenagers do.

Jenny and I really got pretty close. She was a gymnastic instructor and a former gymnast who competed for her university. Jenny got into playing Indoor soccer because of a former boyfriend. Although they didn’t stay together, she fell in love with playing and stayed with it. After the last game of the season, Jenny and I stayed drinking long after the rest of the team left. Jenny asked me if I wanted to go back to her place. “Of course. Let’s go.”

Jenny was in no condition to drive, so I drove us to her apartment. Her daughter, Katy, was going to be spending the night with her friend; so, we had the place to ourselves. As soon as we got inside, Jenny gave me a short tour. Once we got to the master bath, Jenny started to strip off her soccer clothes and asked me if I would like to join her in the shower. Well hell, what 22 year old male is going to turn down that. So, I stripped down and joined her in the shower. We spent most of the shower kissing and washing each other. As she was doing her hair, I came up behind her. My rock hard cock fit directly in between Jenny’s legs. I reached around and cupped both tits and began to squeeze and fondle. I also paid close attention to her nipples that were hard and sticking out about 1/3 of an inch. After Jenny started to moan, I let one hand drift down to her pussy as I sucked on her neck from behind. Jenny’s pussy was as smooth as a baby’s ass. I began to trace all along the inner folds of her pussy. Once I found her clit, I doubled down on the pressure and had Jenny cumming in no time. After a couple more orgasms, Jenny had her hair rinsed out and she shut the water off.

After drying each other, Jenny took me out into the living room. We were both butt naked. But, if Jenny was ok with it, so was I. She went to the kitchen and brought out a bottle of 1800, salt and cut limes. After doing several Tequila shots, Jenny sat me down on the couch, got in between my legs and started to blow me. I was really enjoying her mouth and I let her know it. After a few minutes of this, Jenny climbed into my lap, reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. She made several comments about never having a cock as big as mine inside her. So, we kissed deeply as she got used to my size. Jenny started to raise and lower her body on my cock very slowly at first. As she grew more used to having me inside her, she picked up speed and really started to bounce on top of me. As Jenny’s orgasm hit, she grabbed ahold of the couch and threw her head back as she came. I took advantage of this and began to suck on her beautiful tits.

As her orgasm started to finish, the front door opened and in walked her daughter, Katy. “Jesus Christ Mom. Why are you fucking in the living room?” Jenny, not making a single move to cover up replied, “Because you were supposed to be gone all night.” Katy walked right up to the back of the couch. “Well, if you had told me that you were going to bring home a boy toy to fuck, I would have stayed at Kim’s house.” I took this opportunity to introduce myself. I turned around the best I could with Jenny sitting in my lap and my dick up inside her, extended my hand to Katy, “Hi. I’m David. Boy Toy!” Katy smiled at me and shook my hand. “Oh Mom, I like this one. He has a sense of humor unlike your last boy toy.” Jenny got up off of my cock and pulled me up with her, grabbed the bottle of Tequila and walked me to her bedroom. Katy’s eyes were glued to my cock. “And you found one with a huge cock. Way to go Mom.”

After we got into Jenny’s room, she took a huge hit on the Tequila and pulled me to her bed. She immediately got on her hands and knees and began to rub her clit. I got right in between her legs and slid my cock inside her. Jenny kind of jerked a bit as I bottomed out inside her. “God dam David. I can’t believe how full my pussy is with your cock inside me.” I grabbed her hips and began to fuck Jenny with a fast, hard fuck. Jenny came almost right away screaming into her pillow as she came. I just kept right on fucking her. Jenny had at least a half dozen orgasms either screaming into her pillow or raising her head and screaming out loud that she was cumming. I reached up and grabbed her hair forcing her head back with one hand, and began to slap her ass with the other. Jenny had an orgasm that took her breath away as it washed over her. I told Jenny that I was going to cum. She screamed out, “Fucking cum inside me.” I took a couple more strokes and then painted the inside of her pussy with my cum.

Jenny fell forward onto her bed. Her pussy was still spread wide just having my cock inside her and was dripping cum. I got up to go to the bathroom. When I got back, Jenny was passed clean, cold out. So, I turned off the light and climbed into bed with her and fell asleep. A short time later, I felt a warm mouth envelope my cock. It didn’t take long before I was completely erect again. It was about that time that I realized that Jenny was still passed out beside me. I looked down and saw that it was Katy who was sucking my cock. She was completely naked and looked a lot like her Mom. She had the same build, tits and ass. But, Katy was brunette to her moms dirty blonde. She climbed up onto me and started to slide her body down the length of my cock. She had her finger to her mouth to indicate that I should be quiet. Once she got about two thirds of my cock up inside her, I asked her what the fuck she thought she was doing? She just smiled at me and said, ” I suggest you be quiet or your going to wake up Mom.” She was rocking back and forth real slow, and god dam it felt good. Katy kept rocking back and forth faster and faster. At one point, I was afraid that she would wake up her Mom. But, her 18 year old pussy countered any fear that I had. I could tell Katy was cumming because she closed her eyes tight and I felt her pussy grip my cock. Maybe it was the taboo nature of the act, but I needed no further encouragement. I reared up and blew my load up inside that tight, young pussy.

Once we were both done cumming, Katy climbed off me and grabbed my hand and pulled me up and out of the bedroom. I closed the bedroom door and turned around and asked, “What the fuck Katy? Why did you just do that?” Katy kind of laughed. She reached down and got two fingers full of our combined fluids and licked her fingers clean. “Seems like you enjoyed yourself. Want to come to my room and continue what we just started?” She turned to walk away. I was pissed and turned on all at the same time. I caught her by the couch and bent her over the arm of the couch. I kicked her legs apart exposing that perfect pussy. Then, I shoved my cock deep inside her. Katy let out a load moan as I bottomed out inside her. I grabbed both of her arms and held onto them for balance and then I fucked the shit out of that 18 year old. Katy started to cum and was getting very loud. So, pulled her up and wrapped my hand around her mouth so she could scream her head off into my hand as I plowed that field. I was fucking her so hard that it was moving the couch with each stroke. As Katy began to cum yet again, I shoved my cock in as far as it would go. As I felt the head of my cock hit her cervix, I blasted her pussy with another load of cum.

I stayed buried inside Katy as we both came down from our mutual orgasms. As I started to soften, I pulled out and let go of her arms causing her to fall forward over the arm of the couch. “This was a one time thing Katy. Don’t be pulling this shit again.” As I walked back to Jenny’s bedroom, Katy started to laugh. “Oh no David. Your cock belongs to me now. If you plan on continuing to fuck my Mom, then you will continue to fuck me. If you don’t, I will tell my Mom that you forced your cock inside my little pussy and came inside me. Besides, I think it’s hot as fuck that you are fucking me and my Mom.” And with that, Katy went to her bedroom and closed the door. “Well fuck” I thought to myself. “This is going to blow up in my face at some point. I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.” Beside, if I was blind folded, and had each of them climb up on my cock and fuck me, I couldn’t tell who was who. Like Mother, Like Daughter.

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