My Brother-In-Law’s Cum Inside Me

My husband left for work in the early morning and as soon as he left, my brother in law walked into my room and started making out with me. He then pushed me to the bed and I was on my belly, he lifted my nighty up till my waist and entered me in pronebone position while whispering in my ear that how much he waited for his brother to leave so that he could have me. He cummed inside me after which I took a shower.

After breakfast I got ready to go to my son’s school and once again, BIL walked in and he was in mood. I was almost ready to leave, yet decided to give him what be wanted. I got on my all four on my bed and he lifted up my saree and fucked and filled me up. Then he covered my pussy with the panties and I went to the school with his load inside me. I just love carrying his creampie.

In the evening, I went to his room to serve him tea and he was in the couch and he called me in. I climbed upon him and started riding him. It was a steady pace and his hands were on my tits. We talked about how much more he is fucking me than my husband and the quality of the orgasms that he is giving me. I got the third creampie for the day when he cummed inside me once again.

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