Slept with Mom’s Friend In Front of Her Husband!

My mothers best friend was having her retirement luncheon and my whole family was invited. It was at her old farm house with wrap around porch and well manicured back yard. I have known Tara my whole life, she was like an aunt to me who has known me since I was born. My wife was unable to attend since she had work, but urged me to go without her. The luncheon was unremarkable with people coming and going, it was the usual sandwiches and just hanging about. People started to leave around 4:30 and I was getting ready to head out myself, until Tara’s husband asked me to stay and help move some yard furniture back. As I said I have known them forever so I told them I would help. As the last guest left we started to move everything back into the garage, I was hoping to be done soon and leave. John her husband asks if I wanted a drink but I declined he still cracked 2 open for himself. Tara was on the porch enjoying a glass of wine and just watched us work.

The last chair I moved must have been in the same spot for awhile, I looked down and was covered in ants instantly. They were all over me I pulled my shirt off and wash brushing them off my pants. My legs were covered I couldn’t get them off of me. John saw and was laughing and told me to hose off. As the cold water hit me it was freezing but did a good job getting rid of the ants. Tara told me to come inside and get a towel, I was freezing cold. I was in the bathroom standing in my underwear trying to dry off, Tara came in with a hair dryer and told me to use it too. I could see she looked down and saw the outline of my cock. She looked for a few seconds and then headed out. A few minutes later John knocked and said he had shorts for me and threw me a pair of mesh shorts and a t shirt. I got changed and walked into the living room. John who was and avid drinker was opening more beers for himself and you could see he was getting tipsy. He told me that Tara told him how big I looked when she was in the bathroom. I laughed and said yeah I am lucky. He told me Tara was upstairs waiting for me, he knows i have always had a little thing for his wife. I stood in shock for a minute but knew I wanted to do this, I used to touch myself to her all the time when I was a teen.

Just then the phone rang and it was my wife asking if I was ok? I told her what happened and then said I think John just asked me to sleep with Tara. My wife was in disbelief and said I was a horndog if I wanted to fuck a 60 year old. I told her I wasn’t sure what would happen, she told me to go for it. I got off the phone and saw John opening another beer. I asked if he was sure about this, he told me that his wife wanted this and he wanted to give it to her as a retirement gift. He told me to just get undressed and go upstairs, not being bashful I stripped down and walked up the stairs with a semi hard on. I got the bedroom door and gave a little knock. Tara said come in, I threw the door open she looked over and yelled, “what the hell are you doing” I was beat red and trying to cover myself with a pillow. John was right behind me laughing at the whole thing. I embarrassingly said that John told me you wanted to sleep with me. She said she told him about my cock but didn’t say anything about sex. John chimed in with, I know it’s been awhile but why don’t you enjoy yourself. Tara sat there bashful and I was till beat red. It turns out John had some performance issues and hasn’t had much success with erections. He was hoping I would help since he trusted me and knew I was married.

Tara said she wasn’t sure I told them I would leave and I was sorry. Tara told me to wait, and asked to see me again. I took the pillow away exposing my entire naked body to her and John. She said she wouldn’t mind some light touching. John went down stairs and got 4 more beers for himself and the bottle of wine for Tara. I waited till he got back and approached Tara. She was certainly not young but looked good for mid 60’s. She is a taller blond woman, with large breasts and nice wide hips. She stood up from the bed she was wearing a wrap dress, i untied the side and pulled it open. Tara gently started stroking my now hard Dick. I broke our rules and leaned in and gave her a kiss. It was amazing and passionate, like 25 years of sexual tension finally released.

I reached around and unhooked her lace white bra, he breasts dropped forward and her large areolas and nipples were facing the floor. I looked at the tag that said HH I mean these things were massive. We continued to kiss as she slid her underwear to the ground. I worked my fingers through her bush until I found her clit and started to rub it. She broke off the kiss and started to breathe heavy, I could tell she was getting close. I applied a little more pressure and she came hard almost falling to her knees. She sat back down as I stood there, I asked what more she wanted. I didn’t want to push to far, she asked for more kissing. I felt guilty but already knew I came this far, I laid next to her and we kissed more as my hands explored her body, she continued to jerk at my cock. I started to finger Tara working my fingers in and out of her wet hole. She stopped kissing again and looked at her husband who was in the chair on the other side of the room and asked if she could fuck. He blurted out fuck yeah that’s the point. I got on top of Tara and teased her with he head of my cock. As I was sliding it in I could feel her stretching and tensing, I asked if she was ok she just said go slow it’s been a while. Once I was fully in I could feel her relaxing, she wiggled a little as I started pumping my hips back and forth. We kissed more her tongue was working magic in my mouth, I was so turned on. Tara wrapped her legs around me and squeezed she started to moan loud and kept asking for more, faster, harder she demanded. I was giving her full hard thrusts, the sound of our bodies colliding was powerful. She finally screamed as she orgasmed, a little squirt came out and my cock was covered in her cum.

I wasn’t done with her yet, I flipped her over on her hands and knees facing her husband and entered her from behind. John had his pants off and was playing with himself, Tara couldn’t believe he was actually staying hard. I started to pound into her, she then asked John if he like seeing her like this. John just smiled and said yes. I asked her if she liked my cock, she said it was the biggest cock she has ever fucked and she needed it. She looked back John and said you dont mind if he fucks me more, like a real man. I couldn’t believe what she was saying but John went right along and asked me to fuck her like a real man. I was still pounding this 60 something year old woman into submission. I looked over at John and asked where he wanted me to cum, he said her face. Tara said fuck no you cum in my pussy or we never fuck again. I shot one of my biggest loads ever right into this screaming woman. John let out a moan and came all over himself too.

We laid there for a few minutes and started to kiss some more, John was still drinking his beer and asked if this was necessary. Tara said you wanted the experience she is getting her fill. Her hand moved back to my cock, she tugged a few times with little response. She then moved down and took me in her mouth, my cock sprang back to life. John said he didn’t know if he wanted to keep going, I told him ok and pulled back a little. Tara sat up and told John to sit down she wasn’t done. She sucked me hard and it was the best blow job i have ever had. I went to the side of the bed and held Tara’s legs in the air. I worked back into her with long strokes, she came quick again and begged for more. It felt like eternity, she looked at John and said we would be fucking more, he agreed but seemed less than happy. As I was about to bust a second time Tara slid to the floor and said she wants to taste all of it. I unloaded this time down her throat and she swallowed every drop.

We laid back down and kissed a little more, I told her I had to get home and she wanted me to stay. I told her I would be back again. She got up and put a robe on, she walked over to John and kissed him and thanked him. She walked me to the door where we kissed again and she told me that she will need me around more now that she is retired.

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