A Shower With My Wife’s Sister

I’ve been running a bit more consistently for the past few months. Trying to get my pace up and my distance longer. After each run I come into the house through the laundry/mud room, strip off all my sweaty running clothes except for my underwear, and go upstairs to shower right away.

Well, one week my wife’s sister Nora was visiting from out of town and staying with us. She’s physically similar to my wife, a few years older, but with a very different kind of personality. To be honest, besides being physically attractive, I’ve always found her personality to be fun. We never would have worked as a couple of course, but we have a good cordial relationship.

Anyways, one morning I went out for a quick 2 mile run. When I came back I was in autopilot, doing the same thing I do after every run, stripping down to my underwear in the laundry room and crossing the living room to go upstairs. I totally forgot my wife’s sister was here. I was looking down at my phone checking my stats from my run when my wife called out, “Hey! Putting on a show?”

It took me a second to get knocked out of the zone, but I looked up, saw my wife and her sister on the couch staring at me incredulously. Then it hit me. I was standing there in all my sweaty glory, wearing only my spandex running boxers. After a second that felt like forever, the girls burst out laughing. Instinctively I covered my crotch up (no idea why, I was wearing boxers) and ran around a corner to where the stairs were.

I peeked my head around the corner and tried to yell out, “I’m sorry I totally forgot you were here!” Nora yelled back between giggles, “Don’t worry, I didn’t know I was getting a free show this morning!”

My wife, who looked possessed with how hard she was laughing, interjected with, “Show? What show? He shrivels up during his runs!” Which only set her off laughing even harder.

I guess it’s a biological reality that when a man runs that blood gets used in the legs rather than between them. I decided to leave the cackling ladies and get to my shower. Afterwards other than a couple snide jokes here and there, it seemed like they were over it. When my wife gets together with Nora, they play off each other and can be a bit much to handle, although it’s somewhat endearing too.

A couple days later I was heading out for another run when Nora said she wanted to come with me. She’s pretty athletic herself, regularly hiking and biking a bunch. We ran a full 5k around the neighborhood. We have a good enough relationship that we maintained a good, regular conversation despite pushing ourselves a bit on the run. By the time we got back I was pretty gassed and ready to sit and do nothing for a while.

We came in through the laundry room and instinctively I reached to pull my shirt up and off but stopped myself, remembering the other day. Nora noticed and started laughing, teasing me, “Oh come on, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before at this point.”

My wife heard us come in and joined in, “Are you trying to flash my sister again?”

Nora responded before I could, “He’s shy today I guess.”

What happened next caught me totally off guard. Nora reached down and pulled her shirt up and off herself and tossed it into the washing machine. She was wearing a sports bra that covered up her breasts pretty well, but the eroticism of her taking her shirt off a couple feet away from me was not lost on me. Before I had time to react, she pulled her tight running capri pants down and off, leaving her in just her sports bra and a pair of athletic boy cut panties. I suppose it wasn’t any more revealing than what many women would normally run in otherwise, but in context, my jaw was on the ground.

Nora definitely noticed my eyes on her, and teasingly said, “No big deal, just paying back the show you gave me” with a smirk.

My wife apparently found this all amusing, and commented, “Oh now it looks like you’re not shriveling up.”

I looked down and yeah, whereas usually right after a run I’m nothing to take note of down there, now I was visibly getting bigger, apparent even through my shorts. If they could tease, so could I. I dropped my shorts and pulled my shirt off. Like Nora said, nothing she hadn’t seen before. But with my tight running underwear, it was clearly apparent the effect she was having on me.

Nora made no effort to hide her eyes looking me up and down. I’ll admit I’m not the “ideal” male body. I’m fit, but not hugely muscular. But I know that I’m above average where it matters, a fact that my wife is always quick to acknowledge and be thankful for.

Snapping her out of her trace, I interrupted Nora and said, “You can go ahead and use the shower first. I’ll hang out in the living room until you’re done.”

Now my wife totally surprised me. “Why waste water? You both need to shower, just get it done together. It’s big enough to handle more than one person at a time.”

There was a moment of total silence as the implications of the proposal set in. Nora finally interrupted and said, “I’m going to go hit the shower. You’re more than welcome to come be environmentally conscious if you’d like.”

She left the room and a moment later I could hear her go up the stairs and turn on the shower. I looked at my wife as if to ask for permission. She knew what I was thinking and leaned in to kiss me while she gave my dick a quick squeeze, “Go have fun. It’s been a while since she’s had a guy, and she’s my sister, I don’t mind sharing.”

I leaned back to look her in the eyes to make sure. She looked sure. I walked upstairs as fast as I could without looking like I was running. I entered the bathroom and could barely see her body through the frosted glass door. She must have heard me come in, because she pulled the door open a bit and peeked her head out. “Coming in?” she asked.

I don’t know if there was a double meaning in that, but I fully intended to find out. With her looking right at me, I pulled my boxers down to my ankles and threw them in the laundry basket. I was fully hard at this point and making no effort to hide it. Her eyes got wide looking at my hardness as I walked towards her and pulled the door open the rest of the way.

In front of me was her, fully nude. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looks a lot like my wife, but different in some small ways. Her breasts were a bit fuller than my wife’s and from what I could see between her legs, her pussy lips were a bit thicker too. I fully intended to find out. I stepped into the shower and we stood less than a foot apart, both nervous, but making no effort to hide where we were looking. She finally broke the silence, asking, “Wash my back and I’ll wash yours?”

Seemed like a fantastic plan to me. I grabbed the soap and lathered my hands up as she turned away from me. Her booty was perfectly toned and round, and barely grazed up against my dick as she turned. I started running my hands up and down her back, massaging the soap onto her skin. She slightly arched her back as I touched her. I moved my hands a bit further out, soaping up her sides, brushing up against the sides of her breasts. When I did, the slightest of gasps escaped her lips. I took this as an invitation to be a bit more bold.

My hands barely had any soap lather left, but I think the charade was up. I reached around and cupped a breast in each hand. She moaned loudly and pressed her back into my chest. As I massaged her perky tits, my hard dick was pressed up against her hip. She reached down with her right hand and grabbed it, stroking me a couple times before pulling away for a second just so she could place it right between her thighs. I wasn’t inside her, but I could feel her pussy lips along the topside of my dick.

Any semblance of rational thought was out the window now. It was pure passion. I reached down to press my palm against her pussy, eliciting another moan from her. She spread her legs slightly, allowing my fingers to roam a bit and slip between her pussy lips. She was dripping wet and I covered my index finger with some of her juices before bringing it to her clit. Getting fingered is my wife’s preferred way of cumming, so I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

I started out slowly rubbing circles around her clit, barely touching it. Her hips began to push down, looking to make contact between her clit and my fingers. “Touch me” she whispered, barely audible. I let my finger graze across her clit. Her whole body jolted. I flicked it again and she pressed herself further back into me. Not wanting to disappoint, I began to focus exclusively on her clit, rubbing it faster and harder, responding to her body’s reactions.

Her breathing was getting quicker and her legs began to stiffen. I rubbed fasted. She started to moan quietly, I don’t know if she was talking to me or herself, “Oh fuck, I’m close, I’m close, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

I felt her entire body spasm against me as her legs clenched. She moaned loudly as she came, holding my hand on her pussy with her thighs and hand clenched on me. When she finally came down from that high and caught her breath, she turned around, looked me in the eyes and said needily, “I want that dick. Now.”

Our shower has a built in bench, so I sat on the edge of it, my dick sticking straight up in the air. She walked over, grabbed me with both hands, massaging my head and making direct eye contact with me. She spread her legs on either side of mine, and positioned her wet pussy right above my dick. Still holding my dick, she rubbed my head up and down her pussy a couple times before slowly dipping it between her lips.

I grabbed her hips as she slowly descended onto me. My dick disappearing into her tight pussy inch by inch. When I was almost all the way in, she let out a sharp gasp. I let her control the pace and she held herself in that position for a minute, getting used to me being inside of her. Then she slowly began to rock up and down on my dick, barely moving at first, then eventually fully fucking with only my head left in with each stroke.

I knew there was no way I’d last long in this situation, and I told her so. Her only response was between breaths, “Fill me up.” I grabbed her hips and helped control the pace. We reached an equilibrium with our strokes against each other and before long I could feel myself ready to erupt. I pulled her down on me and held her there as I came, and to my surprise, she was cumming too. Her pussy squeezing and pulsating around my dick, milking the cum out of me.

We stayed in that position for a minute, our bodies pressed up against each other. Then she got up and slid off of me, and we finished cleaning ourselves in silence. Before she stepped out of the shower she leaned in to kiss me, and whispered in my ear, “that was amazing, I look forward to more for the rest of the week.”

No doubt about it, I was going to try to fuck her as many times as possible before her visit was over.

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