Wife Orders Sex from Work

As I sat at my desk in my home office pondering just how bored I was, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I gladly pulled it out to check the status. Right now I looked for any excuse to do something else.

The message was from my wife, who was working ten miles away.

“Tonight?” the message read.

“??” I responded. I had no idea what she was talking about. Who was driving our son to baseball practice? What was for dinner? I had no idea.

“Sex?” She replied. I was a bit shocked. I don’t think she ever mentioned sex while working. To say my wife is a bit of a workaholic is an understatement. Until now, I was not sure she had thought of sex one time in her life while working. Instead, she was one of those people who was far more interested in keeping up with her latest assignments. Make no mistake, she is great in bed, but her sex brain only worked at night.

“Who dis?” I responded.

“Seriously. Tonight?” She replied.

Given that she had never once texted me about sex, I thought I should take advantage of the situation.

“What exactly do you want?” I texted.

After five minutes, I received a response. “I really need my pussy eaten tonight.” It took her five minutes to get the courage to type those seven words. My dick was immediately hard just from that text.

“I could maybe do that. But you are going to have tell me exactly what you want when you come home.” She is not really talkative in bed, so I thought maybe I could seize the opportunity.

She responded with a heart emoji, which was way more up her alley than any other dirtier response.

Fast forward to after dinner and the kids were in bed. We retreated to our bedroom.

“What got into you today with those texts?” I asked.

“Go take a shower.” She responded. I guess she was taking this seriously.

I took a shower, and then she did the same. I was already in bed, and she dried off and lied next to me on her back.

“OK, eat my pussy now. I shaved it so you can get every part.” She said.

I smiled and gladly worked my way down to her freshly shaven pussy. As I spread her legs, I looked up and asked here: “Where?”

With her eyes closed, she responded: “Start with your fat tongue on my lips. First the outsides, then the insides. And slowly.”

She had never talked like this before. I began to wonder who had taken over her brain. My dick was rock hard as I started licking her lips just as she directed. Her pussy was already slightly wet. Not sopping, but it was definitely moist and salty. She was getting into this.

“Now my clit.” She said. I immediately moved up to her clit and began rubbing it up and down slowly with my fat tongue.

“Lightly.” I responded by circling her clit gently with just the tip of tongue. Her breathing intensified.

“Fat tongue on it now.” As I flattened my tongue out and put it on her clit, she raised her hips to increase the pressure. She started grinding back and forth on it.

Then came a number of other commands. “Lightly.” “Stick it all the way in.” “Fat tongue on the lips.” So on and so forth. My dick was so hard following her commands. I repeat: she had never done anything remotely like this before.

Then she rolled over on her stomach. No sooner had the second word of “Eat it from behind” come out of her mouth, I was devouring her pussy from behind. It was so wet now. She started moaning and twerking her hips to grind her pussy on my face.

“Spank me” she said. I started smacking her ass cheek with my right hand. With each smack she moaned out in pleasure. I was now devouring her wet pussy and spanking her ass as she twerked on my face. She stopped twerking and reached around with both hands to spread her ass cheeks.

“Lick my ass softly.” She said.

I started licking her ass and her breathing and moaning became intense.

“Oh my god that feels so good. Pussy, pussy, pussy,” She said as she raised her hips ever so slightly to move my tongue from her ass to her pussy

I went back to town on her pussy. It was so wet now. I had pussy juice all over my face.

“Fuck me now! Now! Now! Now!” She yelled.

I got on my knees behind her and I lifted her hips with my hands. I shoved my engorged dick in her sopping pussy. I kept thrusting and thrusting. Her wet pussy felt so warm as it wrapped around my cock.

“Take it out. Take it out. Eat it. Eat it.” She couldn’t get the words out fast enough

I bent down and shoved my face back in her pussy. I licked underneath and felt her clit, which was now so swollen. Her pussy juices were on every part of my face now.

“Finish me.” She said.

I shoved my hard cock back in her pussy and pumped until I came. I filled her wet pussy with my hot cum.

I fell down next to her and tried to catch my breath.

“What in the hell got into you today?” I asked.

“I have no idea.” She replied with a coy smile.

I know something must have happened, but I was too tired to care.

We both closed our eyes.

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