Addiction to Mature Woman

It had had been 5 weeks since I had my first sexual experience with a mature older woman. What was supposed to be just a hair cut had turned into the best sex of my life. Her name was Julie We hooked up almost every day for three weeks the sex was incredible. I had gained so much confidence and learned so much about not just sex but also myself and my sexual ability.

It ended when my job had me on the road again and I was no longer able to see Julie. Now I was addicted to older woman. It was all I thought about woman my age were for the time being of no interest to me.

It had been 2 weeks since Julie and I were together. After two weeks of no sex I was very much in need. I was working local this week and started thinking I should join an online dating website. Maybe there was one just for young men and older woman. My plan when I got home after work was to find a site and then start my search.

On my way home I had to stop at a large pet store. They sell food pets and also offer dog grooming. I went in and got what I needed. As I was walking back to the front of the store a woman caught my eye. She was looking away from me so it gave me a great view of her backside.

She was wearing tight dark blue jeans they were a pefect fit. She had a nice bubble ass and hips but she didn’t look over weight at all she just had a perfect ass. Up top she had on a sweater that was white and grey. Her hair was long down past her shoulders brown with slight red tinge to it. On her feet were bright red high heels. I was immediately attracted to her. I had seen her but I figured she hadn’t seen me yet. So I stopped as if I was looking at somthing across from where she stood. Waiting for her to turn my way so I could see the front of her. After a moment she turned. As soon as she turned I was watching her but making it look like I was looking at a package in my hand. I noticed her eyes scan my way right away. I thought she must of seen me walk by on my way in and she was waiting for me. I could see her still looking at me so I thought I’ll get a look at her face and catch her checking me out all at the same time. I looked up and over at her she was beautiful her face was stunning. I also noticed her sweater was low cut and it showed off some serious cleavage.

She was a beautiful mature woman. She looked to be around 45. As are eyes met she smiled I smiled back then she turned and went a few row’s down the store totally rocking her high heels and swinging her hips as she went. She knew she had a great ass and she was showing it off. At her side she had a little dog on a leash. As she reached 3 rows further away from me she stopped again. And she turned her head to look back at me. I made sure I was making it look like I had gone back to reading the package in my hand. Her head turned around and she looked right at me for a moment. She looked then she looked away and made her way to the front.

Not walking sexy the way she just did. I thought she was probably wanting to catch me looking at her and exchange another smile. She wanted me to be looking at her and when I wasn’t. She must have thought I wasn’t interested so she went straight up front and got in line. I dropped what I was looking at and quickly made my way trying to get right behind her in line without her seeing me until I was there.

I walked over and got right behind her

as I stopped her little dog turned and came over to me. Noticing she turned around with a Shocked kinda look on her face I said. “Hello there how are you?”

“I’m fine thank you.” She replied as she smiled. Now that we were face to face I can see how beautiful she is big bright deep brown eyes. She has makeup on but just a little its not at all over done. Her smile is big bright and captivating. She is short even with her high heel shoes on she at least a foot shorter than I am. I kneeled down and pet her little dog. He sat down and seemed to enjoy it very much I look up at her as I pet him.

“Wow what a cute dog.” I said then asked “Is it a he or a she?”

“Its a he.” She replies.

“What’s his name?” I ask she replies.


“That’s a great name.” I say as I stand back up looking at her and what’s your name?

“Erica.” She quickly replies.

As she continued smileing at me. That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.

“Well thank you.” She says as she turns a bit red in the face and smiles. Just then it was her turn to pay. She was caught of guard and moved up as the clerk asked her.

“Is this all maam?” Erica turns and says.

“Um yes oh and the grooming as well sorry.” She paid and turned to leave I could see she almost wanted to wait while I paid. But she turned and she said. “Ok well see you later.” She walked out of the store I quickly paid and was gone in a flash. As I walked out I could see she was letting her dog pee on a tree in the divider in the parking lot. I could see her looking at the store entrance. She was waiting for me as I walked out. She pulled her little dog to her. As she stepped towards her car. She went around the back of it to the rear hatch. As she opened it I was walking about 15 feet away. As she watched me approach she put her feet together bent all the way over and slowly picked up her dog. I could even see her looking back at me as she did it. Just for a second to see if I was looking at her ass. And how could I not look she was bent right over her ass was amazing. She picked up Jax and puts him inside.

As I walked over She hit the close button on the rear hatch. It starts to lower as she turns to me smileing I step over and say. “I’m Preston by the way. We were interrupted in there.” I smile she grins back at me I was so horny and so full of confidence. I was going to fuck this woman.

“It’s very nice to me you Preston.” Standing with her back almost touching her car. I lean over and put my right hand on her car above her shoulder.

“So what now Erica?” I ask she wasn’t expecting that. I could see she wasn’t expecting for me to move this fast. And also to be so smooth about it.

“Oh umm I don’t know I need to get Jax home I suppose.” I could see on her face inside her head she was thinking to herself oh my god your an idiot why did you say that so I reply.

“Ok well I could give you my number unless that was an invite back to your place?” She smiles and turns a bit red again as she says.

“Well since I left my phone at home and I don’t have a pen on me. Sure if you’d like to I can get your number there.”

“Ok that’s great I’ll follow you.” I’m parked right there.” She smiles and says.

“Ok that’s great Preston”. It was only about a 5 minute drive and we were at her place. I pull in the driveway beside her car. As she got out and opened the rear hatch. She got Jax out of her vehicle and walked to the front door as I follow along behind her my eyes glued to her ass. She swings it for me as she walks totally on purpose her high heel shoes click loudly on the stone pathway to the front door. Click click click click click.

She opened the door and turns off her home alarm. As I step inside she turns away from me and bends down again to undo the leash on jax. I see her looking back again to see if I’m looking this time I let her catch me looking at her ass. The leash comes off and the dog runs down the hallway. With her back to me she hangs the leash over the half wall separating the front entrance from the kitchen. She starts looking in a container for pen as she says.

“There is a pen and paper in here I’ll get your phone number.” Using her finger to search the small container.

I step right behind her and put my hands on her hips as I bend down and whisper. “Why don’t we worry about that a little latter.” As I kiss the back of her neck she moans.

“Mmmmmm ok.” She lifts her right hand up and puts it on the side of my face as I kiss her neck. Her left hand reached behind me on my ass. I turn her around and kiss her wildly as my hands grab her ass one on each cheek. I hear her kick her high heels off I stop kissing her as I reach to undo her pants and I say.

“let’s get these off so you can put those sexy red heels right back on.” she giggles and says.

“Ok I love these shoes to.”

I help her take her jeans off and she kicked them away. I reach out and take her hand as she puts her heels back on. “Oh thank you such a gentleman.” She says my eyes are locked on her hips. Now that her jeans are off I can see that she is wearing a black string thong. I pull her into me and kiss her neck again so I can look down over her shoulder. Her string thong disappeared in between her ass cheeks. My hands grab her ass again then I push her away. I look down at her thighs they are amazing too they are tanned all the way up obviously from a tanning bed. I’m quickly getting hard inside my pants. And I’m thinking to my self I can’t wait to see how she reacts when she sees my monster cock. She looks into my eyes smileing just as we kiss again. I grab her ass with both hands as we kiss. We make out wildly almost animalistic then we stop and I pull her shirt over her head and off.

As I drop her shirt in the floor I notice she is wearing the matching black bra to her thong. Its low cut and is over flowing with massive tits inside it. She watches my eyes as her shirt comes off. “Oh my god Erica.” I say as I reach around her back with my right hand. As my hand touches the center of her back where the hook on her bra is I stop and look at her. “DD?” I ask she giggles and replies.

“yes 34 DD.”

“Oh wow.” I reply as I flip the hook off and her bra pop’s open. I can she was expecting me to fumble around with the hook but I didn’t it turns her on. I toss her bra aside I reach both hands out and grab her tits. So soft like big pillows. All natural and very firm and fairly perky they have Huge patties like pepperoni. Big long nipples hard and standing up as she is clearly very turned on. I kiss and nibble on them I’m getting real hard and uncomfortable in my pants.

As I’m very far on my way to full erection. And I know she has no clue to my size. I can’t wait to see her reaction to my huge cock. She hadn’t noticed my huge bulge in my jeans. I was so turned on my confidence and everything I learned from 3 weeks with Julie had me ready to take charge. I was ready to show her my monster cock.

So I stopped kissing and sucking her tits. And still bent over holding them I look up into her eyes. “Those are amazing Erica I also have somthing huge for you to play with.” She smiles and says.

“Oh I like that Preston can I see it”?

I lick her right nipple again then I stop look into her eyes and reply. “Yes but first what’s the biggest cock you’ve ever had?” I suck her nipples again. As I stop talking still looking up at her I can see her caught off guard.

“Uummmm.” She fumbles to say so I ask.

“8 or 9 inches?”

Her face goes a bit red as she replies. “9 a guy in college I was with was 9 inches”

“Oh ok.” I reply.

“He has long but not very thick.” She replies as I let go of her tits and stand up straight. I Look into her eyes and say.

“I can beat that.” Her face goes from being a bit caught off guard even maybe bothered a bit by my question to curious she says.

“Oh well then let’s see.” As her eyes look down and her hands reach out for my belt. Just as her hands start to undo my belt I see her notice my bulge bellow her hands. I hear her whisper under her breathe. “Oh my god.” She un does my belt and zips my fly down. She pushes my pants down. And the base of my shaft becomes visible but then my cock is caught on my boxers and her arms aren’t long enough to push them down. She looks into my eyes. “Oh my god Preston.” She says as giggles and she steps one foot back and bends over. This time she pulls down my pants and boxers down. They both fall to my ankles as my cock pops out. At first she says nothing for a moment she just looks at it. As it bobs around wildly I step out of my pants and boxers and kick them aside. Her right hand grabs it as she looks at me shocked she says.

“I was not expecting this at all.” I just smile then she says. “Wow Preston.” she giggles and says. “Holy shit.” She kneels down then looks up me holding my cock. She giggles and says. “This might sound wierd. But I just got seperated from my ex 6 weeks ago I found pictures and text’s on his phone. He was cheating on me with a young bimbo that works for him. I’d love him to see me now.”

I wasn’t expecting her to say that I broke out laughing. She starts stroking my cock and licks it then takes it in her mouth and sucks it for moment. Then she takes it out of her mouth as she looks at it again. I was now so turned on and so confident as I looked down at her on her knees looking at my hard cock then she says. “Your more than twice his length. And I’d say 3 times as thick! Oh my god Preston how long is this thing?”

She looks up into my eyes again I quickly reply. “It’s 13 Inches long.” She looks up smiles as she says.

“13 oh my god that is fucking huge.” Then she looks up at me as she opens her mouth wide. And in my cock goes she moans and starts sucking it. “mmmmmm.” Bobbing up and down while she twists her hand on my shaft bellow her mouth. Then she pulls it out of her mouth. She spits on it as she strokes it. She looks up again and says. “Wow its still getting harder.” Then Back in he goes again she sucks it wildly now wet loud sloppy head. Best cock sucking I’ve ever had so loud and sloppy wet. She pulls away again and spits on it. And strokes it while she looks at it again.

I stop her just as she is about to suck it again. I reach down and grab her hair and say. “I have an idea Erica!” Holding my cock she looks up at me.

“What’s your idea baby?” She asks I quickly reply.

“Well since your ex is such a cheating bastard why don’t we send him some pictures?” She laughs and says.

“OMG he would loose his mind.”

“Ok good let’s do it” I reply.

“You would do that?” She asks.

“Yeah sure that’ll be fun I reply.” She smiles and giggles.

“Oh my god Preston I don’t know what would we send him?” Still on her knees holding my cock looking up at me. I reach down and grab her hair at the back of her head and my cock by the base of the shaft in my other hand I say to her.

“Put your hands on your knees. Put your legs together. Good now sit right down on your legs.” She adjusts her legs and puts her hands on her knees.

“Like this?” She asks.

“Yup.” I reply looking down still holding her hair and my cock. “Ok lean back just a little bit and put your head back.” I say as I pull on her hair looking down at her. “Stop right there. Hold like that.”

She giggles as I let go of her hair and say. “Ok now open your mouth.” I put just the head of my cock into her mouth. Then looking down again her I say. “Ok now from up here over your shoulders I can see those sexy red heels. I can see your big tits. And my huge cock looks amazing in your mouth.” She smiles then using both hands acting like I’m holding a camera I say. “We send him that right there.” She takes my cock out of her mouth she smiles looks up and says.

“It’s been 20 years since I’ve been with anyone else but my ex. I’ve never done anything like this ever he used to tell me I was boring in bed.” Looking down at her I respond.

“You don’t seem boring to me at all. He sounds like a idiot let’s send him some pictures that show you were just waiting for a real man to get wild.” Her face light’s up and she smiles a huge smile she looks at me and says.

“Oh I don’t know baby. But the other day I was feeling sorry myself. I had lunch with a freind and after we talked I told myself I was going to move on. And that it was time to explore my sex life more and that this was a good thing that happend. And that I was going to make the most of it.”

Looking down at her I smile and reply.

“That is great way to look at it Erica I’d love to help you explore new things.” She smiles then her smile turns to a naughty girl little grin and she says.

“I did start watching porn the other day.” I smile looking down at her and respond.

“Oh you did eh? Well what kind of porn did you watch?” Her face went a little red as she says.

“I started just watching normal stuff I guess but then I found some with guys that were huge.” I quickly responded.

“This friend you had lunch with is single isn’t she?” I giggle as she looks up and smiles and says.

“Well she has a boyfriend.” Then she smiles and says. “She got divorced about a year ago and she has been exploring. She has been telling all about her encounters recently she ummm well she found a big guy.” I just look at her and grin as I look down at my cock and reply.

“Oh I see well this has worked out well then.” She giggles and looks down at my cock as she grabs it starts stroking it and says.

“Yes it has baby” Then she looks back up me as she strokes it and says. “She cant brag anymore thought your bigger her freind he is 11 inches long.” I look at her and reply.

“Well I think we both know what needs to happen here. Your ready to explore and your ex needs to be put in his place.” Then I reach down and grab my cock and shake it in front of her face as she looks at it I say. “He won’t think he won after you show that little sissy boy this big cock in your mouth.” I let go of it so it bounces away in front her still on her knees in front of me. She looks down at it then she looks back up at me and says.

“Well let me go get phone young man.”

“Yes good girl Erica and after that I’ve got 2 more picture ideas.” She giggles again as she gets up then she asks.

“Preston are you sure?”

“Yes I am.” I reply she starts walking away as she says.

“Oh my god I can’t belive I’m gonna do this.” As she walked away she rocked her hips side to side making her ass wobble. The sound of her high heels on the hardwood floor is amazing. I watch as she strutted away then proudly struts back over. Big smile on her face as she walks back over to me her tits bounceing around with every step. As she walks over I see her eyes are locked on my cock as I stand there strokeing it. She has a dirty grin on her face as she hands me her phone as she kneels back down And says.

“Ok legs together hands on my knees.”

Then she arches her back. As she leans back and flicks her head so her hair goes back over her shoulders she looks up at me and asks. “Like this right?”

“Yes perfect.” I reply. As I step over and look down at her. I swing my cock over and into her mouth. She pulls it back out as I was getting the phone ready and says.

“Wait.” I look back down as she spits on it brings her hand up strokes it twice then looks up into my eyes again. She says

“Gotta have him nice and wet for the picture.”

“Yes good point it looks way better now” I reply she opens her mouth again in it goes. “Ok right there.” Click click click. “Nice!” I say as I hand her the phone. She grabs it and looks at them right away. As I watch her I stroke my cock.

“Oh my god that’s fucking hot she says.” As she looks back up at me. Then back down again at her phone. She giggles and says

“You had 2 more ideas?”

“Well yes I do.” I reply. “I figure we gotta have you on your back with that big cock in between your tits. And the head in your mouth.” She breaths in deep as she smiles.

“Yes Preston.” She gets up and grabs onto my cock in her left hand. Her phone in her other hand. And her heels click click click click down the hall we go. I see her bring her phone up again looking at the pictures. As she leeds me down the hardwood floor hallway. Using my cock as a leash. Click click click her ass wiggles as we walk. I can’t help but watch her ass and say. “Oh my fucking god that bootie is amazing.” As I reach out and grab her right ass cheek we turn into the last room on the right. She goes over and sat on her bed as she turns to me. She leans forward and sucks me again a dozen or so good long fast strokes bobing up and down. Sloppy wet head again. Then she spits on it again and strokes him. stops and looks up at me and says.

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