My Best Friend’s Mom at His Wedding

Me and my best friend have been close since we were 12 years old. Growing up he was always known as the kid with the “hot mom”, and EVERYBODY in our friend group had a crush on her. His mom had dark hair, fake tits, lip filler, tattoos & always wore the tightest, sexiest outfits. Literally she was that typical MILF almost every young boy fantasized about.

Of course he was sensitive about this, so he was constantly getting into fist fights with people over any kind of sexual comment about her. For obvious reasons I made a point of avoiding long conversations with his mom & did my best not to stare at her tits whenever I was around him. Fast forward 10 years. My friend asks me to be his best man at his wedding. He wanted to have a “redneck” wedding, so each guest had a spot in the camp ground next to his grandparents property. Everyone was going to set up tents for the weekend, but of course the tent I brought ended up having a few missing pieces. I decided that I was just going to get a hotel room after the bachelor party.

I end up having a few drinks at the party, so my best friend insisted that I just take the guest room in his grandparents house instead of going to a hotel. While I was stumbling inside I noticed his mom sitting on the front porch having a cigarette. I stop to have a cigarette with her, then we briefly chat before I say good night to her. She offers to let me stay inside of the motorhome she rented. Tells me there is an extra bed in there and it would be a lot comfier then the couch. Thinking nothing of it, I accept her offer and we both go inside of her RV.

She asks if I would like to have a night cap with her, and pours us both a glass of wine. She was sitting next to me while we talked & made jokes about how the wedding will go, and all of a sudden I felt her leg slowly rubbing up and down mine. Being young, drunk, & horny, this pretty much instantly gets my cock hard. I do my best to ignore it and we continue the conversation while she keeps rubbing her foot against my leg. She asks me some questions about my life, all the while her eyes keep wandering towards my obvious erection. While I am mid sentence she starts running her hand up my leg, grabs my cock through my jeans, and moves her face an inch away from mine, with the sexiest look in her eyes. I almost froze up in that instance, but I couldn’t help but seize the moment.

I grabbed her from behind the neck and pulled her in for a kiss. We start making-out passionately for what felt like half an hour, before she put her face next to my ear and whispered: “Do you want to fuck me?” We both stand up and she walks me to the bed, leading me there with my cock still in her hand. We start making out on the bed, undressing each other, and she pushes me onto my back. She teased me a bit by kissing my cock, put her tongue on my balls and slowly licked all the way up my shaft until she got to the tip. She ran her tongue in circles around the tip before wrapping her lips around it, then put it down her throat as deep as she could. She started sucking on the tip while her hand stroked my shaft, & I still remember how hard it was not to cum while she sucked the soul out of me.

I decided it was my turn and pulled her up towards me until she was sitting on my face. I ate her pussy while she rode my mouth and didn’t stop until my face was soaked. Then she rolls onto her back, pulls me on top of her, and put my cock inside of her. Her pussy was so tight, but it was also so wet I was throbbing the moment it gripped around my cock. We started fucking slowly at first, but we started going harder and faster with each thrust. I had my hand around the back of her head, fingers gripped through her hair, eyes locked while we fucked hard & passionately. Then she rolled me onto my back again, but this time she got on top of my cock. She grabbed both my hands, locked our fingers together, and grinded on my cock so wildly it took everything in me not to cum right away.

She tells me to let her know when I’m going to cum as we move onto doggy style. I bend her over the bed, one hand grabbing her hip, the other hand pulling her hair, and I start fucking her as hard & deep as I could. I gave it my all, pounding her from behind until the sound of her moaning eventually made me cum. I quickly pull out while she gets on her knees and lets me cum all over her face. We both get cleaned up, have another glass of wine, and agree that it’s probably less suspicious if I slept on the couch after all.

I initially felt terrible once I sobered up the next day, and sat through my best friends wedding after just fucking his mom. I didn’t regret it after awhile though, in all actuality it gave me a much needed confidence boost at a very low point of my life. At the time I was having self esteem issues and battling depression, so sleeping with the hottest milf I’ve ever met definitely helped turn that around a bit. My best friend has never found out to this day, and I have even met up with his mom a few other times for more booty calls since. I’m probably going to hell but that head is worth it.

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