After 5 Years of Marriage, I Finally Let Hubby Fuck My Face

So this happened just a few hours ago, after the ball dropped to ring in the new year in our time zone, so I’m still a little tipsy on wine haha. This is my first story so I guess I should give some backgroud. My husband and I are both 27, we’ve been married for 5 years and have been together for 7 years. I really believe that part of what has made our marriage so strong is how much we do for each other, especially sexually. He’ll eat me out, eat my ass, finger me till I scream etc. In return, I’ll blow him, swallow, let him fuck my ass and have free access to my feet. (he’s got a foot fetish) The only thing I’ve never let him do is fuck my face.

Until tonight.

I had told him very early on into our relationship that he can put his hands on my head when I’m going down on him, but DON’T push or thrust up. I had a bad experience from a selfish ex with facefucking and I wasn’t interested in trying it again. My husband has never once tried to push this boundary (god I love him). So we were on the couch, snuggled up watching new years rockin eve. He was having the whiskey I got him for christmas and I was sipping on the wine he got me. We were just relaxing and laughing, enjoying the warmth of our living room for the last few moments of the year.

“hey” he said with a sly smile creeping up on his face “remember new years 2016?”

A matching smile crept on my face as I recalled it, we had celebrated new years 2016 alone together as well, I gave him head and timed it so he came in my mouth just as the ball dropped.

“of course” I replied “want to do that again?”

He slammed the rest of his whiskey and started to get up, but I put my hand on his chest and told him to keep sitting. I gracefully slid off the couch and got on my knees in front of him, glacing at the clock. 15 minutes to go. I began to play with his cock through his sweatpants. Before too long he was full mast and I pulled his pants down to reveal my favorite cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and began slowly jerking him off, planting little kisses on the head and shaft.

“oooooh” I cooed “I wonder where I should put this”

With that I slid his cock past my open lips and closed them arond his shaft. I slowly began to bob up and down while dancing my tongue under his cock as it slid deeper into my mouth. Pretty soon I felt his hands grab my head, but like the perfect hubby he is he just started to massage my head as it bobbed ever so slightly faster on his cock.

I continued this pace for a while, speeding up a little bit as the minutes passed and fondling his balls. As I took him out of my mouth to take a breath, I looked at the clock, we had 5 minutes left. Time flies when you’re having fun haha. I began to suck him faster, making the slurping sound he loves so much and listening to his adorable moans of pleasure that only my mouth can give him. Once he had returned his hands to my head though, a thought entered my mind. One that had never been there before.

I wanted him to fuck my mouth. No, I needed him to fuck my mouth right then and there. Wordlessly I put my hands on top of his, on my own head and pressed down. He looked at me and asked “Are you sure?”

“mmmhmmm” was all I could say in response with my mouth full.

He started slow, not humping into my mouth but pushing my head down and picking it up. He just did this for a while, the look of shock and pleasure on his face was so cute. As I tapped his leg to let him know I needed a breath, I looked over at the clock again. One minute to midnight. Shit.

“Fuck my mouth baby” I said, shocking him and surprising even me “My mouth is yours, fuck it like you own it.”

With that, he grabbed my head and slammed his cock down my throat. He held nothing back at this point, holding my head down and thrusting up into my mouth relentlessly. For my part I just tried to hold on to his thighs and occasionally fondle his balls when I could. I kept my lips wrapped as tight around his shaft as I could as I gagged and moaned in pleasure. I could not believe that I was soaking wet while this was happening. Finally I heard the telltale signs that he was going to cum, a very special moan he reserves just for that moment, his balls tightened and his hands gripped my head harder, with one final thrust he shot rope after rope of cum right down my throat. I swallowed a lot but kept some in my mouth to show him before swallowing the rest.

I wiped my lips off and got back up to join him on the couch, we actually mistimed it a little and they were counting down to 10 right at that moment. We shared a new years kiss once they finished and he went to pull my pj pants down, eager to reciprocate.

“nuh uh” I said “that was for you baby, relax now”

“I love you” he said softly with a smile as he pulled me close

“I love you too” I replied as I snuggled my head into his chest.

And then we fell asleep cause we’re old lol. But yeah thats finally my first story here, and it probably won’t be the last if you guys like it. We’ve got 7 years of experiences we’re willing to share and 7 years of missed facefucking to make up for đŸ˜‰

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