Fucked My Wife In The Ass! Only Took 14 Years To Get There!

My wife and I are both 34 years old, we have been together since our final year of high school, and though we have both always been very much in love with each other, it’s only been over the last year or so that our sex life has really become exciting… Don’t get me wrong, we’ve regularly had sex, fooled around often, spent romantic weekends away from the kids and such – but something about the last year has helped my wife shed some inhibitions and truly let loose with her desires and communicate them openly with me. We’ve had a bumpy couple of years, two moves, some close family members passed, jobs changed, kids are growing up too fast. We both hit a point a year ago where neither of us were feeling incredibly satisfied with our sex life or with our (lackluster) ability to communicate what we wanted to each other. Our sex life had become a pressure-cooker, and luckily it boiled over in the best possible way instead of exploding and maiming us in the process.

Things really got wild about a month ago. It was our anniversary weekend, and we happened to score not one (rare-as-it-is), but TWO days and nights to ourselves thanks to my sister and her brother, who offered to take the kids for sleepovers. The first night we’d planned to go out for a nice dinner and catch a movie, for you parents out there, the idea of watching something R-rated in the theater and ordering something other than chicken strips or mac-n-cheese was pretty intoxicating to say the least. My wife (we’ll call her “Katy”) left work early and dropped the kids off at her brothers house around 1PM, I had to work until 4PM. When I arrived home she was already getting ready, wearing this intensely sexy sheer nightgown as she twisted a curling iron through her hair and delicately putting on her minimal makeup for our night out. I threw on some different clothes and watched her finish preparing. She was wearing some of those Victoria’s Secret panties that show more of her ass than usual, the ones that are a little small in the crotch, revealing the beginnings of her pussy lips but covering up just enough. Her white see-through nightgown left little else to the imagination, her huge breasts (she wears a 34DDD) and pink nipples were barely hidden through the two or so layers of fabric. It’s my favorite, and she knows it. At this point I’m ecstatic, because I know if she’s wearing this now before we go out, I’m fucking getting lucky tonight. After all it WAS our anniversary weekend, I just had no clue how lucky I’d be getting this weekend and in the next few weeks to come.

We had dinner, it was good, blah, blah, blah. We went and saw World War Z at the theater a few miles away, great movie, blah, blah, blah. On the way home I pick up a decent bottle of wine and some of my favorite beer (Arrogant Bastard, ftw). When we get home we decide to hop into the pool. It’s almost midnight at this point, and I can’t remember the house ever being quieter, it was odd being here alone, and rather exciting to have my beautiful Katy to myself. She threw on her bikini, a black top that was low-cut and almost revealed the tops of her nipples and some orange bottoms that cling to her ass perfectly, the wine buzz from dinner that had almost dissipated during the movie started making a comeback. I was almost halfway through my first large bottle of beer by the time she pranced through the living room and out through the french doors toward the pool, she was being flirty, and she flashed me a boob through the glass… needless to say I ran up and threw on my swim shorts and joined her as quick as possible. We talked and swam, swam and talked. It started with “wow, it’s so quiet without the kids here” but turned steamier pretty fast. “You know what I want to try?” she asked me, “I want you to tie me up and fuck me.” I think my mouth hung open for a solid half a minute. She’d never asked me to do that before. Sure, I’d thought about it, but I just never thought it’d be in the cards so I never pushed for it. That started us talking about other things we’d like to do to each other and sexy things we’d like to try. Ropes and restraints, some hard spanking of her little ass cheeks, cumming in her mouth. She wanted me to press her up against the wall and fuck her really, really hard, she said she’d like to make me sit across the room and stroke my cock for her without being able to touch her while she masturbated for me… These things were all making me super horny, and all of it sounded delicious, then she told me something she wanted to try but never mentioned before, she said “I want you to fuck me in the ass sometime.” (!!!) At this point I was shocked, in a very good way. I’ve always daydreamed about plunging my dick in and out of her tiny asshole, the thought of it fueled many a good jerk-off session in a shower over the years, but we had tried it once before and she said never again. It hurt her too much and we just moved past the thought of it, or so it had seemed.

That night we continued to talk about it, she wondered how it would happen, I’m about 6’2″ with a pretty large penis, and she is this dainty little 5’0″ woman with big boobs and a tight virgin asshole. I suggested we go and buy a small butt-plug toy and try it out, to my continued amazement, she was all for it. That night we fucked in the pool like we were possessed. It was the wine and beer, the kids absence, and the fact we were talking openly about our desires and wants like we hadn’t before that made it so thrilling. I sat on the stairs of the pool and she rode me, I bent her over the side and pounded into her, she wrapped around me and we bounced up and down in the water, it was wonderful, and before we headed for the towels she told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I sat on the pool deck and she took me in her mouth, she never took her eyes off of mine, and that was both incredibly hot and sort of new for me, I usually close my eyes when she sucks me off, and if I’m looking at her then she closes hers or looks away. This time She just stared into my eyes as I watched my cock going in and out of her mouth, she swirled her tongue around it and milked me dry. When I was done she said “that tasted good”. Fuck, I could have died and gone to heaven then and there, Who was this sexy little minx and what had she done with my reserved wife! We showered and fell into bed around 3AM, and we were both spent.

The next morning we flirted about and remembered the night before, did she really tell me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass!? I was almost afraid to bring it back up again for fear it was just the heat of the moment, but when I mentioned going to the adult store later to pick out the right toy, she genuinely seemed interested, even anticipatory. We had to pick up our kids and come home, pack new bags, and deliver them to my sisters house on the other side of town. We stopped into the local adult mega-store on the way back home, still trying to figure out what to do with ourselves for the second night in a row. The store was overwhelming, toys in every size, shape and color. A cute little girl walked up and asked us if we had any questions, I replied “I think we’re doing okay, thanks” but Katy was a bit more blunt. “We want to try anal sex, but think we need a toy to help make it less painful.” I’m sure my face flushed and I was torn between feeling like the-fucking-MAN and totally embarrassed at her candor. The girl at the store was unfazed, and pointed us towards an entire row of sparkly and glittery stuff to shove up ones ass. We looked for a good ten minutes before settling on something pink, with a hole at one end for gasping and a pretty small bulb on the other that would fit into her itty-bitty ass, the diameter of which was probably one-third of the diameter of my penis when erect. We also got some new lube since god-knows when the last time ours at home was used.

We left the store giddy, I drove and she took it out of the packaging and handled it, looking it over and wondering to herself what it would feel like inside her. That night we opted to make dinner at home and not go out. We swam again, this time totally naked. The block walls around our back yard make it pretty secluded, and the houses on either side are single-story, that and more wine and beer made us very uninhibited. We fucked in the pool, out of the pool, in the hot tub, on the deck. We were like animals all over the back yard. We took a break and ate, then showered. Katy donned my favorite nightgown again, but no panties. Again she told me how exciting the thought of me fucking her in the ass was. First we had a good round of oral, I had shaved my face (a rarity) and she loved the feeling of my mouth, whiskerless, gliding over her pussy, her juices and my saliva making for a slippery fun time as I teased and sucked at her clit and pussy lips. I put a dab of lube on my index finger and probed it around her puckered little asshole, teasing it before trying to push the tip in. When it did go in, she gasped a bit and then moaned in response, saying “yes, that feels so good, move it back and forth slowly” I did and she came while fingering her ass and licking and sucking on her pussy. I fucked her for a while, we got to be really loud and vocal because the kids weren’t there, and it was damn good sex. I told her I was going to get her a refill, but that I wanted to put the toy in her ass first. She lighted-up at the mention of it. I put some lube on the toy and told her to get on her knees on the bed. She complied, but also put her cheek down on the mattress and held her amazing ass up in the air, what a sight. I licked her little asshole for a couple minutes, she moaned and told me how good it felt, then I slowly tried to push the little pink butt-plug into her. It didn’t go in at first, but after a few seconds it did, she gasped when the bulbous part made her tiny little ass open wide, and I pushed it in further, it held itself in place. I left her like that, face down and ass up in the air, a pink toy pushed into her ass, as i went downstairs for more wine. The entire time my cock was raging hard, and my mind was swimming about getting to fuck her ass tonight. Well, it didn’t work out, we really did give it a valiant effort, but it was just too painful for her. We tried three or four times, each ending in failure, and me not even getting the swollen head of my dick into her tight butt before she exclaimed that it burned and pleading for me to stop. The next morning we had great sex again but didn’t try anal, then off we went to get the kids and resume normality.

Fast forward to yesterday. In the couple of weeks between our anniversary weekend and now, we have been having more frequent, really stellar sex. We communicate more openly, she talks dirtier to me, I’ve managed to tie her up after the kids went to bed with robe belts and neck ties, I’ve spanked her ass red while fucking her, and (surprisingly) had one of our best ever experiences while I held her against the wall and fucked her like our lives depended on it. We even exchanged some nasty text messages the next day at work recounting what we’d done the nights before. It was very, very hot this last weekend, and we decided to swim yesterday evening. Katy and the kids were in the pool early evening, and I joined shortly after. Both Katy and I were pretty horny, and we spent time swimming past each other and fondling. She’d put on goggles and swim up to me, making sure the kids didn’t see, and grab my cock in a “I have to have it” manner, and I’d pick her up, her legs straddling me, and slip a finger into her as she breathed “yes” into my ear. This went on for about an hour. As the kids started to get tired of swimming, they started to get out, we decided to stay in for a bit longer. Every time they would disappear inside, Katy would pull my hard cock out and sit on it, pumping up and down furiously for a moment before stopping. She turned to me and told me “I really want you to fuck me in my ass, I can’t stop thinking about it.” I was over the moon again. I’d thought that wasn’t going to happen, but here she was, still wanting to try it again. The kids couldn’t get to bed soon enough, so we enacted the ol’ “Time to start getting ready for school to start” bed times for the kids. They went to bed at 8:30 and 9PM. Katy and I get the kids upstairs and into bed, and I sprawl out on the couch to wait them out, making sure they are sound asleep. Katy is in the shower and what does any sensible guy do with the prospect of getting another shot at his woman’s ass? He goes on Reddit, looking for tips aimed at anal sex newbs. What’s this? Doggy style isn’t a good position to try first? Noted. Plenty of lube, got it. Try two fingers first before sticking my cock in there? Will do!

She comes downstairs with that white see-through Oscar De La Renta nightgown on again, god she knows how to press my buttons. She also has the toy and the lube in her hands, holy-fucking-shit we are gonna try this again. I tell her what I’ve been reading, that trying it missionary should be better than doggy, that I should try two fingers… She is so fucking horny, and she really seems interested. We lay a blanket out on the couch and grab a towel just-in-case. The kids are sleeping soundly, it’s go-time. I start off licking her sweet little pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit and teasing it. She asks me to put a finger inside of her, and I oblige. She rocks back and forth, grinding against my hand and mouth. “Put another finger in me” and I do, both my middle finger and index finger now plunging steadily into her pussy, she is so wet its running down to her asshole and coating my fingers. “Try three fingers” she breathes to me, and I try, her pussy swallows up another finger and she is moaning and responding to it. I take the little pink toy and drop a bit of lube onto it, but her asshole is already wet from her cunt juices. The toy slides in pretty easy, and I can tell she likes it. “It makes me feel so full” Katy says. My dick is hard enough to hammer nails, and I kneel next to the couch, sucking on her nipple and moving the little pink toy in and out of her ass, she is furiously jerking on my dick, asking if I want to fuck her. Goddamned right I do. I tell her we are going to try it missionary first, in her ass. She seems excited, and I put a generous amount of lube on my cock. She lifts her hips and I feel for the toy that is in her asshole, pulling it out slowly. I take the tip of my cock and position it just against her asshole, and I tell her to push herself onto it slowly. She tries a few times and still no luck. She tells me to put a finger in her ass, so I do. She loves it and tells me so, then asks for a second. I put my index and middle finger into her ass, she squirms a bit at first, but then bucks her hips a bit, making my fingers go in and out, she’s biting at my neck, sucking on my tongue. I take the fingers out again and push the head of my cock against her ass, this time it goes in. Holy fuck, my dick is inside her ass. It was all I could do not to unleash cum into her asshole right then and there. I calmed myself and she said she couldn’t believe we were doing it. She said it burned a bit, but that it also felt so good she couldn’t explain it. I fucked her slowly and carefully in the ass while she rubbed her pussy. Then we turned over and tried spooning, this was even easier (Thanks¬†/r/sex!), and she wanted me to fuck her harder and faster in the ass, she pushed back against me and said she was cumming soon. When she did, I could feel her ass pulsating, clenching around my cock while it moved in and out of her ass. Katy told me to lay on my back, she straddles me and put my dick into her ass again, she clawed and scratched at my chest a bit, but finally got comfortable, she rode up and down on my dick as I massaged her big breasts and pinched and pulled at her nipples. Once or twice I put my hands around to her ass to make sure I wasn’t in her pussy, I was amazed to feel her tight little asshole spread open around my cock, and I could feel her warm pussy press against me when she took it all inside of her. “Do you want to cum in my ass?” she asked me.. And that was about all I could stand. I blew a violent load into her anus, and she moaned at it’s arrival. When we finished we got up and cleaned off. This morning she was not in pain, no blood and no tearing. Maybe tonight I’ll get to try it again. I’m in a daze today, knowing that last night I fucked my wife’s ass, it was really awesome, and just goes to show that old(er) bitches and dogs can still learn new tricks.

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