Cheating To Save A Marriage

Our marriage had been pretty good. Or at least that’s what I had thought. We loved each other and our sex life seemed to be pretty hot. We liked to experiment and we always tried new things. I figured she was as satisfied as I was. I had no desires to look for other women to screw behind my wife’s back. And I did not suspect she had any secret lovers either. Until the night the plant had an assembly line problem and I went home four hours early.

I came home after the supervisors realized it would be a day or two before the problem could be fixed and sent us all home with pay. I was feeling pretty lucky and thought I’d surprise Gina and I did not call to tell her I’d be home early. I arrived and noticed that most of the house lights were not on. Just the light over the stove in the kitchen as far as I could see. Maybe, I thought, she had taken a bath or even gone to the store. I entered the house and saw light and heard music coming down the hall from our bedroom. I carried a dozen roses I had stopped at the store to buy.

As I neared the bedroom though, I could hear a voice. It was a male’s voice. I did not recognize his voice but I could not believe what he was saying. “Oh baby, yes! That’s it baby, suck my dick! Swallow my cock slut! Make me cum hard baby! I need to cum in your hot mouth!” This man could not be talking to my Gina could he? Just then I heard a loud slurp and then her voice commanding the man to “shoot your load in my mouth! I want to be your slut!”

I was now about 5 feet from the bedroom door, which they had not closed. I had stopped in my tracks. My heart was racing a million miles an hour. My wife was in our bedroom sucking another man’s cock. I could not believe what I was hearing. I wanted to race in there and kill this man who was doing this to my wife. But I was frozen. I could not move. All I could do was listen as quietly as I could. My cock was hard as a rock!

I stood motionless in the hallway with a dozen roses in my hand as I listened to the sounds of my wife sucking this guy’s dick. He was talking nasty to her and she seemed to be responding to it by wanting to be as dirty as he wanted her to be. She swallowed my cum every once in a while, when I really begged her to, but she seemed now to be going crazy for him to fill her mouth. She even told him to cover her slutty little face with his hot sticky cum! My wife was calling herself a slut! We liked to experiment but she never called herself a slut before. And she hated when I came on her face. It was all I could do to get her to swallow. I could not believe how she was now acting.

Standing in the hallway was not going to be enough for me. I needed to see what was happening. My cock was throbbing which was intriguing me as well. I did not understand it but I was definitely excited. I did not want to stop them. I wanted to watch them. I wanted to see my wife acting like a slut with another man.

The guest room door was open and I knew that from in there I could both hide and watch. It was just a matter of getting in there without them hearing or seeing me. I did not want to interrupt them so that I could not see her. I did not understand it but I wanted to watch my wife cheat on me. I wanted to stroke my cock as I watched her. Our bed faced toward the door so I knew there was a good chance she would be facing away from me. It left only this guy who was fucking my wife’s mouth. I figured a 50/50 chance his eyes would be closed. I waited till he was moaning and moved swiftly to the guestroom. As I slid into the room I noticed my wife on her hands and knees on the bed sucking an unknown man’s dick. He lay facing me; his head tilted back and his eyes closed. They did not notice me.

I set down the flowers on the dresser inside the door and went to the other side of the room where I knelt on my knees from behind the corner of the bed. If they looked, I could simply duck down. But from where I sat, I could easily see everything that was going on.

My wife is 5’6″ tall, 105lbs. with long straight brown hair. She has beautifully perky 34b’s and quite a lovely ass. It was that ass which was now facing me. Gina was wearing a black lace garter belt with black stockings and matching black lace panties. She had not worn this outfit for me. I could see a black lace bra on the floor in front of the bed. The man was quite good looking I had to admit. He looked to be about 6′ tall and was pretty muscular. He had short dark hair and looked to be about 20 or so which would make him about ten years younger than Gina. I’m not Drew Carey; but then again this guy was obviously much better looking than I am. It was then that I realized why she seemed to be working out at the gym more often lately. This had to be her instructor, Mark, whom she had been mentioning more often lately. I had not thought enough to put two and two together until now. My wife was fucking her workout instructor.

Mark’s moaning was getting louder and my wife was sucking furiously at his cock, which from my obscured angle looked to be quite huge. I had removed my own cock from my pants and was now getting ready to shoot a load. My wife did not know it, but as he released his load all over her face as promised, I released my own load all over the guest bed. She made us both cum at the same time. She would’ve been quite proud of herself if she had known.

I could not believe I was enjoying watching my wife suck another man’s cock. Much less could I believe how much she was enjoying it. She sucked on his cock until he stopped coming and then licked up every drop off his dick. Then I heard her ask if he liked how her face looked covered with his cum. He said he loved it. I watched her use her fingers to wipe it off her cheeks and then she licked it off her fingers. Then she rolled over onto her back and told him it was time to prove what he could do with his tongue. He tugged the lace panties off her and buried his face between her thighs.

I love to eat my wife’s pussy. And I have always been able to satisfy her and make her cum. I thought she could not enjoy oral sex any more than she did with me. Within minutes I began see how wrong I was. With me she lay almost calmly as I licked her delicious sex. She always came but she barely shook. With Mark, she was going nuts. She was screaming about how good it felt. She was saying she couldn’t believe it could feel so good. Her body was telling me she meant what she was saying. She couldn’t contain herself. She was all over the place on the bed, squirming and squealing in pleasure. She must’ve said “oh my god!” at least 50 times.

After about ten minutes she was practically begging him to let her cum. I could see her approaching orgasm several times but each time he backed off. She was clutching the sides of his head and arching backwards as she begged him to let her “explode in his face”. I had never seen her in such pleasure. It was unbelievable to see her like this. I was jealous with rage but so turned on my cock was aching again to be stroked more. Soon she obviously could take no more and he did indeed let her explode in his face. Her thighs clamped down tightly around his head and she cried out loudly as she came. Her body shook so violently that I could actually see the bed move! I never before saw her cum like that. It turned me on more than I could believe.

I didn’t understand why but seeing my wife cheat on me and fuck like a slut was driving me wild. I may have wanted him to fuck her now more than she did. If he hadn’t begun to fuck her I might’ve gone in there to demand he finish what he started. At this point I needed him to fuck my wife.

At this point he got up on his knees and told her to roll over onto her hands and knees. To my luck, they ended up sideways from me. I could both see his cock slide in and out of her as he fucked her doggie style, as well as the precious look on her face as she broke our vows.

Just before he entered her, I heard her tell him to fuck her like he told her he would. “I need to feel your cock inside me like you promised. I was soo good and did everything you told me to. Please give it to me like my husband can’t!” I watched, my heart stinging, as he slapped her ass with his palm and in one swift motion had his enormous cock buried inside my wife’s pussy. She started to make almost primal noises as he began to pound her with his huge dick. She was clutching the bed and her face was clenched with a look on it unlike any I had ever seen before. It was pure, uninhibited pleasure. She was enjoying this man inside her more than she had ever enjoyed me. And for some weird reason, my cock was going crazy. I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted to watch him fuck her forever.

She sounded so sexy like this. She never talked quite like this to me. She never acted like this with me. She was screaming about how she couldn’t have imagined how good it could be. “God damn this is fucking incredible! Ummm! Ughhh! Oh my god!! My pussy feels soo good! I’ve never felt so damn good before!” And I knew she meant it. Not only was she fucking another man, but she was enjoying it more than she enjoyed me. She fucked him like a porn star! I’ve never seen her like this. I loved it! I doubted she could act like this with me. It hurt but I was so horny that I couldn’t have cared much right then.

She was so sexy wearing just her black garter belt and stockings and fucking this good looking muscle bound man who was ten years younger than she was. My cock exploded and shot a load all over the bed again. My cock never went limp as he continued to fuck her silly for another twenty minutes.

After another ten though he got up off the bed and told her to lie on her back on the edge of the bed. He stood there holding my wife’s legs spread far apart as he slid his cock back into her. He asked her if she liked to be fucked like this. She said she needed it badly. She told him “my husband can’t fuck me like this! Your cock is so damn big. Ohmygod! I can’t believe how good you feel! Your cock is making my pussy go crazy! God I’ve never been fucked so damn good in my life! Please give me more!!” I could not believe that hearing her say that was making my cock twitch! If she kept up talking like that I would’ve cum!

But then Mark pushed her legs back behind her head, and buried himself deeper inside her than I thought she could take! Seeing my wife like that, in that position with another man was making me wild with passion! I did not know why I loved this but I wanted her to cum so hard from this man fucking her. The more she enjoyed it, the more I enjoyed it. I wanted her to have the orgasm of her life. I could not believe the pace he was able to maintain. He was fucking her like a machine. A well programmed machine! He was pounding her and her head rolled over to one side, facing me. He was fucking her like mad! She was looking right through me. I made no attempt to hide but she still did not see me. I doubt she would’ve cared if she had.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she suddenly began to tense up and then she sort of seemed to just boil over. She let out one long continuous wail. It lasted for what seemed like minutes. Her back arched and she began to tremble and shake. He continued to fuck her as she had the longest, most intense orgasm I’ve ever hoped to see. Her reaction brought Mark to a climax and he filled her with his cum. This of course brought me to yet another mind-blowing orgasm and the guest bed sheets were now completely spoiled.

He obviously enjoyed my wife though not as much it would seem, as she enjoyed him. He fell exhausted on the bed next to her and for several minutes I listened as she told him between gasping for breath, that she had “never felt anything like that before. That was incredible! My husband can’t fuck anywhere near like that! Oh my God! It was incredible! Your cock felt soo damn good! I’ve never felt anything like that! God I need more of that! I can’t believe I ever lived without a cock like that! Please tell me you’ll fuck me like that again and again!”

I could not believe what I was hearing but I was actually hoping he would and that I would be able to see it. I loved seeing my wife like that. And for some reason, her cheating on me turned me on. I was suddenly fantasizing about catching her in other situations. So I was thrilled when he said “Sure babe, I got what your husband can’t give you. And you can have it any time!”

They talked quietly for about twenty minutes. She told him she loved me but needed more of a sex life. She said that I wouldn’t understand and that she needed more cock than I could provide. She told him this was the first time she had cheated on me but that she had fantasized about it the whole time we had been married! She told him her biggest fantasy was to fuck two different guys at once!! That made my cock spring up again. She told Mark that she wouldn’t leave me but that she wouldn’t stop fucking him either! And suddenly I was relaxed. I realized that I was not going to lose her. Rather, I was going to get an excitingly new sexy, dirty-minded wife! Especially when he told her that Tyrone down at the gym would love to help make that fantasy come true!

That’s when she dove down to his cock and engulfed it in between her sweet lips. This time I could see as she slid up and down his growing pole. She looked incredible sucking on this guy’s huge dick. He started telling her to “suck my cock like the slut you told me you need to be!” By the time he got off, she looked like she needed him to cum as much as he needed to. Again she took his load in her sweet mouth and this time did a better job of swallowing every drop. Only a little dripped out down her chin. I was proud of her. She was certainly good at being a slut.

Soon after she told him it was getting late and that she had to clean up before I got home. I hid in the room until after he had left and she had gotten into a shower. I slipped out of the house hoping she had not seen my car outside and drove down to the local bar for a beer and to digest what I had just seen before I went back home.

I went home at about the proper time. She is usually asleep when I get home. Sometimes she’ll wake up and we’ll make love but this time she was awake when I came in. She was sitting at the computer looking at porn on the net and wearing only a T-shirt and my favorite pair of pink panties. Pictures of two guys and a girl were on the screen. I asked her how she was and how her night had been. She told me she had gone to the gym and worked out but that she had spent the rest of the night watching television. Then she had started looking at porn on the net out of boredom and had gotten so horny that she waited for me to come home in her favorite panties. She told me that she needed me to fuck her right now! I needed her just as badly and we quickly made our way to our bedroom where…

…we made love for several hours. It wasn’t as good as her and Mark but I did my best. I never told her how I watched her fuck another man. I never let on that I knew she was cheating on me. I’ve been able two other times to witness her cheating exploits. Once even with two guys at once. Tyrone it seems is black and is even bigger than Mark. But that is another story. I love watching my wife cheat on me and wouldn’t have it any other way.


…I found she had not cleaned up the room at all. Her panties and bra lay strewn across the room. The bed was a mess and you could even see a fresh cum stain on the sheets. But on the dresser, now in a vase sat the roses I had intended to surprise my sweet wife with. She had indeed seen me. She had seen me stroking my cock and surmised that I was enjoying myself. She had in fact, sucked his cock the second time for me. She wanted me to share in her newfound sexuality and was pleased to find out I enjoyed watching her. She apologized for not thinking I would understand and for cheating on me but was thrilled when I told her I wanted to watch her satisfy Mark and Tyrone together! Our sex life has taken on a whole new dimension. But that too, is another story.

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