Pregnant Wife Cheating

Me and my husband are now open to non monogamy but this only came to fruition a couple of years ago, Before that we were supposed to only have eyes for each other. When i was pregnant i was very self conscious and had very low self esteem. Jay tried to help and reassure but it didn’t really work. I used to think he was saying it because he had to. Ultimately I felt fat and ugly!

One thing that brought me some comfort during my pregnancy was swimming, it made me feel weightless and relaxed and its something i did regularly. This particular time i was 33 weeks pregnant so i had quite a large bump. I would wear a full swimsuit rather than a bikini to hide all my “imperfections”.

The day in question started fairly ordinarily, I woke up, showered, had breakfast, got ready and left for the local pool. I got to the pool reception and join the small queue at the turnstile. A man approached the queue and smiled warmly at me “is this the queue sweetheart?” he asked i replied “it is” His eyes fixed onto my belly and then he placed his hand on my bump and said what a beautiful bump, how long have you got left?” i was completely shocked as never had another male touched my bump other than Jay, plenty of women yes, but never a man. I usually hate anybody touching my bump, it made me feel really uncomfortable, It strangely didn’t bother me as much with this stranger. I smiled and answered his question. He told me i looked beautiful and was really glowing, I blushed and accepted his compliment. We then passed through the turnstiles and made our way into the communal unisex changing rooms and went our separate ways into our own cubicles.

I stripped naked in my cubicle and opened my change bag and was horrified that i had picked up the wrong swimsuit, rather than my black forgiving maternity swimwear with full bum, i had packed my other black swimsuit i had worn in Spain the summer before. I had no choice but to wear it as i had no other alternative to hand. Reluctantly i stepped into the cossie and stretched it up over my thighs and bump, slid the straps over my shoulders and turned to the mirror to see/ assess “the damage”. the swimsuit sat just above my hips and left little to the imagination in the fanny area, the material hugged my bump very tightly and my normally small tits actually filled out the cups for a change. the back exposed a lot of my upper back and the thong style bottom sat right in between my ass cheeks exposing my full bottom! I’ve always been known for having a slightly larger bum so it really did stick out like a sore thumb.

As i entered the poolside i immediately noticed the male from the queue in the pool already he swam to the side and acknowledged the attire ” wow you look great” i smirked and got into the pool asap as to not draw anymore attention to myself. I Started to swim some lengths and after 3 or 4 lengths i stopped at the end for a rest. Before i realised the male from earlier swam up behind me,”excuse me” he whispered as he reached past me and grabbed his water bottle. As he did this he pushed against my bottom and i could feel the unmistakable feel of his cock against my bum. He apologised but i panicked and got out of the pool. Not because of what he had done but because i felt aroused by his actions. I thought it was wrong… i was a married woman and i didn’t know him!

As i hurried back to my cubicle in the changing rooms the man followed. As i went to close the door he placed his hand in the way. He stepped in and locked the door behind him. He turned me round and pressed against my rear once more, he kissed my neck and told me “go with it, as soon as i saw you i knew i needed you. don’t worry ive seen the ring on your finger. just enjoy this moment…our secret” He ran his hands up over my bump and over my tits. I reached around and caressed his impressive dick over his shorts. I have to admit by this point his dick was the only thing on my mind and my husband was firmly out of my thoughts. He pulled his dick out of his shorts and pressed it against my ass cheeks whilst continuing to rub my bump and tits as he whispered ” im going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before” i span around and and we locked eyes i dropped to my knees and was staring his impressive cock in the face. It was an impressive size probably a good 9″ hard and it was well groomed. i took it in my hand and began to work my hands up and down his thick shaft, i spat on the head of his cock and then proceeded to take him in my mouth, I tried to take him all in my mouth but, i gave him the sloppiest blowjob as a result and ive never felt sexier, or dirtier. I felt like a slut and i won’t lie i was loving it in that moment.

The Guy sat me on the bench and pulled my swimsuit to the side he kissed the now swollen lips of my pussy and then proceeded to lick my clit and finger me he started really slowly gently licking and sucking on my clots he gently worked his fingers inside me massaging my g spot, gradually he began to up the tempo and built up a rhythm the quickly hand me panting and moaning in ecstasy, i knew it wasn’t going to be long before i needed to cum so told him not to stop what he was doing. Before long i felt the explosive feeling of my first much needed orgasm ” oh shit that’s it, oh fucking hell im cumming on your face” i panted as he continued working his fingers inside me.

I stood up and he helped strip me of my swimsuit completely exposing myself to him. he turned me around and lifted my leg onto the bench he gently bent me over slightly and then stepped behind me, he ran the tip of his dick along my slit and pushed the tip inside me slowly he edged deeper inside me inch by inch until he was completely inside me and i felt his balls against my bare ass. He slowly began to thrust himself in and out of my soaked pussy and i responded by pushing myself back onto his cock. as he picked up a steady rhythm my tits began to bounce and i could hear his balls slapping against my rear! he began to fuck me harder and i struggled to hold in my screams! before long i was being railed from behind harder than ever before and i was totally in his control i was a slut for him! he made me cum twice more in the position and then he demanded i lay on the bench. he began wanking his cock and demanded i tell him where to cum. ” mm i want your hot load baby, i want you to explode all over my pregnant belly, give me that cum like the dirty little cumslut i am. please baby i need your load” i shocked myself at the way i was talking i never had the confidence to talk dirty like that before but it just seemed to roll of the tongue. The man began to grunt and 4/5 huge streams of cum squirted out of his dick and landed on my bump. I giggled and thanked him we shared a kiss and he left the cubicle. I left the pool that day with a new confidence in myself.

I didn’t tell my husband about this until years later when we decided to open our relationship up sexually. when i told him he demanded i told him in detail. we both masturbated as i told him and ended up having the most intense climaxes.

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