Fucked My Wife in a Parking Lot

Been married to the love of my life for a few years now, amazing chemistry and god teir sex. We’re open to discussing anything and everything, and excited to try lots of things. One thing my girl likes is being sneaky, she’s constantly horny around me in public and i love it, her signal is to bend over to pick something up in front of me without panties on. She lovesme taking the initiative and sominiatiher and making her my little slut. Fast forward to today, go to Wal-Mart on a busy day. Parking lot is packed and we just barely find a spot. Notice she’s been rubbing her pussy through her leggings the whole trip, and i roll up our tinyed windows. Start playing with her pussy and teasing her while she absolutely melts in my arms. Tons of people passing our car, but they cant see us because of the tint. Pick my girl up and put her on my lap, pulling down her leggings. As i thought, no panties. I stuff my cock inside her and start fucking her as hard as i can. She starts screaming my name so i cover her mouth and her pussy tightens as her eyes roll back. Finish inside her and call her a good girl.

Cue cheerful wife giggling and following me into the Walmart ❤️

Love this girl

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