Tied Up Wife Fucked On The Balcony

My wife and I have an apartment in the city with a large balcony. One night, we went to the bar across the street, and were getting a little flirty and touchy there. After a few cocktails, we started to talk really dirty about what we wanted to do. She gets into a very slutty and submissive headspace and will do anything. She especially loves to be told what to do, and she loves when I spank her for being bad and treat her like my slut. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but my wife is athletic with thick thighs and a big ass (that is amazing to spank), light brown skin, 34C tits with cute brown nipples that she loves to have licked and sucked.

The dirty talk was getting wild, so we quickly paid our tab and I led my wife back across the street and up the stairs. She was wearing a loose dress with a black lace thong and a light blue bra, and I had my hands up the back, grabbing her ass as we stepped into the apartment. Instantly we had our hands all over each other, and I pulled her dress over her head and pushed her to her knees, letting her grab my hard dick from my pants and slide her mouth over it. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down onto me, knowing how much she likes that feeling. I pulled her up, kissed her mouth and then turned her around and bent her over, smacking her ass as I began to grind against her. I unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor, grabbing her tits in each hand from behind, pinching her nipples until they were rock hard.

I knew she wanted to be tied up, so I grabbed her hands and cuffed them behind her back, pulling her toward the sliding window that leads to the balcony. I pushed her up against the window, her tits against the cold glass, and began to finger her from behind. She was already soaking wet, but I wanted to tease her, make her beg to cum. I grabbed another set of cuffs for her feet and some rope, then pulled open the sliding door and guided her out on the balcony.

The balcony has a hammock strung across it, and we set her in it with her back facing out, which gave us a little bit of coverage for our naughty play. I tied each hand and leg to the poles that held the hammock spreading her legs wide for me. I pushed her thong to the side, exposing her shaved pussy and sensitive clit. I began to lick and suck her clit while fingering her, watching her squirm against her restraints with the stars and the city in the background. Knowing how much she wanted to have all her holes filled, I plugged her ass with her favorite plug and shoved my fingers in her mouth. I kept her tied there for a while, teasing her with toys and a vibrator until she was begging for me to fuck her pussy.

The hammock kept her at the perfect height to swing back and forth right in line with my cock, so I pushed her back slightly and placed my tip in between the lips of her wet pussy. “Do you want to be fucked?” I asked. She breathed “yes” in a loud whisper, trying to be quiet but clearly eager. I let go and let her swing into me, my full length sliding into her as she let out a surprised moan. She continued to moan as I pumped into her, and I covered her mouth with my hand to muffle the sounds as we fucked. Even while trying to be quiet, I enjoyed seeing her overwhelmed with all of the stimulation. I stuck a dildo in her mouth and grabbed her tits while I shoved my cock into her over and over until she came hard, moaning with the toy in her mouth and shaking and pulling against her restraints as I continued to fuck her.

I kept fucking her pussy, loving how it clenched on my cock in the waves after her orgasm. She gets so sensitive when she cums, it is fun to tease her and make her squirm. After having a little more fun with her, I untied her so she could have a quick break from having her legs held open. I turned her around and walked her to the railing, bending her over so that her tits stuck out over the edge. “Do you want me to cum?” I asked. “Yes I want your cum so bad!” She responded. “Spread your ass” I ordered. She did as she was told, and I pulled the butt plug from her ass. “You want me to fuck your ass?” I said. She nodded, smiling and still spreading her ass for me. I pushed my dick into her tight, warm hole, enjoying how naughty it felt to be fucking my wife in the ass while she bent over the balcony. I fucked her hard, spanking her sexy ass while I fucked it, telling her she was my slut and that I would cum all over her.

I could feel the orgasm building, and I moaned as I shot cum into her ass. I pulled out as more ropes of cum shot from my cock, covering her ass, pussy and back. I gave her one more spank before we went inside to clean up. We love the risk of getting caught and it is so hot knowing that she will see this post and be reminded of what a sexy slut she is.

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