He Turned 19 While He Was Inside Me

Jake, as we are going to be calling him, is a cashier at a store near my home. We would always chat when I go shopping, sometimes the chat wandered into flirting. He’s always very polite and gregarious – he could easily charm anyone and always had all the ladies in his line. I know he did my ego wonders by always carding me when I bought alcohol.

A few days ago, I went into town to meet one of my FWBs as he was going away for a few weeks. As a goodbye present, I wore just heels and a short cocktail dress. We had a nice dinner and then I had an even nicer dessert at his apartment. I made sure that the focus was on him, so while I did have fun, I concentrated on his pleasure more than mine. So when I left I was not completely satiated. But I had toys waiting at home for me and I was planning to make good use of them when I got there.

It was almost 11:30 when I left the apartment and headed home. On the way, I saw Jake walking his bike along the side of the road. It looked like he had a flat. So I stopped alongside and offered him a ride. I might have been a horny slut, trying to get home as fast as possible, but I like doing good deeds too. Jake accepted the offer, after quite liberally eyeing me too. Not that I minded and the little devil on my shoulder started whispering in my ear. I stepped out of the car to ‘help’ him get his bike into the trunk. Helping involved my standing as close to Jake as possible, doing practically nothing and letting him ogle me.

His bike did not fit in the trunk so we somehow got it wedged in the back seat footwell. When I got back in, I made sure to scoot and lift my dress so that most of my thigh was bare. (The devil on my shoulder made me do it, so it doesn’t count against my good deed.) Off we went, we both were heading in roughly the same direction. His stop required only a little detour from mine.

I drove quite fast and Jake made a joke about dangerous driving and I told him if he was scared he could hold me. Then I took his hand and put it on my bare thigh. Jake seemed receptive to the idea because when I placed the back of his hand down, he immediately turned it around to grasp my skin.

Jake was young. And usually young goes hand in hand with stupid. But he had enough sense to ask what was going on here. I told him straight; if he was up for it we could have some fun. He was up for it.

We took a detour, that led to a secluded spot away from any traffic. As soon as the car stopped, I undid my seatbelt and leaned over to kiss him, He reached for my breasts, and for a few minutes, we both were fumbling at each other. The front seat is not a fun place for such activities; you get all things poking at you from the sides and hit your head on the roof.

I finally had enough of hitting my head on the roof and told Jake to get his bike out of the back. As soon as I extricated myself off him and got out of the car, he practically jumped and threw his bike out. I pushed Jake in the back, had him sit up against the far door so I could crouch/lean over him on my knees and fished out his cock. He was very excited and I had barely got a few licks in, he started cumming. Which wasn’t all bad, because I like cum a lot. But I had some needs that had to be seen. I manoeuvred him so that I could sit on his face.

Unfortunately, while Jake was very willing and able, he lacked the experience and technique, so I ended up mostly grinding myself on his face rather than having him eat me. By the time I was done, he was hard again, so I got a condom out of my purse and put it on him and settled myself on his cock. I managed another orgasm for myself before he did, though just barely. Jake looked a little dazed; which means I did a good job. We cleaned up and then I drove him home. We swapped numbers and I left.

When I got home, I had a really good time with my toys and didn’t hear the text notification. I saw the text from Jake, thanking me for the best birthday present. If our estimates are correct, it turned midnight while I was riding him.

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