I (38f) Got DP For the First Time On My Honeymoon 

Me and my husband got together when we were young and pretty instantly got started in the hotwife lifestyle. I was 18 and he was 20.

We are 38 and 39 now and got married at 24 and 26. Is always wanted to see the northern lights so we booked a northern lights cruise for our honeymoon. We were going to spend a week in London straight after the wedding and then set sail from Southampton on a two week cruise.

The first couple of days are at sea and there’s not really much to do other than eat, drink and walk around. My husband had made friends with a guy called Scott. They started off talking about football and pretty much hit it off from there. Scott was on his own and ironically while we were on our honeymoon he was celebrating his divorce by treating himself lol. He said after a couple of years of court battles and constant arguing he had decided he wanted some peace, left his phone at home and booked a last minute deal to get away from everything. He was 43 and always wanted to see the northern lights but she wasn’t interested so he thought why not?

As he was alone he started joining us for meals. I didn’t mind he was a good guy and absolutely hilarious. He would have us in hysterics with some of his stories. One night while drunk in our room he was telling us how he had been a dead bedroom for years and hadn’t even seen a woman naked since he was in his 30s, she wouldn’t even let him look at her. I felt awful for him. Me and my husband sort of looked at each other and I said “hey Scott” and when he looked up I pulled my top down. It was meant to be a sexy flash but due to be being drunk and the top being tighter than I thought i ended up ripping my top and showing him just a bit of bra lol. We all ended up drunkenly giggling and I said fuck it and just lifted my top up and took off my bra and spent the rest of the night like that.

The next day he mentioned it to my husband and said he hoped there wouldn’t be any weirdness. My husband decided as we will never see him again just to tell him the truth, we are a hotwife couple and he doesn’t mind me doing things like that. I don’t think Scott really got it but he was happy to know there would be no awkwardness. We had dinner together again that night and as our room had a tv my husband asked him if he wanted to come watch football with us. Scott said he’d get showered and come to our room.

He came round but as you can imagine a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean didn’t have the best signal and after a couple of bottles of wine we weren’t really watching football anyway. Me and my husband were sitting on the bed and Scott was on the chair. I complained about how uncomfortable our bed was, Scott said his was fine, so I told him to come lay on ours and see how it feels. My husband was laid next to the wall one side of me and Scott came and laid the other side and said the bed felt fine to him and stayed there.

We chatted a bit while we tried to watch the tv. I could feel Scott sort of pressed against me, I was laying on my back and them two were on their elbows on their side both facing me as it was the best way to see the tv which was at the bottom of the bed. I started pressing my leg against him really subtly to see if he moved away and he didn’t. I then moved on to my left side facing my husband but pushing my bum against Scott to see if he would move and he didn’t. I then started kissing my husband and while I did I reached behind me and started stroking Scott. He was already getting hard so I spun around and started kissing him and he responded by kissing me back.

While I was kissing him my husband undone the zip on the back of my dress and pulled it down off me. He then took of my underwear so I was fully naked. I laid down on my back and they both took turns kissing me while running their hands all over my body and i was stroking them both through their trousers before first getting my husbands dick out and then Scott’s and laying back and letting them carry on playing with me while I played with them.

My husband then started to go down on me while me end Scott kissed and he played with my tits but I quickly told him to put his dick in my mouth. He stood up next to me and I gave him oral while my husband gave me some. I then told my husband to fuck me so climbed on top of me and started fucking me while I gave Scott a blowjob. I was making eye contact with Scott the whole time and i could tell he was enjoying it.

I then asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he said sure so I turned around and got all fours and he started doing me doggy while my husband laid down and I gave him head. I had never done anal before this point. Id literally done anything else you can think of but anal had never interested me. I’d been asked loads of times but I’d always said no and thankfully my husband didn’t like it after w bad experience with an ex but at this point all I could think of was being double penetrated, I reallllllly wanted it. I stop giving my husband head and whispered in his ear if it was ok, he looked shocked but in a good way and smiled saying “yeah sure but I don’t want to fuck your arse” charming lol.

I had some lube and a couple of dildos with me anyway so didn’t have to worry about that. I didn’t know how to start it so I just thought I’d come straight out with it and said “Scott do you want to fuck my arse?” He stammered a bit but then said “yeah definitely” and instantly pulled out and tried to put it in my arse! I told him no not yet and asked my husband to get my lube. I gave Scott some more head while we waited and asked him if he was sure and he said “yeah I’m excited!” Bless him lol.

I made sure his dick was nice and wet and then put lube on his dick and around my arse. My husband sat on the chair and I sat on top of him and slid him inside of me and then Scott came up behind me and slowly slid his dick in my arse. Luckily he wasn’t very big so it went in ok but it still hurt lol. I started riding my husband while he sucked on my tits and Scott started to get in to a rhythm behind me. It didn’t feel great but it turned me on how naughty it felt doing it. I told Scott to pull my hair while he fucked my arse and my husband kept whispering in my ear how naughty and dirty I am and how last week while I was getting married that none of the guests would have known I’d have a threesome with a stranger a couple of weeks later. I felt so naughty it was amazing and I told them to change position so Scott was on the chair, I’d lay on my back on top of Scott with his dick in my arse and my husband would stand in front of me and fuck my pussy.

We got in that position and it felt even dirtier having my husband look down on me while someone else had their dick in my arse. I told Scott to reach around squeeze my tits as hard as he can and while he did that I rubbed my clit and kept eye contact with my husband the whole time until I came. It wasn’t long before he said he was going to cum and when he pulled out I sat up still with Scott’s dick in my arse, put my husbands dick in my mouth and swallowed all his cum.

I then started riding Scott’s dick anal reverse cowgirl (don’t know how else to describe it lol) and after a couple of minutes he said he was going to cum and I thought if im going to have anal for the first time I might as well go the full hog and I sat down on his dick while he filled my arse with cum. I decided that while it felt dirty it was going to be a one off lol.

We all sat back and got our breath back for a bit without saying anything then I went and showered and left the door open so they could watch. I could see them talking but didn’t know what they were saying. I brushed my teeth and dried myself and walked out naked just like they both were and they were both sat on the edge of the bed. I sat on the floor in front of them and my husband said I looked tired and said they were just discussing round two lol. I said I was too tired to do anything but I’d just lay there and they can do what they want lol.

Scott asked if I was sure and I said yes, so he got off the bed, got on top of me and started fucking me. My husband quickly got off the bed and put his soft dick in my mouth and I gave him head until he was fully hard. They did this for a few minutes and then I said I wanted them both to stand up and wank on me. I’d always loved the thought of just laying there while people cum on me, in my fantasies there would be loads of men doing it but I thought this would be a good time to ask lol.

My husband stood near my head and Scott stood between my legs and they both started wanking while I played with myself. My husband came first and it went all over my face and tits, it felt good looking up watching it hit me from so high up. Scott was struggling though so I started talking to him and telling him how good he was and he was the first guy to ever fuck my arse and that he can tell his ex wife he did everything with a woman 20 years younger than him and then I started begging him to cum on me, telling him how much I wanted it and then he finally came all over me 😉

We didn’t really do anything after that for the next few days apart from the odd kiss and flash until the third to last night and second to last night I spent both nights in Scott’s room and hardly slept. It was funny on the morning after the second to last night a group of people saw me really passionately kissing him goodbye outside his room and then walk off and then half an hour they saw me at breakfast with my husband looking very disapprovingly over at me lol.

I swapped numbers with him and messaged for a bit but eventually it died off after he met someone else but Scott was nice guy and if you’re reading this Scott get back in touch lol.

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