Lingerie Shopping with My Friend’s Hot Wife

We were 4 hours into a shopping trip at the centre and I was ready for home. Imogen had dragged me along with her under the premise that we’d grab coffee and put the world to rights like we used to.

Imogen was married, happily I think, but we’ve had our fun over the years too. She’s insatiable, I become a different person around her, it’s partly because she’s a flirt, partly because she’s got an amazing ass and I’m a sucker for it. We’ve never really spoken about it but there’s definitely an attraction there between us, I think I provide a little excitement as I’m the polar opposite of her husband. He’s vanilla, I’ve choked her before, he doesn’t like going down on her, I would have it for breakfast, he’s got an average dick, I’ve… Well….

Anyway the last stop was an expensive lingerie store, the king of awkward shops for a man, and I was very reluctant going in.

“Please Ryan, I trust your opinion, please.”

I couldn’t handle it when she pouted like that, begging.

“Ugh, okay.” I groaned. “But you owe me.”

We headed inside, it was really busy, suits me, it’s less awkward. And after a bit of perusing, Imogen took a few outfits over to the dressing rooms and I took my seat outside to wait.

My phone buzzed, it was a Snapchat from her.

I almost dropped it as I opened it, there she was in a very classy black lace bra and panties. She looked unreal, I drooled a little and I swear the guy sat at the side of me saw and twitched in his seat to rearrange his jeans.

“Fuck” I moaned under my breath.

It buzzed again. She’d text me.

“There’s space for you to come get a closer look if you like.”

I didn’t need asking twice and headed to her room, only getting chance to knock lightly once before she’d pulled me inside.

“Fuck, you look amazing.”

I didn’t get chance to finish my sentence before she’d dropped to her knees, undoing my belt and letting my now thick hard cock spring free from my boxers.

It always made me even harder when I saw her reaction to my cock, she loved it.

She wet my cock through with her spit working it with both hands as she sunk the head between her grateful lips. I didn’t last long at all, I’d never had a woman work my cock the way she did, I was at her mercy as she drained my balls into the back of her throat. Cum dripped from her lips, as I emptied a heavy load before she stood up, facing the wall and splaying her legs.

I was still aching for her and tore her new black panties to her ankles, sliding my still cum soaked cock against her warm pussy.

She felt amazing and I slipped two fingers inside her to begin with, slowly finger fucking her as I kissed down the back of her neck, along the middle of her shoulder blades and down her spine. She moaned under her breath as I pinned her arms against the dressing room wall above her head. As I kissed her I felt the warmth of her cum filling my other hand and I used it to soak my cock mixing her cum with mine.

My thick cock slid straight inside her, the full length of my member stretching her tight cunt and she let out another large moan as I glanced up and noticed a camera above the changing rooms.

I remember thinking that I hope we were being watched and just as I started to move my hips into her we heard steps outside the door. In my haste I’d not fully shut the curtain behind me and the attendents desk was straight opposite. She could see straight in, but she wasn’t angry, in fact she wasn’t even moving to come stop us, she was just stood there behind the counter slightly flustered.

I smiled and turned back to Imogen who had also noticed and smiled back at me, my cum still dripping from her lips.

“It’s fine, she can watch” she moaned.

I didn’t relent, and lifted her left leg to my hip, exposing her pussy further to my dick but also to our audience. She felt amazing, and I started to take her harder, fucking her into the dressing room wall and taking her hair into my palm. Using it to pull her head fully back to face me, maintaining eye contact as my aching cock fucked her.

She came again, this time it was violent, coating the floor and her panties in her want for me.

I spun her round and lifted her up, making her clean my fingers in her mouth before kissing her firmly tasting a mix of both of our juices.

Her legs wrapped around me, allowing me to get the deepest I’ve ever been into her, her perk ass in my big hands as I fucked her against the wall of the changing room.

Again she squirted, my thighs dripping with her, and I got closer and closer to cumming for a second time.

Her phone buzzed on the side, her husband was calling.

“Fuck, he’s picking me up, I forgot” she explained between moans.

“Answer it.” I demanded.

She smiled and obliged. “Hey babe,….”

I didn’t stop, fucking her into oblivion as I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head. Trying to keep a thread of conversation going with her unknowing husband. It was so hot. I didn’t have time to stop myself, she disguised a moan as a cough down the phone and as she did so I felt her cunt clench, a vice like grip against my thick cock as she climaxed and I exploded for a second time. Streaming hot cum into her, I know her and her husband were trying, she wasn’t on birth control and it only turned me on further knowing I was emptying my seed into her pussy.

I let her down and it took a second for her legs to support her as she murmured something to her husband about being 5 minutes as she was just finishing up.

We left without a word said, I knew my hot cum would still be dripping down her thigh. We bought the black lingerie set of course.

“I think Darren will like that set.”

“Yes, I think he will too.” she giggled.

I dreamt of it again that night, but this time the attendent joined us.

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