Fun in the Hot Tub with Friends

This a true story happened a couple of years back. My wife and I had gone to stay with another couple for the weekend, Chloe and Mark (names changed obviously).

They are long term friends, my wife went to school with Chloe and both couples have been together nearly 10 years. We have spent quite a few weekends with them in the past at our place and theirs, which typically have involved a lot of drinking and hitting the town but nothing more.

This time was no different, we went out for a few drinks early evening, everyone being quite tipsy as we decided to go back to their place for more drinks and a dip in their newly installed hot tub.

They had given us notice that we needed to bring swimwear. My wife and I changed in our bedroom and went down, where Chloe and Mark has already got in and brought out wine and beer for us.

Chloe had always caught my eye. She was petite brunette but with a delicious peachy ass. She also dressed by far and away the most provocatively of my wife’s friends, showing cleavage and a lot of leg. But she never acted like she dressed. Needless to say I took the time to appreciate her figure. I don’t think I had seen her in a bikini before but she was as I had hoped, a pretty small thong showing her ass and her petite figure.

My wife was in a one piece. Her heavy DD cups meant that a bikini often meant that she would spill out and this wasn’t really the crowd for this to happen, or so we thought. I could see Mark, as I did immediately check out my wife, but thought no more of it.

The drink continued to flow for the next hour to the extent we exhausted the supplies.

“I’ll get some more” Mark said. Chloe offered to help him and left my wife and I alone.

I can never resist seeing my wife in a swimsuit of any kind. I leant in for a quick kiss which quickly turned into a long passionate one. I know that my wife loses control and gets incredibly aroused by kissing and I took full advantage by caressing her big tits over the fabric of her top. That triggered something in her, perhaps the thought that we were being hot and heavy and could be caught but she let out a long, but quiet moan. I know that when she does that, it means she is wet.

“Can I do something risky?” I asked “What?” “This”. I peeled down her right shoulder sleeve over her arm, freeing her big, juicy right boob. There was no resistance. “Quick, they’ll be back any minute” she insisted

I immediately leant in and sucked her firm, erect nipple and slid my hand under her suit to her other breast.

Reader, I think you know that we were caught.

“Wow” Mark interrupted. “Don’t stop for us”. We froze, unsure what to do. My wife then pulled up her top and put away her boob. “Sorry” she coyly said. “Don’t be” Chloe replied. Chloe then made a decision that changed the rest of the evening.

“Does this make it even?” Chloe asked as she unbuckled her bikini top letting her pert tits drop out. She casually picked up her wine and carried on the conversation as normal.

Mark and I were shocked but said nothing. Literally 10-15 minutes passed with this unusual scene until Chloe again broke the ice.

“Boys, do I really need to say this but take your shorts off.” We dutifully did and needless to say both our cocks were rock hard. I looked at my wife as to say what about you and she slowly stood up and started to undress without a word being uttered.

Looking back around and Chloe already had taken her bottoms off, revealing a nice, tight trimmed pussy. I continued to watch my wife strip down naked in front of three other sets of eyes, eagerly observing her big tits bounce out and finally revealing her waxed, smooth pussy.

“Mark has always been desperate to see you boobs”. Chloe admitted.

My wife then scooted over and we resumed kissing but this time our hands were going everywhere. We shot glances out to Chloe and Mark who were doing the same.

“I want to taste your pussy” I whispered to my wife. I was expecting her to be too shy but she immediately positioned herself on the step of the hot tub, reclined obligingly and I wasted no time burying my face in her hot, wet pussy. As I had hoped it was dripping showing how aroused she was.

I saw Mark gesture to Chloe to look at us who reactively grasped on to Marks rigid cock, dripping with pre cum, and slowly began to give him a sensual handjob whilst watching the show we were putting on.

“Fuuuuucccckkkk” My wife is not quiet when she orgasms and this time was no different. She let out a long, loud, shuddering cry in to the cold night.

“Wow, that was amazing” Mark commented. “I want you to lick my pussy EXACTLY like that. Mark said it is ok” Chloe said to me “Would you let him?” she asked my wife “I think I would like to see that” she replied

Part 2 to follow if interest

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