My Husband Caught Me With My Best Friend

My friend Brittany and I were just sitting around, catching up, while my husband John was at work. I love talking to Brittany. She’s 4 years younger than me at 25 and is single. She lives a wild life compared to me and I love hearing her sexual adventures. She usually has me so horny when she leaves, I usually give John a great fucking when he gets home. Today is the same sexual talk but a little different.

Brittany was telling me about a 3some she had with another woman and guy and how she loves to have her pussy eaten by another woman. She says that women are the best at oral because they know what to do. She also said she loves to give too. She had me so horny, I wanted John’s face between my legs.

She asked me if I’ve ever been with a woman? I was embarrassed at the question and shyly said no. She was sitting beside me and put her hand on my thigh. She looked me in the eyes and asked me if I wanted to try it, being with a woman. I was so horny, I nodded my head yes and bit my bottom lip. That’s all Brittany needed, she leaned in and began to kiss me. It was electrifying. Every inch of my body tingled.

As she was kissing me, her hand was up my shirt and she unclasped my bra and took my shirt off. I’ve always been self conscious of my smaller breasts, A large A or small B but they were perky. Brittany liked them because her mouth latched onto them in a hurry. I just leaned back on the couch and enjoyed.

What both of us didn’t know is that my husband John had come home early from work and heard and seen everything so far. He stayed quiet and just watched without us noticing.

Brittany’s hand made it down into my leggings. When her fingers touched my wet pussy, I couldn’t help but moan. I moaned even louder when she slipped a finger in. She whispered into my ear, “take your leggings off.” I think that was the fastest I’ve taken my leggings off.

I didn’t know it until later but Brittany saw John watching us. She didn’t say anything, she just paid attention to me.

Once my leggings and panties were off, I spread my legs wide for Brittany. This new sensation with a woman touching me was incredible. I couldn’t wait to return the favor. She slipped a second finger inside me and I nearly came. She started asking me questions and everything she asked, I just moaned yes.

“Are you enjoying this Jen? Do you want me to eat your pussy? When John comes home, can I suck his dick? I want him to fuck me from behind while I lick your pussy and make you cum.”

That last statement put me over the edge and I came, hard. My body shook as my pussy pulsed on Brittany’s fingers. Once I was done cumming, Brittany put her fingers in my mouth, letting me taste myself. I was ready to eat Brittany’s pussy.

“Get naked Brittany, I want to lick your pussy.”

“Shouldn’t you ask John or wait for him?”

“Fuck John, I want you right now.”

After I said that, I heard someone clear their throat. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw John.

“What are you doing home? How long have you been there? What did you see?” I was so embarrassed but also, kind of turned on.

“I heard and saw everything. Don’t stop because of me. Take Brittany into the bedroom and eat her pussy. I’ll fuck you from behind after I let Brittany taste my cock. Then I’ll fuck her while she eats you out. You said all of that can happen, didn’t you?”

I remember saying that but I was caught in a moment of lust. I thought for a second about John fucking me and Brittany both. It made me even more horny to share my friend with my husband.

“Let’s go but I get Brittany first.”

As me and Brittany get up, I hang back and let her go into the bedroom first. She’s undressing as she goes. I go up to John and kiss him.

“I hope this is OK with you? We started talking and things got out of hand quickly.”

He nodded his head as I continued.

“Now, you can do anything you want to do to Brittany that she’ll let you do except cum inside her. I hope you won’t be jealous if you get left out a little. I’m so ready to eat her pussy and have her eat mine.”

He nodded again and we went to the bedroom. Brittany was already on the bed, naked, with her legs spread apart. Her fingers were rubbing her wet pussy, you could hear it across the room. I crawled onto the bed and kissed her. I began to explore her body. It was magnificent. Her lips are full, her breasts are a size bigger than mine, probably a large B to small C cup. She has ghost nipples with puffy areolas. Her stomach is tight with a waxed pussy. A large labia and big lips were waiting for me to put my mouth on. After sucking her breasts, I began to suck her pussy lips. She was wiggling around as I licked and sucked all around her pussy. I put her clit in my mouth and began to suck. Her breathing was heavy as she was about to cum. When I slid a finger inside her she came. She moaned loud as her pussy tighten on my finger.

I started to pull away but she grabbed my head and told me not to stop. Eating her pussy made me so horny, I needed to be fucked. I told John to fuck me, now. I continued my assault on Brittany’s pussy as John got undressed. I heard Brittany say, “nice cock,” to John. He moved behind me and pushed his thick cock into me. I moaned and hummed on Brittany’s pussy.

John didn’t last long. He fucked me hard for maybe a minute until he came inside me and pulled out. I knew he could stay hard and go again immediately. When Brittany saw his cum covered cock, she told him to bring it to her. He moved and she gobbled up his cock.

After cleaning him up, Brittany wanted to clean me up. We switched places and she began to eat me out. I came within a minute. Brittany could eat pussy, probably better than John. I could see him looking at Brittany’s ass and pussy in the air. His dick was still hard.

“Fuck her John, fuck her like you fuck me. Don’t hold back just don’t cum inside her.”

He moved behind her and stuck his dick in. She moaned, “slow, you’re the thickest I’ve had, go slow.” He took his time and eventually got all in. I could hear him say, “fuck Brittany, you’re so tight.” She finally gave him the ok to go hard and hard he did. He was pounding into her so hard, she couldn’t eat my pussy. In a couple of minutes, he made her cum twice and she had to tap out.

“How do you fuck him like that? It’s almost too much to take.”

I told John to get onto the bed and I mounted him. Brittany recovered quickly and sat on John’s face. We made out and fondled each other as I fucked John. After about 10 minutes, he was ready to cum again. I asked Brittany if she wanted him to cum in her mouth. Brittany had just orgasmed so all she could do is nod yes. He tapped my leg and I hopped off. Brittany immediately fell forward and put his wet cock in her mouth. I stroked him as she sucked and I felt the cum rise up his cock. He twitched as he came in Brittany’s mouth.

Once she was satisfied she got all of his cum, her mouth popped off of him and she kissed me. My body tingled as we kissed and swapped his cum. We both cuddle up to John on the bed. He had the biggest shit eating grin on his face. I smacked his stomach.

“Don’t get used to this John. This is a one time thing.”

Brittany said, “why? Why does it have to be a one time thing? You have to admit it Jen, that was amazing, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah Jen, it does have to be the only time, does it?”

I looked at Brittany’s naked body and John’s cock starting to get hard again.

“No, I guess it doesn’t have to be the only time.”

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