No Wonder They Call It Victoria’s Secret!

When i was in high school are group of friend would hang one of my buddies houses like all the time. I was there maybe like 3-4 days of the week at least for hours. His mom was pretty good looking lady. Full on milf status were talking here. 5’8ish Middle length dirty blonde hair firm body id say C tits easy.

Well i spent the night once and of course im a horny high school teen so getting wood is normal. Well i woke up and went to the kitchen to get a drink and she was there reading. I was a tad groggy so i had no idea she was there till it was to late. So there i was in the kitchen with a huge ragging boner nearly poking out of my boxers she looked at me and smiled and went back to reading. I got really shy tried to hide my rager as much as I could, got my water and left.

Like 4-5 weeks later im at the house and going to sleeping over again. We normally kept a good talking relationship but after the whole boner fiasco I sorta avoided her. I got up again that night (could not sleep really) my mind was going crazy fantasizing and what not hoping she would catch me again or something would happen un. Well I finally got up and went towards the kitchen to get “water” and shes folding laundry in the room next to the kitchen. so i walk by say hello just getting some water is all and il be out your way. She stopped me and said something to the effect of why i have not talked to her in weeks. I said i was sorry for what happen weeks back and she just give me this oh dont worry about it look and said “hunny I have 4 sons and a husband, not like I have not seen a boner.” then she got this smile on her face after I said that makes sense I guess. She she stopped folding took some maroon victoria secret panties she had in her hand and ask what i thought of them.
i squeaked something to the effect of they were sexy and im sure you look great in them. (highschool smooth talker right there haha.) So she tells me to come over so i do nervous as hell. Looking into my eyes I fells hands go up my legs and then to my waste. She gently takes my cock out of boxers which is rock hard at this point and then gives me a one of the best old fashioned I have ever had. in one hand she was stroking me with her panties and cupping my balls with the other . OMG i lasted like all of 30secs maybe and nutted all over the once clean panties. She let out as gasp when u did as she watch me shoot my cum ropes all over her panties. She then put my cock back in my pants and said “now look what you did i have to clean these again”, and sent me on my way. I stared to stagger to the kitchen, thinking did my friends mom just jack me off. HOT! I looked back in total shock as she was licking my cum of her now dirty panties. Nearly walked in the wall seeing that.
Nothing really happened after that night other then when the chance would be she would bend over close around me and she would be whale tailing it. They were all victoria secret panties from what I got to see oh them and once I thought I saw those once cum stained maroon panties on her. I to this say wonder if she still has or wears me around.

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