Wife’s Sex Toy Party

My was was excited to go to her best friends sex toy parties to see what new toys she could buy. When she came back she had a gift bag and said since she booked a party she won a prize. It was a clone a Willy kit, which you can mold a dildo off of a real person. She was excited to make a mold of me so like scientists we mixed together multiple powders and gels. My wife handed me a tube and proceeded to suck me until I was good and hard. I then slowly stuck my dick into this tube of goo and had to wait about 2 minutes. I pulled out we poured the gel in and then left it in a closet for 2 days.

A few days later I got back from work my wife wanted to see how it came out. We pulled the packaging apart and surprisingly this think looked almost professional. It was my cock perfectly molded all the way to the balls. It was thick just over 7” and heavy. I asked my wife if she was going to use it but she said she wanted the real thing.

Fast forward 2 weeks to my wife’s own sex toy party. I left the house full of wined up woman to take the kids to the movies so they could have fun. Once I returned there were only a few people left chatting and drinking. We got the kids to bed and I could tell my wife was tipsy and horny. We began to make out and I asked her to pull out the dildo we made weeks ago. She just smiled and said she did something bad. I could not imagine what but I pressed for an answer. She said she gave it away as a gift tonight at the party. I was stunned but also turned on, she said gave it to her cousin during a game. Now me and her cousin Cindy don’t get along much but stay cordial for my wife, so secretly I was glad it was her. I laughed and we had amazing sex that night.

Later that week I get home from work and hear my wife getting off the phone. She said it was Cindy thanking her for the gift. I dead stopped and just looked at her in amazement. My wife was laughing and said Cindy told her she was feeling good after the party went home and used the toy. She had such an amazing orgasm that she has used it every day. We both laugh, my wife could see I was getting an erection and knew I was turned on by the idea.

A few weeks went by and we got ready for a relatives wedding. We checked into our hotel and took the complimentary shuttle to the venue. As we are sitting waiting Cindy walked and found a seat next to my wife. As I said me and Cindy never really got along much but now knowing she has been fucking herself silly with my dick she looked different. Cindy is taller about 5’9 but thin build. She has c cup breast but since having children they are not as perky. She doesn’t have much of an ass but does have nice longs that looked good in her short dress with heels. It was tough to make eye contact since I knew the secret she didn’t. The wedding night carried on as usual singing, dancing, and drinking. Towards the end of the night I was ready to get my wife back to the hotel room to jump on her. We stood outside and waited for the shuttle, as we were about to pull away Cindy came out and hopped on too. The way back was only about 10 minutes but my wife and her were talking and laughing. As we got off Cindy told my wife she brought her “friend” from the party to keep her company. My wife being drunk burst out laughing and said she will have the real thing. Cindy looked almost annoyed and said that she didn’t have to rub it in that she didn’t have a man with her. My wife laughed even more and Cindy was upset, she finally looked Cindy in the eye and told her what she had done. I stood there beat red and waited for any response. Cindy looked in shock and very embarrassed. No way that is his cock she said she would not believe it. My wife told me to prove it, I froze in disbelief and told her no we are standing in a lobby. Cindy once again accused her of lying. My wife said come to our room and he will prove it.

We went upstairs but when we got to the floor Cindy went her own way. I am not going to lie I was disappointed but knew my wife was ready for fun. We got into the room and started our fore play. As we are getting ready to start we heard a knock, i put on a robe and go over and through the peep hole I see Cindy. I asked my wife what to do, she said let her in and let’s have some fun. That was the only green light I needed. I opened the door and Cindy barged in, she was holding the dildo in her hand. She looked at me and said prove it!!! I looked at my wife and she said prove it!!! With that i opened the front of my robe and out popped my cock like it was spring loaded. Cindy gasped in amazement and started to apologize to both of us. My wife told her not to worry it’s not a big deal. Cindy excused herself with embarrassment and was about to leave. My wife stopped her and said why don’t you give me that toy and you have the real thing. Cindy stood still looking at the dildo and her hand and then back at me. She hesitated but I took the robe all the way off and stood there.

She threw the toy to my wife and approached me slowly. She was standing in front of me and said I never really liked you, I told her that was about to change. I reached around her picked her up, she wrapped her legs around me and we started to kiss. I carried her over the the bed and we continued to kiss, it was intense and passionate, like years of built I hate being released. I set her down and pulled her dress up over her head, she was wearing a red lace bra and little black panties with a red bow. I slid those down and buried my tongue in her waiting pussy. Cindy in the heels made it the perfect height to kneel and go down on her. After a few minutes she orgasmed hard and fell backwards onto the bed. I stood up and saw my wife starting to used the toy on herself. That sight was hot enough but I looked back at Cindy who was panting heavy looking to be fucked. I spread her legs and started to guide my cock in her. She was very tight but also very wet, when I was about half way i stopped and asked how she was, she responded with give it to me. So I thrust the remaining cock deep in her. I could feel her whole body tremble. I started to get into a groove and her body followed my movements. She started to scream and moan, I looked over and my wife was loving what she saw. After some heavy pounding, I flipped Cindy over and started to take her from behind. She was just screaming and moaning begging for me. Fuck me!!! Fuck me like a slut, pound my pussy, she just kept yelling. I knew I was getting close so I stopped and picked her back up again. I loved this move because most women I have been with go crazy for it. I a standing holding her up with her legs over my arms. It makes my arms look great and I can get deep and just fuck. So I am standing and she is holding around my neck with her legs draped like a rag doll. She is going wild even more, and with our history there is no way I am pulling out. I can feel her about to cum again I lift her a few more times myself and we both cum together. I have never had such a vocal experience with a woman but it was amazing.

My wife came over and gave me a kiss, she told Cindy I told you so and we all laughed. Cindy stood back up and got dressed to leave. My wife rinsed off the toy she just used and handed it to Cindy and gave her a hug. Cindy looked at me and said i guess I can’t hate you anymore and left. This should make the next family gathering interesting.

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