Revenge Sex With Ex’s Hot Mom

So pre COVID my ex cheated on me multiple times over the course of 3 months, I found out and binned her off , Fast forward 2 weeks later when I took her shit back to her house, it was about 10:30pm of just finished a shift and diverted to her house unannounced she’s a lazy bitch and never does anything,

Her mum was really nice and pretty attractive for a 50 year old, there’d always been mild harmless comments and we got on well, I knocked on the door and she stood there.

She’s just showered as she was in a fluffy robe but it was loose enough to see a lot of cleavage, I joked around saying it’s a good job I’m holding this box as it was at my midriff, she commented her daughter was stupid for letting me go, I just said ‘what can you do eh, I’ll miss you too’ with a cheeky half wink.

She turned and said oh yeah, and ran her fingers down the robe so it undone, she was stark bollock naked, I chucked the box to the side, ran my hands around her waist, over her tits and gave her a kiss before turning her around, bending her over the dining table and sticking my tongue between her legs,

I wanted to make sure she knew what her daughter gave up, I was tongue deep, rubbing her clit with my thumb and rubbing her ars hole before easing my finger in, I ate her out for a good 15 minutes, legs quaking, pussy dripping wet, she was loud which was a nice change, I whipped out my dick teased for a second then and straight to balls deep,

I grabbed her hair and started fucking hard and fast, then slow full strokes then back to hard and fast, her moans were so hot, I slapped her ars, pulled her up towards me, her back against my chest, I played with her tits groping and squeezing still ruthlessly fucking her senseless she got loud, really loud she came, then came again and again in quick succession, I didn’t let up, after about 20 minutes I pushed my dick balls deep and blew my load bareback, my cock schlopped out followed by a river of cum,

She thought it was over.. I knew it wasn’t, I was still hard as a rock, I put her hand on my cock, she dropped to her knees and started sucking me off, she sucked the soul out of me, my legs went like jelly I sat down on the sofa and she climbed on and sat on my dick, grinding and gyrating, her tits were hitting my face so I sucked on her nipple, biting, sucking, biting and sucking, a few minutes later she came hard she bit my neck, shivered and squirted a bit, she slid off and stuck my cock down her throat, grabbing my balls,

That’s when my ex came home, I saw the door open but kept on going, I knew we’d be seen, I didn’t care, I went full pornstar, moaning loudly as I came again, as I busted my nut in her mouth my ex came in, she thought I’d broke in with someone and had sex in her house

Haven’t spoken to either since but it was 1000% worth every second and probably goes down as the best sex I’ve ever had

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