My Wife Was With the Neighbor Last Night

Now we have played with our neighbor Ron before so it’s not that unusual but this just happened last night. We were jogging around our neighborhood like usual and we passed Rons. He was outside doing yard work so we just waved and kept running. Our next lap around he was still out but this time without a shirt, he was in decent shape for being an older man. We slowed to a walk for our cool down, i joked with my wife if we pass Ron’s again he might now have pants on, she said that wouldn’t be so bad. I asked her if she wanted to go in and play, she said why not spice up a Monday night.

As we get to his out he was not out but we walk up and the driveway anyway and can heard him outback. We let ourselves in the gate and see him standing next to his hot tub. He told us he was hoping we would stop by again soon and asked if we wanted a drink. My wife said no we don’t have much time as she pulled her top off. Her boldness turned me on, her tits looked huge and spectacular, she was definitely ready to fuck. Ron dropped his shorts right there and my wife went over and started to deep throat his cock. She was really working him but as he was about to cum my wife stopped and pulled him by the dick to the outdoor sofa, he sat down and she lowered herself onto him facing me. His hands were all over her tits and I could see my wife creaming on him with every pump. She was doing a good job not being loud since it was dusk and anybody could have seen her. I walked over and she started to suck on me while she worked her hips swirling on Ron’s big dick. After she came a few times she stood up and turned around and started to suck Ron’s dick again. I took her from behind and began fucking her slowly, her stretched wet pussy felt so good. Ron didn’t last long and blew his load in my wife’s mouth, I kept fucking her letting her tits bounce in her face. He sucked her nipple as my wife and I both climaxed. This whole session lasted about 10 minutes but it was so hot.

As we got dressed and headed out the gate my wife turned to Ron thanking him for a good time. He said don’t hesitate to come back. My wife told him to always be ready because he will be our personal sex toy this summer. As we walked back to the house i asked are we really were going to use Ron like a sex toy. She said she knew it would drive me and him wild if she said that, but she liked the spontaneity of the whole thing.

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