Teacher’s Nip Slip

This was the most risqué clothe I have ever worn to work although I never realized that it was one such until I have worn it. A friend of mine gifted me this sundress for my birthday and I thought I will wear it on a Friday to school as I wear sundresses on Fridays. It was a knee high sundress made of thick material so I chose to skip bra on that day.

So I was in the class, sitting on my chair. The class was having their monthly test so I was sitting there for a while. It was only then I noticed my dress. The dress was a loose fit for me, the straps to be precise. So when I sit down either of the straps would give away leaving gap through which my nipple can be seen. That is anyone sitting on the opposite side can easily see my nipple through the gap. And when I bent down, one can get a good view of my ample cleavage and my nipples as well.

The straps give away only when I sit down and I never realized it before as it was the first time I was wearing this dress. I must have sat in front of them for some good 40-45 minutes and lord knows how many of them got to see my bare tits. After that, I stood up for the entire duration and never sat down in any other classes for the whole day.

I teach in a college and all students are over 18.

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