Watching Someone Fuck My Wife

I was attending a work conference on the west coast, and my wife Jen tagged along for a short vacation like she always does. I’m an average guy as far as I can tell, and she’s anywhere from a 7 to 9 I would say. She’s blond, tall, and thin, but with plenty of curves. When she wants, she can definitely get the guys to stare with a tight skirt and low cut top. Knowing others are staring is always a turn on.

In the evenings, the conference held dinners or museum tours to give everyone a chance to socialize in a non-work environment. On this particular night, there was a casual dinner in the hotel ballroom. They just set up a dessert stand, and my wife went to check it out. I see a guy approach her and start chatting. My wife seems a little surprised but continues the conversation. In the end, they laughed about something, and he sort of petted her arm as she walked back to the table. When she got back, she definitely felt some guilt as she realized I had seen her reciprocate the flirtiness.

That night she turned me down for sex. She said she had this guy Mathias on her mind and preferred to sleep it off. I convinced her it was okay to be attracted to others (after all I’m a guy attracted to almost any thing). I asked her to tell me what she liked about him. “It was his wittiness and cute Spanish accent! I’ve always thought Spanish guys were pretty attractive,” she said.

The next night everyone goes out for drinks and my wife wears one of those outfits where everyone is looking! A short black dress tight around the ass with long white legs that go for days. It turns out that Mathias is kind of hanging around with us. While at the bar, he starts flirting hard even putting his hand on my wife’s leg while they laugh. Jen looks at me questioningly. I lean into her ear and say “Go for it honey,” as I give a short wink to this Mathias fellow.

My wife readjusts her skirt to show a little more leg, and he replaces his hand a little higher on that glorious thigh! Mathias has his right hand on her thigh and his left arm around her shoulders. At this point I stand up behind them to I can watch and stop others from watching. He’s getting pretty handsy, and I see him start to rub my wife’s pussy outside the underwear. This is getting me hard as a rock, and I’m starting to see that crazy side of my wife I knew when we first started dating!

At the point that my wife is grazing his neck, and he’s got a finger in her probably soaking wet pussy, I suggest we head to the hotel. The three of us make the short, and kind of awkward, walk back. Clearly, they are not done, and Jen invites him up for one more drink. It doesn’t take long – Mathias can’t keep his hands off of those legs! He starts nibbling her neck, and I know for a fact that she can’t resist this. His left hand is rubbing her tits through the dress for a few seconds, and then she pulls her top down to show her beautiful tits. They are the perfect handful, and he definitely knows how to treat a woman.

I’m sitting in the desk chair off to the side watching this attractive Spanish guy work my wife over. It’s a mixed bag of emotions but very, very fucking hot. And hey, she might feel compelled to return the favor to me one day 🙂

Mathias gets her thong off and starts eating her pussy. He had this perfect way of working the clit and then going lower to get his tongue all the way in. My wife’s pussy is shaved except for a small landing stip, and this was the most beautiful scene. Every time his tongue went in her I thought she was going to lose it. She’s moaning, saying his name, saying my name, saying whatever the hell she can get out. As she gets close to cumming, he begins to finger her ass hole. “No way,” I think. He waits til the final moment, right when her body gyrates, and gets his middle finger all the way in. Her ass hole is so tight, and she screams with both pain and pleasure.

Mathias stands up and drops his slacks to the floor. I’m not going to lie. The guy’s got some abs and a good sized cock. He’s even trimmed up a little down there. He flips Jen over, with her ass in the air, and just starts pounding her pussy. This is the perfect angle to get as deep as possible. My wife’s tits are bouncing all over, and I can see the definition in her arms as she holds herself up. She is moaning so loudly and yelling “fuck” every time he goes deep.

As Mathias gets close, he grabs her hips for extra pounding power. Watching my wife’s tits bounce and her ass get smashed is about to make me cum over in the chair. In his last stroke, he pulls out and shoots all on her ass, up her back, and even into her pony tail. At this point, Jen comes over to me and sucks me off. Seeing our new friend’s cum on her was amazing. Jen was so hot at this moment.

After I cum, we enjoy that small drink that brought Mathias up in the first place. He then politely excused himself and Jen and I showered up and went to bed. Other than me telling her how hot I thought she was, we haven’t really talked too much about it. Just hoping it’s my turn soon!

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