The Sleepover

God, she was horny that night.

She knew her period would be coming the following day. For some reason, always the day before she began her monthly cycle, she would get ragingly, violently horny. Her body would just ache and burn everywhere.

Maybe it was nature’s last attempt at impregnation before the fact of menstruation, she thought.

Tiffany Stevens lay in her bed, prepared to watch a video on her phone and fuck herself hard so she could cum hard and finally be satisfied and calm enough to go to sleep.

At that moment a knock sounded upon her bedroom door.

She flung herself out of bed irritably and hastily wrapped her naked body in a red silk robe. “Come in!” she called, crawling back into bed in mild frustration.

She was sure it would be Nick, her son. But instead, she heard an incredibly sexy male voice answer her.

“Mrs. Stevens, it’s me, Tyler.”

She groaned inwardly. Nick was letting his best friend Tyler sleep over that night. Oh God, Tiffany thought to herself. Tyler was twenty years old and absolutely fucking gorgeous. She’d get wet at just the sight of him. He was tall and dark-haired and if he passed her by she’d feel a delicious little thrill at his very nearness. He always smelled so good, too.

But she felt like there was no way he could know how she secretly felt about him, so she was relaxed.

“Come in, Tyler,” she called out.

He entered her room. ‘Oh my fucking God,’ she thought to herself. He was wearing a white T-shirt and loose shorts that went down to his knees. He had beautiful, strong legs. Though everything about him was beautiful. The T-shirt hugged his chest and she could see every outline of muscle definition. She was so fucking horny… Just the sight of his forearms was driving her wild with hunger for cock.

He was always so polite and well-behaved. It was an aphrodisiac to her, his kindness and gentleness.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Stevens. Nick… Um… Nick got really drunk tonight. I’m worried about him.”

“Oh, it’s okay, Tyler,” she comforted him, smiling softly. “As long as he threw up first and is asleep he’ll be fine. It’s happened before,” she laughed gently. “He’s young. So was I a long time ago. Now, I’m just an old bat.” She laughed at her own self-deprecating humor.

Tyler’s beautiful, perfect face softened. “You’re only forty-two, Mrs. Stevens. You’re not old.”

Oh God, he was killing her. Just his sensual mouth alone made her want to squirt all the way to China.

“I’m old, son,” she laughed. “And I look nothing like I did at your age. It’s over for me, lol.”

Some strange unknown emotion passed over his gorgeous face. A strange yet delicious heaviness touched his dark eyes.

“I… I’ve always thought you were so very beautiful, Mrs. Stevens.”

She wasn’t exactly sure what happened. The very air in the room seemed to change drastically. A thickness overcame her throat… She swallowed. “Thank you, Tyler. So much, sweetheart. It… It means a lot to me.”

She thought he would leave then. But he just kept standing there in her room, a few feet away from her bed. Where she sat, unbeknownst to him of course, dying for a man and a cock deep inside her aching, sopping-wet pussy.

She watched him as he seemed to take a slow, steady breath.

“Mrs. Stevens,” he spoke softly and slowly. “I… Please forgive me for saying this. I’ve… I’ve wanted you for so long now.”

Tiffany’s world seemed to stop for her. Her heart beat rapidly and she licked her lips in lust and ache.

She heard the words that emerged from her mouth from seemingly far off.

“Then lock the door.”

His eyes never broke contact with hers. He reached behind himself and turned the lock softly.

And in about maybe three long strides he reached her on the bed.

His mouth came crushing down on hers. Oh God, his mouth was so delicious. His lips and the heated interior of his mouth tasted like sweet wine. Soon their tongues were flicking hard against each other’s as he pressed himself hard against her and tore off her robe.

“Oh my God,” she breathed sensuously into his open mouth. “Fuck me. Please. Please, put your dick in me.”

She was fully naked for him, but he was still fully clothed. For some reason, it made it that much hotter to her. It was like he was superior and in control because he was dressed and she was fully bared to him.

She thought he’d remove his clothes, but it seemed he was just as eager and impatient as she was. He simply reached down and pulled out his hard, straining, perfect cock that had the most delicious curve to it. In the process of pulling out his dick, his fly had opened fully and was gaping and he had the largest, most beautiful, hanging, full balls she’d ever seen.

Like a fucking bull, she thought to herself.

“God, Mrs. Stevens. I want to fuck your pussy so bad and hard. Can you still get pregnant?”

She had no clue why she said what she said. “No, baby. I can’t get pregnant anymore.”

The truth was she could still. She hadn’t hit menopause yet. She’d stopped taking birth control a while ago. She was too stressed and busy with her job and raising Nick to date or even meet guys outside of everything else. And she’d been worried about her age, if it was possibly too late for her.

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