Wife Blows Me While I looked at a Her Sister in a Bikini

My wife is amazing. She gets horny when high and she offered me a blowjob and then got on her knees in front of the couch.

I asked if I could look at porn on my phone while she sucked on my cock and she said of course. A few minutes in she said “look at the stuff you’re afraid to show me you jack off too” (fuuuuck!)

I immediately opened my hidden folder and swiped through some creep shots I took of her sister on her stomach, her thick juicy ass in perfect focus.

My wife started moaning and sucking harder and I was really close, asked her if she wanted to see, she said yes and I did.

She didn’t bat an eye, just moaned and sucked harder.

I zoomed in and focused on her little sister’s tan lines and then she told me to cum in her mouth, so I absolutely did.

She just kept sucking and stroking and told me she loved me.

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