Christening the Hot Tub

This was not the wildest craziest sex I’ve ever had, nor was it the most satisfying (in that “OMG my balls are drained and I won’t even fap for days” sense, but it was one of the most sensually erotic and memorable sexual experiences of my life, and I’ll NEVER forget it.

Victoria was a short redhead in her mid-30s like me, not quite thick – just a few extra pounds, perky B-cups and a cute round ass – that I had a brief fling with earlier this year. At the time I smoked weed pretty heavily and I was out of bud one night. She wasn’t. She only smoked the KB and was home alone and invited me over to join her in the hot tub.

Victoria claimed to have never had sex in her hot tub. She had just finalized her divorce and had taken over the house, and I had just broken up with my girlfriend who had abused the shit out of me and I was more than ready to take out my frustrations on this hot little stoner MILF. We had hooked up a couple of times before this, but only at my place. I had extolled the virtues of fucking in the hot tub and she was intrigued, and well, I was the right man for the job.

We chatted for a while, smoking a bowl on the back deck as the tub warmed up. Our conversation wasn’t deep. The sexual tension was too thick, and then we got too high to really converse. So we did what we had came there for and stripped naked and got in the tub.

The hot tub was a big one, rectangular, about 6×8′. I should also mention that it was in the open with no privacy fence in the middle of a suburb with lights on and people home all around us on a weeknight. It was about 10:00pm in the spring, the air still slightly chilly. Once we got in, we leaned back and let the hot water relax us. The heat of the water contrasted the spring air in a wonderful way.

She sat in one of the molded seats in the tub at one corner, and I sat at the adjacent corner to her left. I kind of floated there for a while, not quite baked but very high and content, thinking about how I wanted to go about this. I kind of lurked awkwardly. I was so comfortable that I almost said “let’s just relax and not have sex”, but fortunately I came to my senses about that.

I am not ashamed of being naked, but I don’t make a habit of getting naked in the outdoors in full view of various homes and strangers. She was more comfortable, it being her house and all and having been naked in the hot tub many times, but I could tell she was nervous about the prospect of having sex in open view of her neighbors. We needed to take this slow.

So Victoria leaned back into the corner, spreading her legs and putting each of her feet on the molded ledges underwater along the walls of the tub, letting the currents softly caress her pussy. We joked about riding the jets. I began massaging her right foot, the one nearest to me. Her lips parted and I saw her gasp and exhale, then I began rubbing higher up on her calf, feeling the muscles loosen and letting my cock get hard. My hands traveled up her leg, pulling me along through the water closer to her, rubbing the outside of her thighs, then the inside, then gently brushing her shaved lips and clit, and proceeding down the other leg to massage her other foot. (I have a bit of a fetish and she had cute feet, I wanted to touch them.)

All the while she’s beginning to breathe deeper, gasp more sharply as I hit the places on her legs that I knew were sensitive. She dipped into the water, getting her hair wet, letting her nipples surface and harden in the cool air. I watched the water roll off of them, and felt myself get completely hard. I glanced around again, and didn’t see anyone at any of the lit windows.

My hands moved back up her leg, feeling to see how wet her pussy was, flicking her clit until her back arched and she brought her legs around my waist. We made out for a while. I lined my cock up and slid into her. She was tight and felt wonderful as always, but my senses were heightened by the visible setting, the weed, and the hot water, and I gripped her tight as I thrusted into her. She bit her lip to stifle her moans, and I kissed her so that she could moan into my mouth instead. Still nobody watching. Good.

We moved down lower in the water. I held her head above water with my arms around her upper back, but we were up to our necks. She wrapped her legs around me and ground her clit against me, in liquid hot slow motion. We slipped and ended up underwater, and flailed around a bit. The resulting splashing was louder than any pleasurable sounds we were making, and we both looked around at the houses in view. Still nobody watching. Poor bastards, this was just when it was getting worth watching.

We turned around so that she was on top of me in a seated position, hugging me and holding onto my shoulders. One of the amazing things about Victoria was that her pussy had a “second level”. Once she had been fucked for a while she would open up inside and I could pop in even deeper. This happened and I held still there for a while, flexing my cock inside her and rubbing her clit with my fingers, playing with and sucking on her nipples when my bouyant thrusting lifted her far enough out of the water.

We fucked slowly like this for what seemed like about an hour, but we were both still pretty high so it was more like 15 minutes. Between all of the danger and the weed and my thumb on her clit I brought her to orgasm twice. I had to back off a couple of times. Her rippling spasms almost sent me over the edge. Her body was slippery and warm and her nipples so hard that I could feel them poking my arms and chest.

Once she came down from her second orgasm she held me tight inside her pussy and squeezed me. She noticed our hands were starting to get pruney, so we needed to wrap it up. We had floated roughly into the center of the hot tub, in the deepest part (about four feet) and she wrapped her arms and legs around me as I braced against the bottom, gripped her ass, and pumped faster. I came hard, as you might imagine, and she did too as I did, not exactly simultaneously but my load blasting into her triggered a third and final orgasm for her. She bit my shoulder and dug her nails into my back and she finally let out an audible moan, and I’m pretty sure I growled. We kissed briefly, and then we broke down with the giggles.

We gripped each other like this for about five more minutes as my aftershock spasms pumped the last drops of my load out of her. Once my cock got too soft to stay in, I slid out, we made those goofy awkward afterglow jokes, then got out of the tub, dried off, and I went home shortly afterward. Last time I ever saw her, but I’ll never forget it.

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