I Fucked His Mom While He Played Xbox

I was 19 at the time. Still in college, horny af like every late teens guy and perusing through OkCupid (actually a good dating site at the time).

I came across this 43 year old milf and we hit it off. After a couple days of texting, I coerced her into inviting me over.

She was a 5’2 thick brunette with some great titties that some of the best shaped nipples and areolas I’ve ever sucked on.

When she opened the door she hugged me and told me to be quiet and follow her. She led me up a staircase that led to a small hallway and had doors. Two on the left, one on the right, and one straight back.

As we walked past the door on the right, I heard a young man’s voice coming from the other side.

She took me to the one straight back and said she’d be right back. I heard one of the doors in the hallway open and she started talking to someone.

She came back and said “Thats my son, he’s 24” She must’ve noticed the slightly concerned look on my face

“Dont worry, he’s busy playing video games… Call of duty? His headphones are on, he can’t hear anything”

I could hear him talking through the wall. Sometimes he would get loud and laugh or start swearing.

She asked if I wanted to smoke some weed to chill out and we sat and talked for a bit.

“So you like younger guys?” I asked her

“Not in particular” she said “but you were fun to talk to.”

“What’s the youngest you’ve been with?”

“Late 20’s, early 30’s. None as young as you”

She was pretty cool actually. Goofy, chill, cracked a lot of jokes. We were vibing well so I went in to kiss her. We started making out and getting undressed

I played with her perfectly shaped titties for awhile. I’m an ass man, but this was definitely her best asset.

It took me a bit to get it up cause even though I had had sex over 100 times, it was only my 3rd partner (previous 2 ex girlfriends) and nervous considering I could hear a guy 5 years older than me yelling at a screen while I played with his mom.

She was patient with me though and ended going down on me. What got me was when she started to play with my gooch while sucking on my dick.

She giggled and said “you like that huh?” I moan “Oh yeeeaaah” and laid my head back

She kept pressing on that one spot while she stroked my shaft with her other hand and sucked on my head.

Next thing I know, I’m hard as a rock and I tell her to flip around and get on all fours.

She did and I mounted her plump little ass. Which switched it back and forth for the next 20 minutes from doggy, to her being on her bsck with her legs up and then back to doggy.

All the while I could her son raging or burst out laughing through the wall.

What finally did it for me was thinking about that. Here I had this older woman, bent over on all fours, face down ass up; I’m pounding it from back and her son who’s older than me, is right next door.

I’m fucking this dudes mom and he has no idea. clap clap clap She’s taking it good too clap clap clap “Mmmmm harder baby, don’t stop” clap clap clap Fuck I’m gonna bust

And boom! Couldn’t hold it back any longer.

We laid there naked for another 20-30 minutes. Smoked some more weed, and talked for awhile.

Again,she was a cool chick and the entire time I’d hear her son’s muffled voice through the wall.

When I was ready to dip, she snuck me out the same way I came in.

On the drive home all I could think about was “I really fucked this dudes mom when he was awake in the room next door”

(True story)

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