Little Fun Last Night with My Wife

My wife and I are very normal people for the most part. Two kids, we both work, pets, little league, etc. But in the bedroom, we’re both very sexual and like to spice things up. Neither of us are specifically into any particular fetish, but that’s not to say we don’t enjoy dabbling in them. One of her interests (and mine as well after we tried it) is being dominated and spanked. So we instituted semi-regular spankings, usually on a Tuesday since that day is boring anyway. Lucky for us, the kids were gone with the grandparents for the week.

We have a sectional with a large “return” that comes off one end of it – kind of a lounger or whatever, and the whole piece forms a large U shape. The return jets out about 4 feet or so, perfect for sitting back on and putting your feet up, or sitting on the edge of.

Anyway, I set out some lingerie on the bed, and then put on a slightly torn pair of jeans, commando, with no shirt on. Came out to the living room, tell her to go back and make her selection from the choices I gave her – and come back out without saying a word in five minutes.

Then I dimmed down the lights, put on some music (we use Zen on direct tv… works well for this stuff as background/mood music). Then I sat at the edge of the lounger/return and put a pillow down between my knees on the ground.

When she came out – she had put her hair up in a pony tail (she knows that’s my favorite, and it’s practical considering what I’d be making her do later). But she had decided on her own outfit: knee high stockings and black stripper heels, a black and white tuxedo thong, no top. She looked so FUCKING hot…. like a damn sex goddess or something… more like sex devil – even put on heavier eye makeup… I literally got hard just looking at her.

BUT – that reaction is not in character. So I looked at her very sternly and told her she will pay for not obeying. She whimpered a little, because she likes to please me and thought she had (she had, but I can’t let her disobeying me go unpunished right?). I told her to walk to me, and then made her stand there while I surveyed her, pinching her nipples, rubbing her ass… treating her like a toy I was getting ready to use… I could tell she was getting really turned on by this.

I told her that she did look fantastic though; she made the cutest little noise, happy that I praised her. I led her over to the return, and sat down, continuing to appraise her, turning her, feeling her thighs, ass, nipples, whatever I wanted. She tried to touch me and I slapped her hand away and said “NOT YET” before continuing to appreciate my new little sex toy.

I told her to lie across my knees, which she did without a word. I stroked her back and rubbed her ass a little, softly pulled her ponytail. Then with my hand on her back holding her down, and my other hand between her legs rubbing her pussy, I said “You know that this is for me right? I need this, I’ve had a very stressful day, and you’re going to relieve that for me”. She whimpered, and I quickly smacked her ass hard. She yelped a little and I said “Do you want that?” and she nodded saying “emmmhmmm”… My cock got rock hard and was forcing my jeans up. I tell her to lift herself so that only her nipples rub my hard cock as I give her what she deserves for being my little slut.

SMACK! SMACK SMACK!… rubbing her ass after each one to sooth it a little. “You know I love you right? But I need this and you deserve it.” SMACK SMACK SMACK! She yelps and moans loudly. I rub her ass a little and begin to play with her pussy, lightly squeezing and pinching the lips and clit.

This goes on for about 20 minutes, switching between me slapping her ass, spanking her good, but not too hard, just enough to make it sting – rubbing her ass, and playing with her pussy… the whole time, lecturing her on why she deserves this and why I need it. I make her bite my finger on some of the harder slaps so I can feel how much it hurts and stings.

Then I tell her “I’m going to make you get on your knees and suck my cock next”… she literally gets weak in the knees and wet at the same time. I pull her panties to the side and stick my finger in her – it slides in easy because she’s so wet – and I pull her hair back as I finger fuck her. I lean down and whisper to her “we’re almost done sweetheart, but before we finish, I’m going to spank you hard. I’m going to make your ass hurt”… she whimpers… “And you’re going to beg me for it”. I pull my finger out and lightly slap her pussy, stick my finger back in “You understand? You’re going to beg me to spank you hard, and tell me how hard you want it, you understand?” She nods her head a little… not too much because I’m pulling it back by the ponytail. “Stick that ass up high and ask for it now baby”.

I stop finger fucking her, and start rubbing her ass – she says “hit me…. hard”. I smack her ass hard, but not terrible, and wait. Her ass lifts up and out: “Harder, I need it, I deserve it, spank me hard!”
WHACK! – I really put some force in to it. MY hand even stings a little – she groans out “Harder, DO IT! Punish ME!” I reach back and slap her ass as hard as I can, she lurches forward a little, almost a crying yelp, I know this one hurt, and she’s really whimpering now. I rub it softly and gently tell her “That’s it baby, we’re done, you’ve been a good girl.” and she breaths deeply, cooing a little like a little kitten just relishing in the caress of my hands.

“Now you’re going to get on your knees and suck my hard cock. I want you to feel what you’ve done to me – undo my pants and suck me like a good girl”.

She complies almost immediately, no words, just strait to her knees and gets my pants off. She immediately is making oral love to my cock. Up and down the sides, sucking my balls, the head, then the whole things. She is looking at me from her knees as she takes it into her mouth. I tell her I want her to take it all. I gently hold her head on both sides, and pull her down my cock. I’m kind of laying back, and she’s kind of on her hands and knees now, so as I go to the back of her throat she’s positioned that I can actually get down her throat a little. I press until I reach the back of her throat and hold her there… feeling her little gag reflex. I release her and tell “suck my cock now baby, you’re such a good little cock sucker”. She renews with enthusiasm. I know by now she’s dripping wet.

After another minute, I tell her “I want to feel your throat again baby, I want you to gag on my cock again”. Again I pull her face down my shaft and hold her there, this time I can hear her start to gag. I hold it a second longer and her eyes water slightly. I release her and she makes a relieved moan as she sucks my cock even more sloppy and fierce. “You’re my little slut now aren’t you baby”. She nods in assent as she starts to jerk me off and suck me at the same time. She wants me to cum in her mouth now, she knows this is the quickest way and I’m getting close. The sloppier it gets, the more she uses her hands and mouth together, the closer I get.

I tell her to take me almost there – and just before I cum, I pull her head up, she fights my hands off and goes back at my cock. I let her for just a few more seconds before I force her face up to mine. She’s in a total sex daze at this point, her eyes are almost vacant – I kiss her fully on the mouth and tell her “NOT YET… I am going to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours and cum in you”. She just moans, needing it now. This is no longer about her cumming, but just about being my fuck toy and letting me use her to get off.

I tell her get up on the lounge/return on all fours, and back up so I can have her from behind. She does, and I slide right into her pussy. My rock hard cock going deep into her. I don’t hesitate to and fucking her hard. “Lift that ass up to me so I can get deep inside you baby, take my fucking cock like the slut you are”. She groans in ecstasy, putting her face down and her ass up. I’m really deep in her now – and pounding her hard while grasping her hips and ass – holding her in place for the fucking I’m giving her.

“You’re making my balls wet baby” I say because I can feel them slapping into her wet pussy as I fuck her – I start slapping her ass, and reach up grabbing her ponytail “You like that don’t you slut? You want this cock in you so bad. I’m going to fuck you and fill you with my cum”. She’s just making unintelligible sounds at this point mixed with “ohhhh god” and “give it to me”

Within a few minutes of this I’m ready explode so I let go of her hair, grip the shit out of her hips and ass – leaving read marks I’m sure – and I pound my cock as hard as I can into her, plunging as deep into her as I can get and absolutely unload a massive load of cum into her. She gasps and groans at the same time.

I can tell this exactly what she needed, her legs quake as I continue to dump cum into her. I’m making growling primal noises at this point, and when I’m finally done – I’m again soothing her skin and rubbing her back “you’ve been a very good girl sweetheart”. She says “I feel like I’m your slut baby… I’m your little slut.”… I tell her to lie on her back, spread her legs, and rest her heels on my back.

I commence to suck her pussy and lick her clit for the next 10 minutes. I come up only to tell her “I can taste us both dripping out of you baby, you got fucked so good, I want to taste your cum in my mouth now”. She’s already so aroused it doesn’t really take long to make her cum when I want it. I flick my tongue back and forth over her clit and just as she starts to cum I bury my mouth onto her whole pussy, kissing it like I would her mouth, running my tongue all over it and sucking. She cums for about a minute strait. When she’s done, I get up and she just collapses on her side.

I pour a glass of wine for us both, and get a towel to clean up with.

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