My Wife’s Friend Jackie

The first time I met Jackie was at her school it was dark and it was just a hey and hey bye lol. The second time I met her was in my shower when my wife was making me cum in front of her friends. After I met Jackie husband all 4 of us would go out and do stuff for a few weeks.

Then one day Jackie and her husband asked us if we would co sign a apartment for them cause they were in need and didn’t have good enough credit. At first I said I had to think about it I mean that’s a big thing to ask in my book. So like 2 days went by and I was home on a Wednesday and my wife was working. I was watching TV at around noon and I hear someone knocking on the door but like really soft so I muted the tv and stayed quite and then again the soft knock.

I got up looked out and no one was there so I opened the door and I hear boo I scared you right. It was Jackie and she was like is Meli here I was like no she working like she didn’t know that right they talk everyday. She just walks in and she like what were you doing watching a porno huh and she laughs. I was like no I was watching a movie a scary one. She sits on the couch and says they had found a place and didn’t need the CO signer after all. Cool I say so what were you up to with no husband and no kids.

She just sat there like in a daze and then she like just driving around. I asked her what you wanna do and then she like what you wanna do and I just stared at her then she like I can’t say what I wanna do and I’m like I can’t either lol. I grab her hand and she smiles and I get up and she gets up I guide her down the hallway and she freely comes with me. I turn around and pick her up and she wraps her legs around me and she kisses me and hugs my neck and bites my right ear.

I lay her on the bed take off her shoes then her socks her tight ass jeans then her white lace panties. I grab her pussy and she’s like I’m already ready. I get on her and she says can you put some music on and I put on my old school rnb but back then it wasn’t old skool yet lol. I turn off the light and light a candle and I get on top of her. I stick my dick in her and she not tight and not loose just feels really good.

I do it to her really slow just kissing her and hugging her while I’m inside her. Then she gets on top and just starts grinding my dick really slow then after a bit she turns around riding me backwards all I see is her small waist and big fat ass in my face and nice little asshole. She stays in that position for a long time then she lays next to me and I put it in sideways and grab her shoulders thrusting it in her. She starts moaning and saying I needed that I needed that.

She sits up and goes to my dick and starts sucking on it really slow but all the way down her throat. I grab her waist and pull her on me and she like no I’m shy. Still she gives in and I have her pussy in my face now she has a hairy little pussy but it’s trimmed down. I spread her lips and start sucking on her clit and she just lays flat on me then she sits on my face her pussy all in my mouth and she starts grinding my mouth. I have my tongue all in her pussy hole and in her asshole.

She gets off after a few minutes and says doggystyle and I bend her over put it in and I can’t help but cum fast as I see my big fat ass dick going in and out of her all shiny with her pussy juice. I start to cum and she puts her head on the mattress and yells oh it feels so fucking good. We lay there on the bed just talking and that was the start to our one year affair lol and the end to both our marriages and everyone’s friendship.

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