Neighborhood Softball Team

Every summer my Mom plays softball. Every year they had to replace a few players, because one or two ended up pregnant or moved. In the league she played in, each team was all female. Their team members had to come from their own neighborhood. I always went to all of her games mainly because I enjoy watching the women. The Ladies that were on my mom’s team were all married.

I had heard rumor that the league mom plays on had changed some rules. Guess last year some of the players were seventeen so one rule change was everyone had to be at least 18 years old. The other rule each team had to have five males on the team.

As I walked into my house I heard mom and dad talking. “I’m too busy to play ball with you this year,” said dad.

“But this year we have to have five males on the team. If you’re not going to play then who?” mom said.

“Well, maybe the other women can ask their husbands?”

“They have, and none of them want to be part of the team for one reason or other,” mom said.

At that point I walked into the room, “Why are you trying to get dad to play? I thought all the players had to be female?” I asked.

“This year they changed the rules and each team has to have five male players,” mom replied.

“Why don’t you asked Ryan? He’s eighteen,” dad suggested.

“I’ll have to ask if that’s ok.”

“Wait a minute don’t I have a say?”

“You’re always at the games so what’s the big deal? Plus you will be helping your mom and her team out,” Dad said.

Mom was on her phone texting someone. I decided to get me a soda. When mom shouted out, “It’s settled. Since your eighteen you can play.

Laughing I said, “Ok, but it’s under protest.” This year I’m going to get a closer look at these MILF.

Mom was happy and texted the coach to let her know.

The next day coach (Kay) called me to let me know that she was having a team meeting. I needed to make sure I was there since she was going to explain her rules to the team. After the call I went looking for Mom to let her know about the meeting but of course she got a call also.

After I arrived I noticed that I was the last one there. Mom was sitting with the other women and there was also four other guys at the meeting. The other guys were a little older them me, they graduated before me. We knew each other from school and growing up in the same neighborhood. I was surprise some of them still lived in the neighborhood. The only woman whom I knew was my Mom.

Coach introduced herself, “Ok everyone, I’m Kay Carr, but you all can call me Kay. Before I start I want to make sure you all know each other. As I introduce you please stand so everyone can see you.” She smile, “Ladies first: Sonia Bacon,” Sonia stood up, “Hi, I’m Ryan’s mom.” Mom sat back down. Kay continued introducing the women, Next was, “Ruth Nelson, followed by Kim Oaks, Gina Baxter, Sarah Benoit, Joy Small, Mary James, Sally Hill, and finally Pam Hanna.”

All the women stood up and smile. Some said something but I wasn’t really paying attention to what they said. I was too busy noticing how sexy they were. They all were in very good shape.

Now looking at the other guys she continued, “This is Ryan Bacon, Over there is Jack, Sam. Jim who likes to be call big bat, and Steve.” Same as the women we each stood and said something small to the group.

After the introductions we all listen to Kay tell us about what she expected from her players. We all agreed the name for our team will be the ‘Wild Cats.’ She seem to talk forever, but when she was done we all departed.

I knew all four of them, they had graduated two years before me. All four of them had also played baseball in high school. Guess you could say we were all jocks back in school. They were all six feet and from what I could tell stay in good shape.

They always had girl friends. Rumor had it that Jim would have new girl friend every other month. Plus he got his nick name from one of his girl friends. Other then that I really didn’t know much about these guys.

As I was stepping outside I heard Kay, “Hey Jim, Kim and I want to know why your called big bat?”

“Tell you what, Jack and I will stop by your place later.”

Once outside Big Bat, “Hey, Ryan glad to see we got a good player on the team.”

“Jim, thanks but you four are also good if I remember.” We all talked little before departing.


Most of our practices had to be in the evening to make sure we all could make them. Most of the women had jobs or had to wait until their husbands got home from work. I was the only guy who didn’t have a job, but I was looking for a summer gig.

Today was our first practice. Kay has us in groups of three. Making sure there was at least one guy in each group. She moved us guys around from time to time trying to make sure everyone got to know each other.

Kay and Kim were the only ones calling Jim big bat. I notice that it looked like Kim and Kay didn’t have a bra on, as their tits seem to bounce more. They seem to wiggle their asses more when he was behind them. If Jim didn’t like something he would tell Kay and she automatically fix or change what was going on to Jim’s desirers. It was looking like Jim was the coach.

After practice us five guys went over to Jim’s place. As we sat around we shot the shit trying to bond. I was the youngest in the group. Our talking started to turn into locker room trash talk after awhile. We were talking mostly about the ladies on our team. We discussed everything from their looks to what we would like to do with each one. Knowing that was about how far it would go since each one was married.

Somehow we got talking about dick size and if women really enjoy a big cock. “I don’t know about you guys but once a girl finds out how big my cock is they just can’t leave me alone until they check it out.” Jim said.

“That’s right, Then once they see it they just got to take it for a ride.” Jack added.

It seem we all were starting to brag about how big our dicks were, finally, “It’s time to shut up, everyone drop your pants lets see who’s has the biggest.” Sam said.

So for some reason we all drop them finding out Jim had a monster of a cock. The rest of us were about the same size. Someone found a tape measure. Jim’s was nine inches and it was fat as hell, Jack’s was a little over eight inches and fat, the rest of us were close to seven inches.

“Dam I bet you two scare more women away with those things.” Steve said laughing.

“Let me tell you when they first see it their eyes almost pop out of their heads. But once they try it out they always come back for more. Some even beg for it. I never really break up with them. I just find some one new. That way I can always go back for some fun.” Jim said with a smirk. Jack just laughed.

Jim went on boasting about his sexual conquests, attributing his success rate to the fact that he had a big cock and that’s what all the women wanted. He went on to talk about how great he was and that he could fuck any woman that he had his eye on. He bragged that he had a large group of followers or as he called them his stable.

I was getting annoyed with his talk. “Hey guys, I’m head out,” I told them. I just need to get away from this guy for now.

After getting home mom had cornered me. “What do you think of Jim?” she asked.

“I think he is full of himself, but he’s a good ball player.”

She just looked at me, “I think he is an arrogant ass. I don’t like him at all.”

“What did he do?”

“It’s not what he did. It’s how he talked to me and the other women. I just don’t like him.”

“He’s on the team. Just pay him no mind.”

The next practice Kay was putting us into the position that she wanted us to play. I notice that if Jim didn’t like someone in a position he would say something to her. Kay immediately moved us around until Jim nodded his approval. After practice us guys again went over to Jim’s. He again was bragging about himself and his powers over women.

“Look man, I love to seduce women, to me there is nothing more exciting or makes me feel more a live. What’s even more thrilling is to seduce a married women and get them under my control. To where they will beg to do anything I want just to make sure their husbands don’t fine out.” Jim was saying to all of us guys with a big smile.

Now I was getting a little tired of listening to this crap, “Jim I think this is all in your head you can’t get just any woman. I’m calling bullshit, maybe the easy lays but that’s about it.”

He just looked at me and started to laugh “I’ll be fucking all the women on this team be the end of the season and they will be under my control. I’m already fucking Kay and Kim, and have pictures to prove it.”

Everyone except Jack looked at him in disbelief. “Show them the pictures!” Jack said.

“Ok gather around.” Jim said. As we closer to Jim he had his phone out. Handing his phone to Sam, “Ok look.”

After the phone was passed to me there was Kay fully nude and sucking the Jim’s big cock. The next picture was of Kim also nude sucking the same big ass cock. The next few pictures show Jim fucking Kay then Kim.

As I looked at the nude picture of Kay all I could think of was that I wanted to fuck her also. Dam Jim had a hold of her hair as they fucked. He also had Kim in the same position.

“In case you guys think the pictures are fake, I’m here to tell you there not. Because I took the pictures,” Jack said.

“Kay and Kim wanted to know why my nick name is big bat. So I showed them and they wanted to play with my bat.” Jim said laughing. He continued, “I got Kay and Kim already doing what I want. I’m sure you notice Kay moved you around until I approved your position. Plus I’m sure you notice they didn’t have a bra on today.”

“Ok, you got two of our team mates but I bet you won’t get anyone else.” I said.

“As far back as I can remember getting a women has never been a problem for me. The fact that I’ve been gifted with this big cock and so far women will do anything for me to get it inside of them. Your right I might one day run into a women who won’t, but so far I haven’t found one.” Jim said with a smirk.

He kept on talking about how great he was and that he could fuck any woman that he had his eye on. He finally added that he was going to make sure all of the women on the team will be part of his stable and he will only let them go after he was tiered of them.

I was now annoyed with his talk. “John, I don’t think you can get all of the woman.”

He just looked at me and started to laugh. “Tell you what I’m going to prove you wrong. Don’t get me wrong, that includes your mom”

I just sat there looking at him.

Then he continued, “So would you like to make a bet on this, shit head?”

“Sure would!! How about two hundred dollars?”

Jim looked at the other guys and asked “You guys want in also?”

They all nodded their heads yes.

Then Steve spoke up. “You’re going to have to prove it with pictures or something. Plus you were saying that they will keep coming back for more and will do whatever you want them to do. So after you prove it, we want to fuck all of them for you to win the bet. Then we will all know your telling the truth. Not photo shopping the pictures.”

He started chuckling, making eye contact with all of us. “I’ll do better than pictures, I’ll have a video of me fucking them. As I told you they all will do what I want them to do just to keep getting this fine piece of meat. They will fuck you guys, I guarantee it. Plus, by the end of the season we will be having so much fun with them. So I accept your terms to the bet. You each will pay me two hundred dollars at the end of the season.”

Then he looked at me. “You can’t tell your mom, got it?!”

“Got it, but it sounds like your also blackmailing them.” I answered.

Jim laughing, “Sometimes they need a little push.”

At the next practice I notice that Gina was also not wearing a bra. Looking at Jim he just gave me a smirk, walk over to me, “If you want to fuck Kay, Kim, and Gina be at my place after practice.”

“I don’t believe you! I’ll be there.”

“Good the rest of the guys will be there also.” He got up and move over by Jack.

It was an extra long practice but when we finally left I told mom I wouldn’t be home until late. As I departed from the ball field I ran into Sam and Steve.

“Wow, do you believe Jim?” Sam said.

Steve chuckled. “I hope it is, can’t wait to fuck the hell out of them three.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ve been wanting to fuck these ladies since I met them. Glad he isn’t waiting until he has all ten of them before sharing. I’m going to make sure I have some fun,” Sam said.

“I’m with you guys. If it’s true I’ll enjoy myself, ” was all I could come up with.

Jim and Jack left in one car with Steve and me jumping into Sam’s car. As we got to Jim’s, he saw us walking up to his place, and said sarcastically, “Glad to see you guys showed up. I wasn’t sure if you would be here or not.”

Sam laughed. “We wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

Then we saw Kay, Kim and Gina drive up. As they got out of the car, Kay said “Hey boys.” Kim and Gina just smiled at us as they walked by and into Jim’s house. We followed them in, and the three women were giving us guys evil eye. Jim and Jack took the three women into the living room.

“You guys go ahead into the kitchen and help yourself,” Jim said.

After I got myself a drink, I walked to the living room. I couldn’t hear what was being said but it looked like Kay and the other two women were arguing with Jim and Jack. Jack was all up into Kay’s face, yelling out, “Look bitches you’ll do what Jim and I want or I will show some pictures to your husbands.” Things seem to calm down as they talked more, but I couldn’t hear what was being said.

After everyone else got their drinks we walk into the living room. Jim notice us first and turned towards us. “Look, guys, I told the ladies what happens here stays here.”

Before any one could say something Kay spoke up, “Jim and Jack guaranteed us that whatever happens here will not get back our husbands or anyone else.” You could see the humiliation in the women’s eyes for having to submit to Jim’s and Jacks wishes.

We all looked at each other, “We all promise not to tell a soul about what happens here. What happens here will stay here,” I said, and everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Jim took charge again. “Okay, ladies, here is how it going to work. You’ll strip for us now.”

The three women looked at Jim and Jack, and knew they were defeated. They were still dressed in their practice uniforms. The three women sat down on the couch to take off their shoes, tossing them to the side. They stood up and moved away from the couch. Looking at each other they took a deep breath as they pulled down their sweatpants, stepping out of them.

All three of them had a sexy set of legs. I couldn’t see their panties because their top covered them. Next they slowly pulled off their tops. Since they weren’t wearing bras, their boobs popped into view as their tops came off. Even though I had seen pictures of them nude, watching their tits bounce free from their tops made my cock hard. Soon their tops were on the floor.

Here these three married mature women were standing in front of us wearing only their panties. All of our eyes were moving from one sexy woman to the next. They smiled at us as they hooked their thumbs in the waistband of their panties, pulled them off, balled them up, and tossed them at us. All three of them had their pussy completely shaved.

At this point there was some awkwardness among us. As women stood there fully nude, their nipples starting to stand out to their full lengths. No one seemed to quite know how we were to proceed from here.

Finally Jack said “So, who goes first?” We just looked at each other.

Jim, taking charge, said “Ryan, you’re with Kay, Sam, you and Kim. Steve, you get Gina.”

The three of us took off our clothes as fast as we could. I walked over Kay, looking her up and down and told her, “Get on your knees. I want a blow job.”

Kay dropped to her knees and took my penis into her mouth. I must’ve had look of surprise on my face when a women at least 20 years older then me complied to my wishes without question.

Jack yelled out, “Don’t worry, Ryan! She’ll give it back!” We all laughed.

While Kay was now licking and sucking on my cock, I looked over to my right and saw Sam and Kim. Kim was also on her knees giving him a BJ. Then I saw Steve with his fingers tightly into Gina’s hair. He held her head motionless as he rammed his cock in and out of her mouth. Steve was being a lot rougher than Sam or I.

I turned my attention back to Kay by roughly grabbing her head and started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. She moved her hands, grabbing the back of my legs as I fucked her mouth.

After a few minutes I shoved my cock all the way down her throat causing her to choke. I started shooting my load into the back of her mouth. She gagged a little as she swallowed my cum. I was in disbelief as I watch my MILF coach swallow my load! Damn, I was in heaven.

I notice Steve was holding the head of his cock just inside of Gina’s mouth as he groaned shooting his semen into the back of her throat. She started gagging but was swallowing most of his cum but some dribbled out and down her chin.

Steve let go of his grip on her hair as he withdrew. Without warning he moved his hand under her chin, turning her face up to his. He started laughing at her upturned face and said, “You’re one hell of a little cock sucker.”

You could see in Gina’s face she was feeling humiliated. Dave pushed her on the couch pulling up her legs and slamming his cock into her pussy. He was now fucking her hard. “OH! YES, FUCK ME!” Gina yelled. She was enjoying the hard fucking now.

Sam was sitting in a chair with Kim straddling his hips. He was smiling as she rocked slowly back and forth on his dick. Sam’s hands were happily kneading her breasts. He then grabbed one of them and started sucking it, biting it hard. Kim was enjoying the rough treatment on her boobs.

With Steve using half of the couch I figured I could use the other half. Turning my attention back to Kay, I commanded “Now move over to the couch, bitch!” Not sure what got into me but I was feeling very much in control.

“Don’t call me a bitch!” Kim raising her voice.

“I’ll think about it,” I said, with a smile on my face.

She slowly moved to the sofa. I grabbed her legs, pushing them up into the air. In one sudden movement I rammed my hard, wet cock into her hairless cunt.

“Damn you feel good!” I cried, beginning to pound her relentlessly.

I loved seeing this MILF coach being so submissive. I was fucking her as hard as I could, our bodies making slapping noises as we rammed together, my balls slapping against her bare ass as my fingers crept between her legs, finding the swollen button of her clit and beginning to rub in swift circles.

“I’m cumming!!” the sexy mother beneath me cried, her body twitching as her sexy pussy began to spasm and clench around me.

Jim was smiling as he egged us on. “That’s it, Ryan. Fuck her! She’s cumming all over your cock. Do it to the slut, fuck her!”

Grinning, I yelled out, “It’s so damn good. This cunt is so fucking wet! This is so fucking hot!”

I continued my pounding without mercy, fucking Kay to another orgasm. Then I stopped, leaving her gasping in frustration, teasing her, bring her to the point of climax without letting her go over, my skilled fingers swirling figure eights and pressing circles onto her hard clit as my cock gently edged itself back in to the hilt, then out again, a gentle fucking, a rocking motion, sending her into convulsions.

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