I Got Caught By My Friend’s Hot Mom Victoria

It was summer and I had been out drinking with a few friends during the day, I did not drink as much as the others because I had to work the next day but was still a good few drinks deep. A couple of us ended up going back to one of our friends houses because it was close to the last bar (also because his mom was an absolute MILF). We arrived around 5PM so it was still warm, my friends mom (Victoria) was out by the pool so we decided to join her for a couple more drinks.

Everyone else grabbed the available sun loungers and seats around her after they had grabbed drinks from the fridge but I held back and asked her if I could get a drink. She smiled and said she would take a beer, so I grabbed 2 beers from the fridge and handed one to Victoria.

Now when I say Victoria was a MILF I mean it, she was late 30s, having had her son that was our friend in her teens. She was tall, around 5’9 with long blond hair and an amazing body! Big perky Natural boobs DD/E and a toned stomach and a beautiful smile with pumped up lips. She was wearing a white bikini that barely covered her amazing chest. After handing her the beer I stood kind of awkwardly off to the side as everyone chatted to her because there were no seats left, noticing this she called to me (Brian) and said I could sit at the foot of her sun lounger. She moved her beautiful long legs up slightly to allow me to sit and smiled at me as I perched on the space created. We all continued to chat about how school was going etc as she took an genuine interest in us but eventually everyone either went home or headed inside to sleep until it was just me and Victoria.

She turned to me and said that she had heard everyone else’s exploits but that I had been unusually quiet so asked about mine, I told her that I had been in a relationship until recently and hadn’t really found the opportunity to get back out there. She did the classic mom response of turning her head and saying “Awh pet”, which made me cringe but then she smiled at me again and asked would I be open to the opportunity if it arose I immediately said I would and she laughed, I had maybe been a bit too quick to respond!

We talked for a little longer in the evening heat, I noticed a bead of sweat drip down her collarbone and onto the top her amazing breasts, I must have stared a little to long because she looked down at her chest and then back at me, I felt a movement in my shorts as we made eye contact and held it for a couple of seconds, staring into her brilliant blue eyes. But then suddenly she stood up and said she needed to shower because of the heat, she said if I needed a shower I could use the downstairs bathroom. As we were talked towards the house she said that it could be a bit tricky to get the shower going and to give her a call if needed. She was walking in front of me so I was barely listening as I stared at her perfectly sculpted ass, watching it swaying side to side as we walked to the house.

At this point I was pitching a tent so I hurried down to the bathroom and pulled down my shorts exposing my semi hard cock. I sat on the toilet and began to stroke it until I was fully hard (10inches see profile if you want). As I thought back to Victoria lying on the sun lounger with the sweat dripping off her incredible body. I was so deep in the thought after about 5 minutes that I didn’t notice the door open and Victoria coming in saying that she told me the shower was tricky to start. She gasped as she saw me and I opened my eyes to her covering her eyes and apologising, saying she thought I needed help starting the shower. I jumped up and covered myself with my hands and started apologising, she laughed and then uncovered her eyes and looked at me, she said ‘Brian you aren’t doing a good job over covering that thing, but then it is an absolute monster’. I was not an overly confident guy but hearing this embolden d me, I managed to stutter out ‘o-oh you like what you see?’ She laughed and replied that she hadn’t said that and then smiled and said that she very much did like it though.

The next thing I knew she was walking towards me and pulling me in for a deep and passionate kiss. I was stunned but couldn’t believe my luck, I pulled away and asked her what that was for, she told me her husband had left her a couple of months ago for a younger girl but not very many people knew and she needed to feel desired again which I was making her feel right now. I told her that I thought she was the sexiest woman alive before pushing her against the bathroom door and kissing her deeply. Then I kissed down her neck and collarbone as she moaned my name and dug her nails into my back. Then I kissed down her chest as I ran my hands up her back and undid her bikini top, exposing her incredible boobs with big round areoals. I started sucking, kissing and biting each of her nipples until they were rock hard and her moaning got louder.

Suddenly she pushed me back off her, got down on her knees and she started licking the pre-cum off the tip of my cock, her tongue was unbelievable, she teased my foreskin and then started taking my cock in inch by inch while playing with my balls. She took it all the way in and started deep throating me, while I ran my hands through her hair and moaned her name. When she came up for air she told me to call her vic and that she wanted me to fuck her like her hard, I didn’t need a second invitation! I bent her over the bath and slide my big thick cock in inch by inch, about half way in she got impatient and back into the last couple of inches. I started fucking her slowly but she begged me to go faster and pound her, I obliged ramming her with my cock, spanking her ass and pulling her hair. She loved it and came 3 times before she said she wanted to ride me.

I lay on the floor as she climbed on top and rode me like an absolute pro, her amazing boobs bouncing up and down as she did. She worshipped my cock, saying it was amazing and felt so good inside her, this drove me mad and I was so close to cumming, i told her and she just leant forward and rode me harder and faster. I whispered in her ear to ask if she was on the pill and she was so I let he continue to ride me until exploded inside her, load after load for honestly nearly a minute. She fell off me onto the floor exhausted but I hadn’t had enough. I grabbed her leg, spun her round and started to eat my cum out of her soaked pussy, she absolutely loved this and came on my face as she grabbed my hair and forced my tongue deeper inside her.

Then we stood up and she suggested we use the shower, so we got into the shower and just held each other for a while, it was amazing. Then we washed each other and we addressed the elephant in the room, what happened next. Well that is a whole other story to which I will share in the future!

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