My Son’s Friend’s Mom

Two years ago my son had a field trip to the zoo in second grade, he sat with his best friend on the bus and I sat with his friends mom ( Melanie) a hot lil milf, who just had her third baby about 6 weeks ago.

On the way to the zoo she complained she was hot so she asked if I could help get her jacket off, in the process of getting her jacket off her shirt accidentally came up exposing her beautiful boobs in her nursing bra, she quickly pulled her shirt down and apologized for the accidental exposure, she the proceeds to explain how big her breasts are due to the fact she’s breastfeeding again, she’s always had a great body but pregnancy just made it pop even more. Then she proceeds to tell me how unattractive she feels and the fact her hubby won’t really show affection anymore, I tell her she’s attractive and not to worry he’ll come around again.

Melanie had on a tshirt that really accentuated her milky boobs and as we were riding in the bus I was greatly enjoying them bouncing around, after a little more conversation it dawned on me her nipples got really huge suddenly it was hard not to look at them she suddenly put her hands over them and stated darn I think I need to take care of my breasts before we get to the zoo, I told her I would switch seats so she could take care of them privately but as I got up to move she looked and said it might be better if I stayed so I could block the aisle for her. I didn’t object as I always had the hots for her, she reached into her backpack and pulled this pump out and started looking for all the pieces when all of a sudden she’s like darn, only brought one flange and 4 bottles, so she proceeded to tell me she’d have to do one breast at a time so twice as long a process, she was balancing the pump and the bottle and the flange on this bumpy ride when I asked if she needed help holding anything, she gave me the pump to hold while she got situated.

Finally she looks over at me and says I’m getting my breast out is it a problem I I said no problem Mel. I’ve seen boobs before, I tried not to watch but when she pulled her boob out I glanced over and that was the most beautiful breast I ever saw , it was probably a c cup and just swollen beautifully with a huge dark nipple on it with some drops of milk on.

Mel proceeded to put the flange around that beautiful boob and had me turn it on and instructed me what speed to be at, once it was on she was watching her boob to make sure it was starting to let the milk down once it started releasing she had me change the suction to get the milk to flow, we continued chatting while she was pumping when she said she could now hold the pump, I told her I was fine and it wasn’t a problem, she then proceeded to tell me how from the time she found out she was pregnant until now shes had no adult fun with her hubby, I told her he was crazy as she’s very attractive, she enjoyed the compliment and the bottle continued to fill with her milk, I was just sitting there talking and all of a sudden the pump came off her boob and squirt milk in the seat and on her pants, embarrassed she quickly reattached the pump and asked me to get a napkin out of her bag so she could clean up.

Mel apologized for exposing her naked boob and nipple to me and I assured her it was not a problem she then stated the pump batteries must be getting weak as the suction doesn’t seem to be as strong on her nipple, I asked her if she had more but she said it’s rechargeable and might be in trouble if they go dead.

Mel then proceeded to tell me she had to see how her boob felt to see if enough milk was removed to move to the next one, I told her ok go ahead, she was like I need you to block the view from the aisle and raise my shirt up to see if it’s emptied enough yet, she stated you’ve already seen it once and didn’t move did are you ok with it, I told her of course I was, I was blocking the aisle with my back and kinda looking out the window when she pulled that breast out and started feeling to see how much milk she had pumped her nipple was fully erect and had a few drops of milk on it she said it felt pretty empty and let it out while she got her second boob ready for the pump, while she was getting her boob ready I happen to look at her freshly pumped breast and noticed milk squirting out, I said Mel your leaking milk honey, she then covered her nipple leaving her full boob exposed to me, she was embarrassed and started blushing, I then reassured her it was no big deal, what did she need, she said she needed to hold pressure on her leaking boob to get the milk to stop but also wanted to start pumping her other breast, I told her I could start pumping the other one if she was ok with it, embarrassed but she was ok with it, she asked me to grasp her breast and kinda slightly massage it to release her milk, I grasped her breast and she took a deep breath, I asked if she was ok , she said yes, just haven’t had anyone touching her boobs for almost a year other then the baby. I rubbed her breast for a few seconds and she asked to massage all around it as she needed to the milk to come in as fast as possible before her batteries died, as I was massaging her nipple become very erect and drops of milk stared coming out, she looked over and saw this and became embarrassed again, I told her not to worry can I take care of the drops, she said yes so I gently rubbed the milk into her nipple which seemed to grow even bigger. I then proceeded to attach the pump to her breast and turn it on, as she was still dealing with her other leaking breast I was able to watch the pump draw her huge nipple out and start milking it, I watched for about 5 minutes until she took care of her other breast and got it to stop leaking. By this time the 8 oz. bottle was about full but so was her second breast too still, she had me turn the pump off and switch bottles then restart the pump.

Once she got settled in again she told me she wished her hubby wanted to help with her pumping, she then let slip that sometimes she gets horny and has to take care of herself, I told her she was beautiful and he was a fool, she looked down at the pump and said look at how big my nipple is, he calls me a cow, I told her that’s what being a mom does honey don’t worry you’re beautiful, she then said what do you think about them, I thought for a second and said I think they are perfect, and since the baby you’re even hotter now with all your hot momma curves.

Mel started blushing and asked if she could tell me something, I said sure, she told me her kitty was wet and she was getting so horny she told me that’s why her boob was leaking it wasn’t due to the pump she’s excited and got her momma juices flowing, I told her that was hot as she proceeded to pop her big nipple out of the pump, I told her I could take care of those babies for her if she needed. Mel packed the pump as me bottles back in her bag and slide the bag under our seat, she slide her butt towards then end of the seat and loosened the string on her sweet pants a little and just looked over at me and and smiled, she looked at me s as me then at her crotch, the second time she did that I asked her if she was sure and she just smiled big time, I started rubbing her kitty thru her sweats and she turned red from excitement, I could feel the heat coming thru her sweats and she started to push up into my hand encouraging me to rub faster , after s as bout 5 minutes of teasing her puss, I reached into her sweats and to my surprise no panties at all, my fingers immediately went to her clit, upon touching it she gasped and pushed my fingers into her pussy, she was soaking wet and squirming all over the seat, she reached over and started playing with my cock while she was getting fingered, I pulled my fingers out of her and licked them off, she thought that was amazing that I tasted her juices, she was so wet I dipped my fingers several times and licked her juices off of them. After cumming on my fingers too many times to count She raised her shirt to show me her boobs and those nipples were huge, she begged me to play with them, squeeze , pull, flick, tug, and twist I was only to happy yo, she came so much her sweats were wet in the crotch area, I was so hard she jerked me off in my pants, she then pulled her hand out covered in my cum and licked it off her fingers.

I joked she should go braless at the zoo today to let me watch her milf boobs bounce, she was worried others moms and chaperones would see her nipples, finally I got her to agree to as she would have a jacket on just leave unzipped a lil, I was so hard walking behind her at the zoo it wasn’t funny, an hour after getting there she whispered to me her boobs were getting full again, did I want to come help with them, the kids a were watching a performance at the zoo do she told on chaperone she had to go take care of something but would be back in about 30 minutes, I then stepped out of the show behind her, we went into a private area for nursing moms and licked the door behind us.

Once inside she immediately stripped off her clothes as did I and she dove right on my duck with her mouth, she was going to town like a teenager after about 5 minutes I warned her I’m cumming and she said go ahead I got this. I exploded in her mouth and she sucked every drop out, I then had her lay back and open her thighs and proceeded to eat her for a good 10 minutes making her orgasm and squirt milk all over the place, once I was done I mounted her on top and pushed my cock into her soft pussy, making sure to go slow as it’s the first time since the baby, I started pounding her and she started cumming and moaning and then I started sucking on her nipples and she started having a huge orgasm I could feel her Pusey clamp on my cock, after drinking her milk for 10 minutes I asked if I could creampie her and she begged me to . We had to hurry and get back with the kids but the ride back was just as amazing stay tuned.

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