The Time I Fucked My Friend’s Mom

I went back to my hometown for my college’s spring break. A lot of my friends went to the beach but i wanted to go home for the week and see my family. (Little did I know what this week would turn into!)

On my first morning being home I decided to visit my favorite bagel shop because at school the bagels were not the same. I walk into the store and standing at the counter paying for her bagels is Mrs. Jackson. Or just Tasha as I would learn later. 5’3 brunette with amazing curves. I couldn’t believe how good both her tits and ass looked for her age. Mrs. Jackson was the mom of my childhood friend Daniel. I was friends with Daniel throughout elementary school and high school but we haven’t talked since we left for college. Our mothers are still friends though.

I starting walking towards Mrs. Jackson to say hello, when she spotted me and got a huge smile on her face. She has these beautiful brown eyes that sparkled in the light that day. She told me how happy she was to see me and she started asking me normal questions about college and how I liked it. We sat down and talked for about 30 minutes when she invited me over to her house. she said she wanted to catch up more and show me their new house because they had recently moved. I figured why not since I wasn’t doing anything and she was so fucking hot. We got up to leave and I followed her to her house in my car.

I pull up to this house and it’s a beautiful mansion. Their old house was nice, but nothing like this. I sat down on the couch and Mrs Jackson brought me a beer and sat down next to me. “I guess your old enough to have one of these now”, she said. “Just don’t tell your mother it’s from me” and laughed. I thanked her and complimented her jacket. It was one of those workout zip up jackets that are tight, so it really made her tits look good. “Thank you honey I try my best. I’m glad someone appreciates it honestly”, Mrs Jackson said with a look of sadness in her eye. “How could anyone not appreciate you,” I said. “You’re an amazing mother and a beautiful woman.” This is when Mrs. Jackson’s tone changed.

She blushed and thanked me. “You’ve become a handsome young man yourself. All grown up and so tall now too. Stand up for me let me see how tall you are”, she said. I stood up a bit confused and Mrs. Jackson stood up as well right in front of me. Her face was about up to my chest and then she looked up at me. We locked eyes and Mrs Jackson said; “You know honey, my husband is at work and I’m looking for someone to keep me company today. Do you mind?”

“Not at all” , I said and I could begin to tell where this was heading. My mind was racing. Does she really wanna fuck right now? That question was answered. “Sit down for me baby” , Mrs Jackson said. I sat down on the couch and she got on her knees right in front of me. She started rubbing my thighs and then made her way to my bulge. Before I knew it Mrs Jackson had my cock in her mouth slobbering all over it shoving it deeper down her throat. She blew me for about 10 minutes before I felt myself about to cum. “Fuck Mrs Jackson im about to cum”, I said. She took my dick out of her mouth and said “first of all call me Tasha. And second, you better give me every drop of that load in my mouth.” I replied “yes Tasha” and she continued sucking my hard dick until I couldn’t help but blow my load into her mouth. She jerked me off with both hands until I was done cumming and then licked her lips clean.

“Clean up and meet me back here”, Tasha said. “I’m not done with this dick yet.” We both went and showered separately and when I came back to the living room she was gone. I was confused so I began looking around the house calling her name. Nothing. I walked up stairs and it looked like the door was open in what I thought to be the master bedroom. I walk in and Tasha is laying down in lingerie waiting for me. “Finally” , she said. “I thought you left me for a minute.” I joined her on the bed and we fucked for what felt like an eternity. We started off in missionary and then moved to backshots where I pulled Tasha’s hair and spanked her fat ass. It jiggled so much when I fucked her it was amazing, and she even let me take a video too! Tasha and I went round after round for the rest of the day before she kicked me out at 5. Her husband would be home soon and she had to get me out of there.

Mrs Jackson unlocked my fetish for older women and now I crave her. We fucked 1 more time over spring break and it was just as great. Now I’m back at college dreaming about Mrs. Jackson’s pussy and I’m counting down the days until summer break.

If enough people want to see the video I’ll consider posting it

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